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Drunken Monkey / Hammy’s / Bob’s Bday Next Week

Quite the bust weekend for us. We had a pretty good night Friday at the Drunken Monkey – better than lately. Maybe everybody’s getting tired of the cold weather and getting out feels good. Saturday was packed house from start to finish and we appreciated all who stopped out. Thanks also to Nanette, Donna and Gloria for the popcorn! A couple of birthday parties, including Facebook friend Sandra Pack, made for a fun night. We had a practice Saturday afternoon and learned “Mama’s Broken Heart” which we played Saturday and Sunday to a good response. We also recently brought back “Take It Easy”, “Already Gone” by the Eagles and “Ooh Baby Baby” and all went over well.

We had a good crowd at Hammy’s on Sunday. I was a little worried as we had just played 2 nights down the road, but was glad to be proven wrong. Sandra Pack and her gang were still celebrating her birthday. Lucas Brookins sat-in on drums for a few songs, as did Jerry Dabson. Shawna Schultz took over bass duties while Jerry played. Sunday is not really a jam, but we let people play if the situation is right. Webmaster Greg VanBlaricom was also out. All said, we had one of best weekends we’ve had in a while and really appreciate the support. Check out pics of the weekend on Facebook. I often worry that we’re getting too old and maybe burning out in the area, but it was a great weekend and we’ll keep pushing on!

Speaking of getting old – Bob’s birthday is this Sunday. We’ll be at Knutes in Orfordville on Saturday starting at 9:30 and then back at Hammy’s on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7.
Loyal band supporter, Bonnie Cook and Matt’s daughter, Kami, are also celebrating birthdays early March. Stop out this weekend and wish Bob a good one! See you there!

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Mike’s Roadhouse / Lucy’s Hideaway

Valentine’s Day had us at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit with the full band. Mark Schultz filled in for Bob on our debut last month. We had a pretty good dancing crowd and thanks to all who stopped out. We tried out a new mixer and some powered monitors that Gary had purchased. It was a little tricky getting everything working right, but it came together before show time. It helps having Bob, who has done audio engineering work, in the band. We also have to remember not to park under the canopy in the lot as you’ll get towed and a ticket. I parked there the first time we played not knowing, but the weather on that night was bad enough to keep the cops away! Robby Demos from Soul to Soul was out as was former bass player Denny Wayne. Denny came up and filled in the high harmony part on “Dreams”. All said, we had a good night and hope to play at Mike’s again.

Saturday had us at Lucy’s Hideaway, which was the old Owl’s Club. It’s been a few years since we played there and we were glad to see the place reopen. A couple of birthday parties made for a packed house from the start. The place looked great and was well-staffed. Domini Pierce, who was a bartender at Tremors, now works there. We had a really fun night and look forward to this again being a regular place for us. Gary, Cyndi and I had a vocal practice before stopping out and worked out “Take It Easy” and “Already Gone” by the Eagles, which we played for the 1st time that night. It’s always fun to do some new tunes.

On a very disappointing note – Cyndi informed us that we will not be playing Milton’s 4th of July this year. We’ve done this job for well over 20 years and it’s one of my favorite jobs to play. Different people are doing the booking and decided to “try something different”.
This happens often in the band business, especially when you’ve had a long run. It’s sad, but it is what it is. We’re looking into maybe playing another city festival and will keep you posted.

We’re back at the Drunken Monkey this Friday and Saturday from 9:30 – 1:30 and then return to Hammys on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello!

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Moose Club / Time Off

Just Friday at the Moose Club this week and now we’re off for a while. A little confusion on the starting time; Gary thought we started at 7:30 and Bob thought we started at 8:00. We actually started at 7:00 and everyone was there in time, so no late start. Once again, we had a good crowd and a lot of dancers. Our knowledge of old-time country really shines at this place, and it’s a nice change for us. We did do “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” (quite or lounge version as I like to call it) later in the night. Bob is feeling better; slowly regaining his strength, but is not 100 % yet. Having this time off will probably do him good.
It was just the one-night so I headed back to Milwaukee to beat the snow. Quite the drive for one day.

I’ll be hosting a jam here in West Allis at Dopps on Friday and that’ll be it for me. Might hit an extra jam this week – we’ll see.
Facebook has us at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit on Friday the 14th from 9 – 1, although this is not listed on our webpage. Have to check into this.
We’ll be at Lucy’s Hideaway, (the old Owl’s Club) on Saturday the 15th from 8 – 12 and we’re looking forward to that. We’ll be practicing and learning some new songs once Bob is better – hopefully soon as we need some new material. Stop out and say hello!

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