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The Drunken Monkey / Hammys

After two weeks off, it was back in action at the Drunken Monkey this weekend, formerly Tremors. There was a different staff, pictures of monkeys hanging by the bar, and the seating tables were arranged differently, but other than that, things were about the same. It felt odd after 10+ years of playing there to have to tell a bartender that I was actually in the band, but we’ll get there. Deer widows weekend and Friday was a slow night. It started okay but thinned out. Someone told me that there were a group of “alcohol refreshed” gents that hassled people coming up to bar and scared a few patrons away. I believe that as they gave me a hard time at the start of the night. One of the bouncers said they should have been asked to leave. Anyway, all was redeemed as Saturday was a great night. Mike and Robin, Stone Silo duo from Nashville, were out towards the end of the night (they had just finished a gig) and sat-in for a few. See pics on Facebook. Cyndi tells me that the new owner, George, is a nice guy and we hope people continue to support the bar. Alex Pope is now the full-time soundman and we appreciate all he does for us.

We were back at Hammys on Sunday after the Packers tie game with the Vikings. It was a busy day and we had a good time. Cary Farmer was in the crowd and sat-in for a few. See the pics on Facebook. We really appreciate Suzanne having us play there and her support of live music. And as always, thanks to all who stopped out.

We’re at the Varsity Lanes in Milton this coming Wednesday – Thanksgiving Eve. We’re off Friday, but I’ll be hosting a jam here in Milwaukee and I see Gary has a gig in Beloit.
Rainbow Bridge is back at Sneakers on Saturday. The Gary McAdams Band will be at Boxcars in Clinton on Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out, say hello and have a great Thanksgiving!

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Sara’s Pub / Varsity Lanes (Milton HS Band Fundraiser)

No Friday gig for the band, but I did host a jam in West Allis at Dopps bar with Craig Omick and Marshall Holm. Being a Friday night, the place gets a pretty good crowd. It runs a little late as we play to bar time. I have two more Fridays there this month.

A first time for Rainbow Bridge at Sara’s Pub in Beloit. We really appreciate the regulars who stopped out to support us in a new place. A few weekend Halloween costumes helped make for a fun night. Seems Dan Powers (thanks for the shots) was driving a costume party bus from bar to bar and made Sara’s a stop. It was a nice place with good acoustics, but the bar was a ways from the band, and as we’ve always known, people will congregate around the bar. Although they liked us and will probably have us back in the spring, I felt like it was a “younger” bar and we may have been a little out of place for the regular clientele. We’ll see. And in typical Jeff form, I found the place okay but got lost on the way back to dad’s. With no GPS, it was a few “where am I” phone calls to Gary and Matt to find my way home.

We had a nice afternoon at the Varsity Lanes in Milton for the Milton Band Fundraiser party. Thanks to Doug and Deb Brookins for setting things up. Of course, Lucas Brookins sat-in on drums for a few and did his usual great job. The Milton Courier was there taking pictures, so there might be something in the local paper. Gary won one of the drawings but donated the money back to the cause. Speaking of Gary, he and Steve Peck played in a Beloit church that morning. And since he came straight from there, he was dressed nicer than the rest of us!

The band is officially off for our yearly November vacation. Cyndi & Bryan usually head to Arizona, and I believe Matt and Stacy are going to Florida. Holly and I talked about staying somewhere for a couple of days – we’ll see.

I’ll be hosting jams this and next Tuesday here in Milwaukee at Two Brothers on the south side. I’ll be back at the Dopps jam on Friday, the 15th and then with Gary at the Marine Corp League in Beloit on Sunday, the 17th.

Rainbow Bridge returns to Tremors (Drunken Monkey) on the 22nd and 23rd. We’ll be at Hammys on that Sunday, the 24th from 3 – 7 to finish up the weekend. And I think we’ve done “The Monster Mash” for the last time this season. People really love Matt doing that song!

We’ll be back at the Varsity Lanes in Milton on the Wednesday (27th) before Thanksgiving from 8 – 12. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks!

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