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Hammys / Spirits Cancel / Gary McAdams Band Benefit

Wasn’t the busiest I’ve seen Hammy’s on Friday, but we had a good night overall. Again, I’m getting tired of typing this, but Bob had another drum set. This one was smaller and did have a cool vintage look. It sounded good to me. There was some confusion on the starting time as our schedule said 7:00 and we actually started at 8:00. We apologize to those who came out early expecting the 7:00 start. Hammy’s is always a fun place to play but we did have a fight towards the end of the night. With no one seeming to intervene, Gary stepped in and helped get the trouble makers out the door. Again, fights can happen anywhere and it’s a shame when it does. We lost most of what was left of the crowd afterward, but at least it was at the end of the night. I’ll say again that it was good night until then and no offense to the bar. Hammy’s runs live music more than anyone in the area and we appreciate and respect them for that.

We were cancelled at Spirits on Saturday due to the Badger game which is understandable. Due to the short notice, the bar owner (Jeff) offered to pay us for the night. This is a rarity in the business and was greatly appreciated. Most owners would have said – sorry and we’ll see you next time. It’s important to support bars like Hammy’s and Sprits for their support of live music and how they treat the bands. It makes a big difference.

On Sunday, the Gary McAdams Band hosted a benefit at the South Beloit Legion Hall for Vets Roll, which is an organization that provides veterans transportation to Washington, D.C. to view the war memorial. It was great turnout with a lot of bands and area musicians donating their time. It was a great afternoon and successful fundraiser. Gary, Cyndi and I played with the band; Bob provided the drums and ran sound the whole day. See Facebook for more details.

The band was off this weekend as Gary is heading to Texas. However, we will be hosting the Saturday afternoon jam at Hammy’s from 2 – 6.
We’ll be the Fab Four once again but it is a jam and usually has a good turnout.
I’ll be hosting jams on Tuesday at Two Brothers and again on Friday at Dopps here in Milwaukee. No gig on Sunday.

On a personal note: Holly goes in for another pain-blocker shot on Wednesday as her back is getting bad again. I hope she gets some relief.

Congrats also to the Badgers – you cost us a gig, but everything worked out for the best.
Anyway, stop out to Hammy’s this Saturday afternoon for the jam and we’ll see you there!

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Drunken Monkey

Pretty good weekend at the Drunken Monkey. I’d like to think the warmer weather is bringing people out. I sure am waiting for some down-right heat! Bob used his new set for the 1st time at this club, along with some new drum mics. Sound and light man, Alex Pope, noticed a difference. Honestly, I can’t really tell and Bob probably thinks all my guitars sound the same! Thanks to Nannette, Gloria, Susie, Donna and their gang for once again bringing out treats on Saturday. Bonnie Cook was back out with both feet “booted up” after surgery which kept her off the dance floor. I saw musicians Bill McRoberts, Steve Kasprzak and vocalist Raquel Nortier out this weekend. I’m always afraid I’m going to forget and offend somebody when I start mentioning names. I need to take a notebook with me and jot these things down!

I played a gig at Dopps in West Allis on Sunday afternoon that went well. It was pretty much a “throw together” band, but I have jammed with each of the members before.

Rainbow Bridge is back at Hammy’s this Friday from 7 – 11 and then at Spirits on Saturday from 8 – 12.

On Sunday from 2 – 6 ,the Gary McAdams Band, along with a host of other area bands, is hosting a fundraiser at the South Beloit American Legion Hall for Vets Roll, which provides transportation to veterans to Washington D.C to see the war memorial.
A very worthy cause and we’re hoping for a good turnout.

On Tuesday, I’ll again be hosting the Two Brothers jam in south Milwaukee.

Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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Lucy’s Hideaway

A return to Lucy’s Hideaway on Saturday, and a good night for the band. The last time we played, there were three birthday parties that filled the room so I was wondering how busy it would be this time. We’re really glad to see Lucy’s Hideaway becoming a popular place. It’s a great place to play and our variety of music seems to fit the room well. We thank all who stopped out in support of the club and the band. Being Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, we all dressed in green. Bob once again used his new kit and is enjoying playing this one. We brought out a few oldies that we hadn’t played in a while and even tried a new song. All said, it was a great night and we’re looking forward to being back.

