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Drunken Monkey / Hammys Cancellation

Quite the slow weekend at the Drunken Monkey but we made the best of it. Gotta blame it on the holiday season and the weather for this one. It’s my understanding that it was slow all over. Thanks to Nanette, Gloria and Donna for bringing out the treats on Saturday. There was a table full of munchies and it was too easy to graze when stopping by. Our hours were moved back to 9 – 1 on Saturday due to the snow coming. Ironically, the last couple of hours were the busiest of the night. You just can’t keep Wisconsin people from going out! But the snow eventually came down and made for a slow drive home. Our gig on Sunday at Hammys was cancelled due to the weather. Our street was not plowed when I would have needed to leave, and I know I would have been stuck. I wound up shoveling with dad and then heading home to Milwaukee to do it again. Gary had to attend a funeral in Texas and was going to fly out early Sunday morning and of course miss the Hammys gig. I haven’t heard how this turned out for him.

On a side note: thanks to our drummer Bob for fixing my amp selector cord – much appreciated.

We’re off until New Year’s Eve at the Moose Club from 8 – 12.

2014 marks our 38th year and we’re hoping for another good year. We have a few new clubs and will be returning to the old Owl’s Club, now Lucy’s Hideaway, next year. We hope everyone has a merry Christmas and New Year. Stop out, say hello and we’ll see you in 2014!

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Moose Club / Kunes Country Christmas Party / Holly’s B-Day

Friday night at the Moose and a good crowd. And yes, we do play mostly older standards at the Moose, but that’s what they want and that’s what goes over. We play to the crowd that’s there. It’s also nice to be done at 10:30!
The Moose likes all the bands to start with “God Bless America”. I think some groups probably play a recording, but not us! Gary and Cyndi really shine on this and it sets a good tone for the evening. We appreciate all who stopped out and even joined the Moose to hear us play. I have to say that I find it odd that they charge members extra if they’re going to dance. We’re there for New Year’s and will be playing once a month on Fridays next year. I actually had an older woman come up to me and say, “I never used to like you guys, but you sound good tonight.” I guess older people are free to say exactly what they feel. And yes, we played some Christmas songs.

Saturday had us the Lake Lawn Lodge for the Kunes Country Christmas party. Gary, who is an independent I.T. consultant, has them as one of his clients. We set up early and hung out in Gary’s provided room until supper. Bonnie, Stacy, and Diana also came along with us. After the meal, a comedy sports team from Chicago performed for about an hour and a half. We played an hour set and then it was time for raffles and prizes. We had a few guest singers for the last set and then finished out the night. We didn’t play a whole lot, but had a good meal and a good time.

We were off Sunday but Gary had a gig at Boxcars in Clinton.

We’re off on Friday, but I’m hosting jams Tuesday and Friday here in Milwaukee. Rainbow Bridge returns to the Varsity Lanes in Milton on Saturday from 8 – 12.
I believe the Gary McAdams Band is at the Marine Corp League on Sunday afternoon – I’ll double check.

Holly’s birthday is the 16th, so a big happy birthday to her. Stop out to the Varsity Lanes on Saturday and enjoy some great pizza and tunes!

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Varsity Lanes / Sneakers / Boxcars

Pretty good night at the Varsity Lanes on Thanksgiving Eve. Shawna Schultz was out for a while but didn’t play with us, although she did add some harmony to “There He Goes”. Thanks to all who stopped out. I was a little disappointed that this event was not in the Kicks section – we need to be more aware of that. The Varsity Lanes is worth the trip for the pizza alone!

No band gig on Friday, although I hosted a jam in West Allis and Gary played at the former Club Belwah in Beloit. I had a good time, but the jam runs almost up to the 2:30 bar time. Good thing it’s close to home.

Rainbow Bridge was back at Sneakers on Saturday and had a good turnout. During the 1st set, Cyndi’s keyboard stand collapsed sending her piano to the floor. We took a short break and got it fixed. Thanks to Bryan Meyer who stopped out with a back-up stand. Brad Kuster, who I was in a band with before RB, was in town for the holiday. We played a surprise 50th for him years ago. Speaking of, there was also a 50th birthday party which made for a fun night. All said, it was a good night.

On Sunday, Gary, Cyndi, Shawna Schultz, Tim Pogorelski and I played at Boxcars. It was a nice afternoon with a receptive crowd. Jerry Dabson and Jr. Moore both sat in for a few. Captain Jack was out but didn’t play. Raquel Nortier (vocals) did a couple of fun tunes, and  blues harmonica player Dan Schilling from Madison closed out the night. I hadn’t been to Boxcars in a while and it was nice to see Tim again.

We’re at the Moose Club on Friday from 7 – 10:30 so we’ll be pulling out the standards. We have a private Christmas party in Delavan on Saturday for Gary’s client, Kunes Country. I believe Gary will be back at Boxcars on Sunday.
We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and stop out and say hello.

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