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Jam King / Doug & Deb’s – Varsity Lanes w/ the Fab Four

Two gigs for the band, but a busy weekend for me. I hosted jams both Thursday and Friday night here in Milwaukee. Both went well and I made some new friends. I’ll be hosting the Thursday night jam at Theatre Unchained again this week.

It was up early on Saturday to head to Doug and Deb Brookins backyard birthday party. Gary had notified us earlier this week that he had to head back to Texas on business so we played both Saturday gigs with the four of us. Doug and Deb had all kinds of food and drink, plus the weather cooperated. We had a good time out on the covered patio. See pictures on Facebook.
Lucas Brookins sat-in on drums for a few and sounded good as always. I’ve been working on “Wagon Wheel” and we tried it that afternoon. A little stumble with the words at first, but had it down when we did it at the Varsity. We quit Doug and Deb’s at 5:30, packed up quickly and headed right up to the Varsity Lanes to do it again.

It was a little slow at the 8:00 start, but it picked up and we had a decent night. Being Memorial weekend and Shotgun Jane at Lucy’s, it was hard to predict what kind of night we’d have. But it was fun night and we pulled out some different songs at both gigs that kept things interesting. I was worried about my voice holding out all weekend, but everything went fine. Although, I did come down with a slight cold on Tuesday due to the lack of sleep. All said, it was a great Memorial Day weekend, again happy birthday to Doug, and thanks to all who stopped out.

We’re back full force at the Anchor Inn this Friday from 6 – 10. It’s outside so let’s hope the weather is nice.
The Anchor hired a full-time sound company so we’ll see how that goes. It’ll be a lot less to set up and tear down!
On Friday, we’re at Off the Hook Pub and Grub which was the old Castaways in Indianford from 8:30 – 12:30.
Sunday afternoon has us back at Hammy’s from 3 – 7. Bob has another drum set on order – maybe we’ll see it this weekend. Again, I’m getting tired of typing that! Stop this weekend and say hello!

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Hammys / Knutes / More Drums?

A busy night at Hammy’s on Friday. Dawn Richter was celebrating her birthday and again there were tables filled with treats. Now that I have a smart phone and am able to take pictures, there are more of them on Facebook, which you can link to from our homepage. Also see pics from Dawn and Matt. We thought we had our PA speaker fixed and had everything set up and ready to go when we heard that it was much softer than the other one. Fortunately, we have extra speakers and were there early enough to replace them before starting time. Bob was nice enough to take the speaker home for another look. Again, it was a great Friday night and appreciate all who stopped out.

And one of our better nights at Knutes on Saturday. We had a good crowd and dancers most of the night. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Dawn, Gloria and Nanette for stopping out both nights. On a sad note, Gloria’s mother passed away so we send thoughts and prayers to her. We ordered pizza to be ready when we were done. It was great and a real treat to end the night.

Rumor has it that Bob bought another drum set in Chicago this week. I think he has an addiction issue and probably should be seen professionally. I’m probably a little jealous as guitars and amps don’t come easy! Actually, I always seem to revert back to my old tried-and-true set up no matter what new gear I try out – but I’ll keep trying.

I’m hosting jams here in Milwaukee on both Thursday (Theater Unchained) and Friday (Dopps) so it’ll be a long weekend coming up for me.

Rainbow Bridge is playing a private party on Saturday afternoon and then will be at the Varsity Lanes in Milton that night starting at 8:00.
Stop out Saturday at the Varsity – another place with great pizza! And let’s see what drums Bob shows up with this time. See you there!

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Chris Yancey / Lucy’s Hideaway / Happy Birthday Dad

No gig on Friday, but we did play twice on Saturday. Chris Yancey has stage 4 cancer and invited us to play for a party at her residence on Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours. It was nice weather and a nice time. There was plenty of food and drink and we were told to help ourselves. Chris was out dancing and having a good time. Things were very cheerful given the situation. It seems one of her favorite songs is “The House Is a Rockin’” and we played it twice that day. It’s really hard to put the reality aside, but I think that she just wants to enjoy every moment she has left. We all got a big personal hug at the end. Check out pictures on Facebook.

Back at Lucy’s Hideaway on Saturday and another good time. We had a bachelorette party stop out that really livened things up. There was also a 70 birthday party, and we did “Waltz Across Texas” as a request. Crowds have been a lot better since this place has reopened and we’re glad for that. Again, see pictures on Facebook.

I’ll be back at the Theatre Unchained jam here in Milwaukee on Thursday.

Rainbow Bridge is at Hammy’s on Friday from 8-12 and then at Knutes in Orfordville on Saturday from 9:30 – 1:30.

Side notes: Bob fixed the PA speaker so we should have our regular system back this weekend. I had jury duty in Milwaukee that took four days. It was interesting, but I don’t need to do it again.
Matt’s and my father, Richard Arnold, turns 80 today (5/13) and we wish him a good one. He and Joyce stopped at Lucy’s for the 1st set.

Stop out to Hammy’s and Knutes this weekend and we’ll see you there!

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Mike’s Roadhouse / Kutters / Taasgbag / Recording in Whitewater

A very busy week for the band and this old guy. Things started on Thursday for me at the Theater Unchained jam here in Milwaukee. I had a nice time and will be back next Thursday.
Friday had RB back at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit. It wasn’t really busy, but we had a nice crowd. Jay Stahl, the new bass player for Ruffcutz was out, as was Gary and Bonnie Phillips. Gary was the amp tech at Paradise Guitars for years and sponsors the Monday blues jam at Sara’s Pub. Former Knee Deep keyboard player, Jon Cammilleri was in the house and we got him up to play a couple with us.

It was a double-header on Saturday that started in the afternoon at Kutters for Independent Disability Services. The weather was good enough for the bikers and we had a great crowd. The three hour gig went quickly, and actually we didn’t play all that much due to the raffles and drawings. We finished at 5:00 and then headed over to Taasbag to set up. I had time between gigs to get something to eat and head back to dad’s to relax for a minute. We had a pretty good crowd at Taasbag for our 1st time there. Thanks to all who stopped out. It’s a nice sounding room and we enjoyed playing there. The staff also commented that the band sounded good, and didn’t bring in warehouse full of equipment. They were also happy that we packed up quickly and weren’t all drunk at the end of the night! Often, the workers are waiting for the band to pack up so they can lock up and leave. These things make a difference to them. Thanks also to Kaj and Mary Anderson for stopping.

Cyndi’s son, Dylan Meyer, had a school audio project at UW Whitewater that we agreed to help out with on Sunday. We setup in one of the recording rooms and recorded two songs, “In Color” and “Downtown”. It was a lot of fun and went well. There was an overabundance of laughter and joking around amongst the band and the techs that was a well-deserved release given how much playing we had done this weekend. If we ever quit playing, we could probably tour as a comedy team! You can see pictures from all the weekend’s gigs on our Facebook site. I just got a smart phone and might even start taking some pictures – we’ll see. And happy birthday to Mike “Play LaGrange” Whitt!

On an other note – this is post #300. Guess I’ll keep going!

We’re back at Lucy’s Hideaway (Owl’s Club) this Saturday from 8:30 – 12:30. Stop out and say hello!

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