Gary and Cyndi played at Boxcars on Sunday and had a good crowd. I went to a Jimi Hendrix tribute show in Milwaukee at the Riverside Theatre with some of my jam buddies and had a good time.

We’re back at the Drunken Monkey this Friday and Saturday so stop out and say hello. I actually have a gig in Milwaukee on Sunday which should be interesting.
On Tuesday, I’ll be cohosting a jam at Two Brothers in south Milwaukee.

Again, stop out to the Drunken Monkey this weekend and we’ll see you there!

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Varsity Lanes / Another Drum Set / Dylan Meyer Birthday

Just the one night at the Varsity Lanes in Milton, although I did host the Dopps jam in West Allis on Friday. Former Miltonite, Paul Roberts, stopped in and we chatted for a while. Speaking of extra gigs, Cyndi played with the “With a Bullet” band on Friday night and again on Saturday afternoon at Hammys. I would have enjoyed hearing them.

We had a good crowd at the Varsity on Saturday and thanks to all who stopped out, including the Brookins gang. Bob purchased another drum set (I’m getting tired of typing that) and debuted it Saturday night. Lucas Brookins sat in for a few, which gives Bob a chance to hear how it sounds. Another special part of the night was Cyndi and Bryan’s son, Dylan, turning 21. My son and Dylan’s half-brother, Corey, was also out. All said, it was a fun night and always good to play in town.

Bob had his “Prime Quarter Birthday Night” on Sunday that Holly and I had to miss. I stole a piece of his pizza on Saturday and wished him a good one. See pics of the Varsity and Bob’s party on Facebook. Long-time regular, Bonnie Cook, has foot surgery this week and won’t be out dancing for a while. We wish her a speedy recovery.

And speaking of playing in town, we’re back at Lucy’s Hideaway (Owl’s Club) this Saturday. We started at 8:30 last time. No other gigs for this guy so we’ll have to pack it all into one night. I believe Gary is playing at Boxcars on Sunday – check it out on Facebook. I’m going to a Hendrix tribute show at the Riverside in Milwaukee on Sunday and had to pass on the gig. Stop out Saturday at Lucy’s Hideaway and say hello!

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Dopps Jam / Knutes / Hammys / Birthdays

The band was officially off on Friday. I cohosted a jam at Dopps here in West Allis on Friday and had a slow night. It’s been busy in the past, but cold weather and snow tend to keep people home. I still had a good time and enjoy the stripped down trio format that we start with. Gary played in Beloit at the old Café Belwah and had a good night.

We started celebrating the birthdays on Saturday at Knutes in Orfordville. Our drummer, Bob, had a birthday on Sunday, and longtime follower, Bonnie Cook, has a birthday on Monday. Matt’s daughter, Kami, has a birthday on the 4th and celebrated at Hammys on Sunday. Anyway, Knutes was another slow night due to the weather. Cary and Dawn Farmer stopped out and Cary sat in with us on “Lady Down on Love”. It was a shame to have a slow night as I thought the band sounded good; but what do you do? I left early from Milwaukee and drove over 2 hours to be at Knutes. It paid off as I got there at the right time.

I had a Bigsby (tremolo arm, whammy bar or whatever you want to call it) added to my Les Paul on Saturday. I picked it up in the afternoon and used it that night. The jury is still out as I had some tuning issues, but it looks cool. It can be removed if needed.

All was redeemed on Sunday as we had a good afternoon at Hammys. Bob, Bonnie and Kami were all celebrating birthdays. Bonnie brought treats which we helped ourselves to. Michael Nehls secretly taped the band and put a handful of videos on Facebook – check out our band page. I also shared the videos and pictures to my page. I had no idea we were being filmed but the vidoes turned out well – no train wrecks or real embarrassments that I can tell. Again, birthday wishes to Bob, Bonnie and Kami and we thank everybody that stopped out and made Hammys a good time.

We’re back at the Varsity Lanes in Milton this coming Saturday from 8 – 12. It’s our only show next weekend so be sure to stop out. The Varsity also has the best pizza around if you get the chance. It’s just one of reasons I enjoy playing there! Stop out and wish a belated birthday to Bob and we’ll see you there!

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