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Spirits / Bob Returns / Jeff’s Bday

Another trip around the sun and it’s on to the next. More significant than being older was Bob feeling good enough to play Saturday. He missed 16 days of work, 4 band gigs, and lost 20 pounds. He said setting up the drums was the hard part, but we were just glad to have him back. Thanks again to Mark Schultz and Tim Pogorelski for filling in.

I had a fun time at the Dopps jam in Milwaukee on Friday – a lot of birthday wishes and did some jamming. Rainbow Bridge doesn’t play Milwaukee, but I’ve met a fair number of players just attending and hosting jams. Gary played in Beloit and had a good night.

Rainbow Bridge returned to Spirits on a cold Saturday night. Besides myself, we also celebrated birthdays for Leigh Ann Duller and Audra Renea Hoops and thank them for stopping out. We had a decent crowd given the weather and quite a few dancers. Spirits is a nice sounding room and we enjoy playing there. Thanks again for the birthday wishes at the gigs and on Facebook – much appreciated. Holly and I are going to our favorite pizza place tonight! Tomorrow it’s lunch with my coworkers. Seems old people eat more than party…

We’ll be at the Moose Club this Friday from 7:00 to 10:30 and then it’s off for a while. I’ll be hosting the Dopps jam again on Friday, the 7th. Cyndi and Bryan are going to Arizona (again!) We’ll be at Mike’s Roadhouse on the 14th and then Lucy’s Hideaway (Owl’s Club) on the 15th. Again, thanks for the birthday wishes and stop out and say hello. Stay warm!

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Drunken Monkey w/ Mark Schultz & Tim Pogorelski / GMB & the Marine Corp League / Jeff’s Birthday Coming Up

2 gigs and 2 different drummers this weekend at the Drunken Monkey. Bob Hamann is still very sick and unable to play. Mark Schultz, who filled in last weekend, was available for Friday but not Saturday. Friday was a slow night but we had a good time. Mark was even a little sharper on the songs having played with us last weekend. Former RB drummer and now owner of Boxcars in Clinton, Tim Pogprelski played with us on Saturday night. We had a busier night and a good time. Tim did what he could to cover our songs, but his energy and stage presence made up for everything. It was fun having him back. Check out pictures on Facebook. Assuming Bob will be out next Saturday, Tim is again on deck until we officially get the word. Many people having been asking about Bob, and we all hope he’s better soon.

We had a great crowd on Sunday for the Gary McAdams Band at the Marine Corp. There were quite a few jammers and a lot of dancers. I enjoy the variety and the challenge of the different music styles – gotta use those pedal steel licks somewhere!

I’m hosting jams Tuesday and Friday here in Milwaukee as the band is just playing Saturday this week. Gary is playing in Beloit on Friday; check his website. Rainbow Bridge returns to Spirits this Saturday and it’s my birthday weekend! We play 8 – 12 on Saturday.
Stop out and wish the oldest member of the band a good one. I’m calling this my platinum birthday as I was born in ’57 and I’ll be the same age. We’ll see you there!

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Mike’s Roadhouse / Hammys / Bob sick / Mark Schultz filling in

Quite the interesting weekend with weather and illness. We were informed on Friday that Bob was too sick to play. From what we’ve heard, he’s really bad off and hadn’t seen a doctor yet. We put in a call to Mark Schultz to fill in. As you know, our Saturday was cancelled and we had gigs Friday at Mike’s Roadhouse and Sunday at Hammys. Fortunately, Mark was available for both dates. I’ll say right here that Mark did an incredible job on both gigs. He had either played or heard all our songs and played them like a pro. We didn’t have to alter our song list at all to accommodate him. Mark might be playing with us on Friday at the Drunken Monkey if Bob is not better. Mark has a gig on the Saturday so we’re not sure what to do as of yet.

As you know, the weather on Friday was awful with the freezing rain. I had a slow, white-knuckle drive from Milwaukee and saw a lot of cars, including a semi, in the ditch. Everybody made it okay except for Matt, who went in the ditch on Hwy 75 just outside of Beloit. Luckily a tow truck was in the area and pulled him out for a *small* fee. Obviously it wasn’t a big crowd at Mikes, but there were enough people for a fun night. Those that were there stayed and danced till the end. We had a good time and are looking forward to returning when the weather is better. It’s funny to note that Mike’s did not want to book us at first because they thought the Rainbow in our name meant we were a gay band. Hasn’t anybody heard of Jimi Hendrix? The rainbow did not have that connotation in the ‘70s. After Mike’s, I headed back to Milwaukee and the roads were better.

The same line-up with Mark played again at Hammys on Sunday afternoon. We had a great time and responsive crowd. Hammys can be on the crazy side, but it’s always fun to play there. Happy birthday to Dale Nickel, who had the band sign a guitar for him – 1st time for that! Also, Mark’s wife, Shawna, joined us on the last couple of songs.

Rainbow Bridge returns to the Drunken Money this Friday and Saturday but we’re not sure of Bob’s situation at the moment. Friday is covered just in case, but not Saturday. We’ll see I guess. We wanted to practice this Saturday, but now that’s on hold as well. We just hope Bob is better soon.
The Gary McAdams Band will be at the Marine Corp League in Beloit on Sunday from 2 – 6. Stop out and say hello!

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New Year’s @ the Moose / Quaker Steak & Lube

A snowy New Year’s Eve made the turnout questionable, but to our surprise, we had a pretty good crowd. I drove over early in the afternoon to set up then headed to dad’s to get ready.
Once again, we dug into our oldies and had a good dance response. The 8 – 12 hours were nice too as bars are allowed to stay open later. We’ve had jobs in the past playing to 2:30, so finishing at midnight allowed us to get home at a reasonable hour. That, and it was still snowing which made for a cautious ride home. We thank all who came out to the Moose to bring in 2014 with us. We’ll be playing at the Moose regularly in 2014 and might even add a few more oldies to our list.

Our 1st bar gig of the year was a return to the Quaker Steak and Lube. It wasn’t as busy as the first time we played there, but it was a good night. Plus, we had a little more room to set up this time. Given the temperature and post-holiday night, we had a good time and a lot of dancers. Check out pictures on Facebook.

We’re at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit for the 1st time this Friday. Our Saturday gig at the Hody Bar was double-booked so we’re not playing Saturday. Sunday afternoon has us back at Hammys. Stop out and say hello. Also, we’d like to say happy birthday to Matt’s daughter, and my niece Tasha, who turned 22 today. Happy 2014 and let’s hope it’s a good year!

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