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Kutters / Tremors / Benefit in Delavan

A 4-gig weekend made for a lot of playing! We started on Thursday night at Kutters in Janesville for an Independent Services benefit. We played this last year, complete with the wild west theme. Matt and I provided the music for the Hee-Haw type comedy. Lucky we’re old enough to remember, “Where Oh Where Are You Tonight”, “Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me”, not to mention the Pickin’ and Grinnin’ music. We had good weather and a better turnout than last year. Since we were at Tremors the next night, I decided to take a vacation day and stay in town.

It felt good to be back at Tremors after missing last month. Friday was good night, but Saturday was packed. We really appreciate all who stopped out, including our webmaster Greg VanBlaricom. Chuck Anderson from the Rufcutz band sat-in at the end of Friday night. We had a bachelorette party on Saturday and had the bride to be on stage for Brown Eyed Girl. It was a lot of fun. I have to mention that Gary was a little distracted by the bachelorette and accidentally introduced Matt Arnold on drums. We had a good laugh about it that night and most of Sunday. Thanks to our real drummer Bob for checking out my wireless guitar unit on Saturday. It cut out on me on a few gigs and I haven’t used it in a while. Bob changed the channel and had it running all day without a problem. I used it Saturday night and did take a walk around the bar.

We played a benefit in Delavan on Sunday at the Ford dealership for motorcycle accident victim Keegan Misch. He was there, which made the event more special. This was set up through Gary, as he knew the people and the dealership was one of his clients. It was a beautiful day and a good turnout, which was good as we played outside. Krystal Cooke played and sang with her acoustic guitar during one of our breaks. She’s just 19 and sounded great. I was thinking that I was 19 when Rainbow Bridge started. Time flies. Later, she sat-in and sang “Can’t You See” with us. Thanks to Mike Whitt who made the trip to Delavan. Matt also bid and won two of the day’s raffels.

Ken (Elvis) Fraser had a birthday on Sunday, and we hope it was a good one. I posted on Facebook but didn’t get a chance to talk to him.
Long-time followers Nina Spenle and Earl Young also have birthdays coming up in October.

We’re off Friday, but return on Saturday and the Janesville Quaker Steak and Lube from 9 – 1. This will be a 1st for us.
I’ll be at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton on Sunday from 3 – 7 with Jr. Moore, Kirk Gustafson, and whoever else Jr. called to play.
Stop out and say hello!

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Gary McAdams jam / Varsity Lanes / Hammys

A double-header on Saturday made for a busy day. Friday was a night off, so early Saturday morning I headed to Milton. We had a gig at the Varsity Lanes that evening so I dropped off the PA and headed down to Hammys for the Gary McAdams Band afternoon jam. It was a real treat for me as old friends Bob d’Entremont and Bill Shipman stopped out. Bob was my best man when Cyndi and I were married, and was also the original bass player in Rainbow Bridge. Bill and I played in a country trio as teenagers, and also had a band with Bob called “Eye to Eye”. This all pre-dates my 37 years in Rainbow Bridge, so now I’m really felling old! Check Facebook for pictures. It was fun afternoon with a lot of jammers. Afterwards, I headed straight up to the Varsity Lanes for our RB gig. We had a good night and thanks to all who stopped out. Lucas Brookins sat in on drums for a few. There was a Target retirement party, forgot the name, which added to the fun. I always enjoy playing in the home town, and it’s short drive to dads when we’re done.

Rainbow Bridge was back at Hammys on Sunday afternoon after the Packer victory. It started a little slow but picked up fast. We had a great crowd for most of the afternoon. I came down with a cold earlier in the week and didn’t do a lot of singing. Got to say thanks to Gary, Cyndi, and Matt for stepping up. I’ve always enjoyed the teamwork feeling in a band and appreciate who I work with. Now that the Texaco deal is over, we’re ready to get back on some new tunes.

The band is off this coming weekend as I believe Gary’s daughter is getting married in Nashville. Cyndi is heading to Missouri and I’m moonlighting again. I have 2 gigs on Friday in Milwaukee with drummer Craig Omick.
Saturday is a day off, then it’s back on Sunday to the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton from 3 – 7.

Rainbow Bridge will be at Kutters on Thursday the 26th from 5:30 to 8:30 and then at Tremors on Friday and Saturday. Haven’t decided if I’m staying over or not, we’ll see.
We have a benefit on Sunday in Delavan which I don’t know much about. Details to follow as they say. As always, stop out and say hello.

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Texaco Country Showdown / Anchor Inn / Walworth County Fair

Busy time over Labor Day this year so I’ll get right to it. We arrived at the Walworth County Fair early on Thursday morning for the Texaco Country Showdown rehearsals. This was in a different building, not the main stage. It was a good thing that Gary had his PA system in the truck as there was nothing provided to sing through. After a few hours of rehearsals, we packed up our equipment and drove over to the main stage and set up there. Rainbow Bridge wound up doing a couple of songs as a sound check. There was no backup singing allowed at the contest. Zac Matthews won the contest that night. I hung around long enough to hear the results. Gotta say that this was quite the challenge personally and for the band, but we pulled it off. I think learned 12 songs overall.

Back at the Anchor Inn on Friday and we had another nice night. I believe this was the last outdoor performance at the Anchor for us. Lucas Brookins sat in on drums for three songs.

Early Saturday afternoon had Cyndi, Gary, and I back at the Walworth Fair for the Gary McAdams Band. Gary had a trio gig earlier on the same stage and was already there. Shawna Schultz was on bass and Steve Dougherty was drumming. We had a great time with a very receptive audience. Our drummer, Bob Hamann, stopped by as did Earl Young. I headed back to West Allis after this show.

We returned one more time on Sunday with Rainbow Bridge on the Park Stage. Holly and friend, Erin tagged along with me for this one. The day started out fine with a good crowd. Then the rain started and we were shut down for about 45 minutes. The rain let up and we went back on for a last set, but by this time most of the crowd had left. Holly, Erin, friend Bill, and I hung around a while and just enjoyed the fair before heading home. All said, it was a great weekend. Also, the people in charge were very accommodating to us, even carting our equipment around from vehicle to stage.

Rainbow Bridge is off this weekend, but Cyndi and I will be at the Marine Corp League on Sunday for a Gary McAdams Band gig from 2 – 6.
I have another jam hosting gig at Two Brothers in South Milwaukee on Tuesday, the 10th from 7 – 11.

We’ll be back at it on Saturday the 14th at the Varsity Lanes in Milton from 8 – 12, and at Hammys on Sunday the 15th from 3 – 7.
I hope everybody had a great Labor Day and we’ll see you next weekend.

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