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Drunken Monkey / Gary McAdams Band in Afton / Gloria’s Bday

Back to the Drunken Monkey for another party weekend. Two decent nights and thanks to all who stopped out. Our two new songs “Jeopardy” and “Rhiannon” both went over well. We’re doing quite a bit of Fleetwood Mac songs now.
Gloria was celebrating her birthday weekend and she and Nanette brought out treats both nights. Check out pics on Facebook and our band site: I was glad to see a link to the recent pics on our home page as our “photo gallery” section is five years old – great if you want to see historical shots! This was also the “Break in the Weather” weekend at the Anchor, but again, we had good nights. I was glad we were inside!

Thanks to Gary, Cyndi and Matt for covering the vocals this weekend. I came down with a cold and was limited on singing. I squeaked out most of my harmony parts but only sang a couple all weekend. Really makes me wonder what these one and only lead singer bands do when the front guy is sick. It’s a good thing we can pass it around as that means not cancelling jobs when it comes to a cold.

I met up with Bob on Saturday afternoon where we dissected our rattling PA speaker. Seems it’s a broken part and a new one is on order. Fortunately, the band has extra speakers and we can get by until the part comes in.

The Gary McAdams Band played at the Afton Pup on Sunday afternoon and had a great crowd. Again, glad we were inside. Shawna’s husband, Mark, was celebrating a birthday and sat-in with the band. Again, it was a fun afternoon and a nice way to cap off the weekend.

We’re back at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit on Friday from 9 – 1. We have a Saturday afternoon benefit, but I’m not sure of all the details right now.
Saturday has us at Taasbaags again from 9 – 1. It’s been many years since we played here and we’re looking forward to being back.
On Sunday, we’re doing a recording session in Whitewater at the University. It seems this is some sort of school project for Dylan Meyer.
We’re only doing a few songs, but it should be interesting.

Stop out to Mike’s Roadhouse and Taasbaag this weekend and we’ll see you there!

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Moose Club / Varsity Lanes

Actually a great night at the Moose Club on Friday. We open the night with Gary doing an awesome “God Bless America” and then it’s pretty much standards the rest of the night.
There was a good crowd, lots of dancers, and we received many nice compliments. Any place can be fun to play if you have the right material for the room. We joked at practice on Saturday that we’re probably one of the better “old time bands” in the area!

As mentioned, we had a practice on Saturday and brought back “Jeopardy” by Greg Kihn, (Kurt Wheeler sang it back in the day) and “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. Both songs went over well at the Varsity Lanes that night. We had a good night at the Varsity and thanks to all who stopped out. Lucas Brookins sat-in for a few including “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” which we now just refer to as the “Train” song. It’s a tricky song, but Lucas nailed it. Check out pics on Facebook. Again, a good crowd with lots of dancers and a fun night.

The Gary McAdams Band had a job on Sunday at Boxcars, but it was cancelled due to it being Easter Sunday.

We’re back at the Drunken Monkey (Tremors) this Friday and Saturday. We’re hoping the warmer weather will bring more people out.
The Gary McAdams Band plays on Sunday at the Afton Pub from 2 – 6.

One of our PA speakers was making a funny noise on Saturday that Bob and I are going to investigate on Saturday afternoon. Hope it’s an easy fix!

We hope everyone had a great Easter and we’ll see you at the Drunken Monkey!

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Sara’s Pub / Hammys

I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout and response at Sara’s Pub. Gotta say that I had this place pegged as a “younger” bar and didn’t think we’d really fit in – at least this was my impression on our first gig there. But thanks to the regulars and others who came to see us, it made for a good night. Sara’s Pub a nice place with good acoustics and a decent sized stage. We look forward to playing there again. In the past, we’ve never really gone over in Beloit for some reason. I’d like to think between Mike’s Roadhouse and Sara’s that this curse can be lifted! Sara’s has a Monday night blues jam with Dave Potter that I’ve been threatening to attend. One of these days I’ll take some time off and check it out.

A rainy Sunday afternoon kept the bikes at home which might explain a great crowd at Hammys. Thanks to all who stopped out, including Nanette and her bag of treats! Check out Matt’s pictures on Facebook. It’s always a good time at Hammys and Sunday was no exception.

We’re back the Moose Club on Friday from 7 – 10:30. The Moose is members only club, unless you come in as a guest. We play a lot of older standards there, but it’s a nice change and a challenge for the band. You can’t say we’re not versatile!
Saturday has us back at the Varsity Lanes in Milton from 8 – 12. Again, another fun place with great food.

We’re planning on practicing on Saturday and hope to add a couple of more tunes to the list . Stop out this weekend and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Hammy’s Jam w/ the Fab Four

Quite the afternoon jam at Hammy’s on Saturday. Greg VanBlaricom and his wife, Bonnie, stopped out for a while – celebrating their anniversary. It was originally Phil’s jam, but we were called as a last minute replacement. Gary was out of town, so we played 4-piece. It worked out well as we played about half a set and then started the jam. Thanks to: Shawn Sharp, Chainsaw Curtis, Kaj Anderson, Chuck Anderson, Tommy Larson, Todd Jorgensen, KJ Pearsall, Gene Church and Mike on the drums. Hope I got all those right! Also, Danelle got up and sang “Give Me One Reason” and did a nice job. Teresa Swetland was in the crowd but we couldn’t get her up to sing.  Check out pictures on Facebook. All said, we had a fun time and it was nice to be done early. I played the Dopp’s jam in Milwaukee on Friday and had a good time. It was back to Milwaukee after Hammy’s – no gig on Sunday.

We’re back in full force at Sara’s Pub in Beloit this Saturday from 9 – 1 and then we’re right back at Hammy’s on Sunday from 3 – 7.
Stop out and say hello. Gotta say the warm weather is feeling good!

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