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Tremors – Halloween / Hammys

Not bad, but a little slow at Tremors on Friday. We were figuring everyone was saving it all for the Halloween party on Saturday. It was still a fun night. Saturday was packed from start to finish – see the pictures on Facebook. Again, thanks to Bob Hamman for all the decorating work. The stage, including the jumping spider, was really something to see. The band: Cyndi – Stevie Nicks, Jeff – Batman, Bob – Red ghoul, Matt – Army soldier, and Gary – Cool country guy. Huey Long again took top prize for his “Big Ugly Guy” costume. Huey consistently has these larger than life costumes and does well at the contests. “One Night Stand” took 2nd, and “Bride of Frankenstein” took 3rd. Thanks also to Nanette and Gloria for bringing the treats. All said, it was a great night and a lot of fun.

Tremors has been sold and will open under a new name. I was told the band bookings to the end of the year would be honored. This weekend was also a “Farewell to Tremors” party. We’d like to thank Jim for booking us all these years, and we look forward to working with the new owners. I stopped in on Sunday on my way to Hammys just to say a last goodbye to the staff.

We had a busy day at Hammys on Sunday. Dawn Richter’s son, Austin, joined the service and had a going away party. Our best to him and thanks for sharing your day with us. Of course, this was the last annual performance of Matthew’s “Monster Mash.” Nobody does that song like Matt and we get a lot of requests for it. As always, thanks to all who stopped out and made the weekend so much fun. Again, check the Facebook pictures for some good memories.

We’re off on Friday, although I’m hosting a jam at Dopps in Milwaukee. Rainbow Bridge will be at Sara’s Pub  in Beloit on Saturday for the 1st time. They have a Monday night blues jam and Gary has been there many times. I’ll have to find the place! We play 9:00 – 1:00.
It’s up to the Varsity Lanes in Milton on Sunday from 1:00 – 5:00 for a Milton Band Fundraiser. We’ll see you there!

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Hammy’s Anniversary / Gary McAdams Band @ The Marine Corp League

No Friday gig this week so it was a drive over to Hammys on Saturday for their 7th anniversary party. Gotta say that it was one of the busiest nights we’ve had there. The With a Bullet Band had just finished and was tearing down when I arrived.
Matt took a few pics and put them up on Facebook. A big thanks to owner Suzanne Hamilton for supporting live music, and for having us as a regular band. Congrats on the bar’s anniversary.

Sunday was a real special day at the Marine Corp League with the Gary McAdams Band. First off, Gary’s parents were in town, and his mother, Dorothy, sat-in with the band. There’s a short video of “Blue Suede Shoes” on Facebook.
Also, Joel Patterson, now living in Chicago, joined us as a special guest for the day. Joel is equally good on pedal steel guitar and regular 6-string guitar. At the end of the night, he took out a harmonica and played some tasty licks on a bluesy “Trouble in Mind.” The big event of the day was Bill Briscoe’s 90th birthday party. Bill is very active guy and great dancer. He even told an off-color joke when he was introduced. I guess when you’re 90 you can say what you want! You can see Bill in the video with Gary’s mom. Also important, Russ and Renee Doiel were married earlier that day and stopped out. Congrats to them.
It was a jam session in the 2nd set and there were no shortage of jammers: Glenn (Junior) Moore, Frank James, Mark Schultz, Jerry Dabson, Steve Peck, Steve Carrel, Jack Jolliff, Dave Potter, Duane Millard, John Cammilleri, and Guitar Greg, who let me play his gold-top Les Paul for a set. It was a packed house all afternoon and the Packers were playing!

The band is back at Tremors this weekend for the Halloween party. Tremors has been sold and nobody is totally sure what this is going to mean for bands in the future – we’ll see. Stop out and check out the decorations and of course Matt’s unique version of “Monster Mash”. It looks like we’re back at Hammys on Sunday from 3 – 7.  We’ll see you this weekend! Boo!

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Hammys / Earl Young & Nina Spenle Bdays

Just the one night at Hammys, but it was worth the drive. We had a fun night and celebrated both Earl Young’s and Nina Spenle’s birthdays. Thanks to Nina for bringing out the cupcakes! Johnny Payne from the Blue Olives was out and we asked him to sit in but he was having vocal trouble and had to say thanks, but some other time. Kaj Anderson and Chuck Anderson (not brothers) from the Ruffcutz band sat-in on the last song. Kaj eventually passed off the guitar to Matt, as I was playing bass. It was a fun way to cap off the night. Matt got a new camera phone and put pics up on Facebook – check them out. Our Saturday at the Dockside (the old Finns) was cancelled, and no Sunday gig so this was it for the weekend.

We’re right back at Hammys next Saturday night for their anniversary party – should be fun. We’re playing 8 – 12.
On Sunday, Gary, Cyndi and will be at the Marine Corp League from 3 – 7. Special guest, Joel Patterson, will be joining us. We played with Joel once before and it went really well, so he was invited back. I believe it’s also Bill’s 90th birthday party. The Packers have an afternoon game, which is why the Sandtrap jam was cancelled, but the game will be on at the Marine Corp League.

Hammys will be wild on Saturday so stop out, and then spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon at the Marine Corp League. Should be a fun weekend. And once again, happy birthday to both Nina and Earl!

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Quaker Steak and Lube / Sandtrap Jam / Earl and Nina’s Bday

1st time at Quaker Steak and Lube this Saturday. Big place, but not a lot room for the band. We had to tighten up and put the lights and a speaker across the room to fit, but we made it. It was good turnout and a lot of fun. Thanks to all who stopped out. Kaj and Chuck from the Ruffcutz band were out, probably trying to see how we fit in the place! The sound was good; we had a lot of dancers, and I hope this will be a regular place for us.

No gig Sunday but Cyndi and I played the Sandtrap jam and had a good time. A better crowd than usual and a few more jammers. Matt stopped towards the end of the night with Stacy, and played the last set. A Packer’s win and a Bear’s loss also made for a good day.

I have a dinner music gig here in Milwaukee with bass player Marshall Holm this Thursday which should be fun. Still have some practicing to do!

Rainbow Bridge will be at Hammys this Friday from 7 – 11. Our Saturday, which was at the old Finns (can’t think of the new name) cancelled so we’ll have to pour a weekend’s worth of fun into one night. Earl Young’s birthday is Tuesday and Nina Spenle’s birthday is Friday. They were planning on celebrating on Saturday but we’ll see how Friday works out.
We’d like to send a big happy Bday out to both Nina and Earl and say thanks for supporting the band all these years.

On a personal side note, Holly is going through physical therapy for back pain and will have another pain-blocker shot on Wednesday. She’s been missing work and not doing very well. Hopefully these treatments will give her some relief.

Stop out to Hammy’s this Friday and wish Earl and Nina a good one when you see them. See you there!

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