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Milwaukee jams / Wedding in Madison / Sandtrap jam

One band job, but a busy week for me. I hosted two jams in Milwaukee this week with Craig Omick and Marshall Holm: one on Tuesday at Two Brothers on S. 27th and on Friday at Dopps Bar in West Allis. Both went well and I had a good time. Holly and Erin stopped out for a while on Friday as this place is close to home.

Gary and Cyndi played Friday at the old Café Belwah in Beloit with Shawna Schultz. Shawna’s husband, Mark, showed up and played drums. Dave Potter sat-in on guitar most of the night.
They had a good night from what I was told.

The band had a wedding in Madison on Saturday. It was at the Union Center near the campus – very nice place and we were well fed. A bit of challenge setting up as we had to come up the elevator from the service entrance and then park a ways away. But it went well and everyone had a good time. They brought out root beer floats around our last set – never saw that before!

I was back at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton on Sunday. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. Fun day with Junior Moore, Kirk Gustafson and Frank James. Ron Ploof, the General, Scotty Vogl, and “Dangerous Dave” (guitar) sat in. Thanks to Nina and Bonnie for stopping out. Cary Farmer was in the crowd but didn’t get up. Sept 8th is an afternoon Packer game and I took a job with Gary as the Sandtrap cancels the jam when this happens.

Rainbow Bridge is doing the Texaco Country Showdown at the Walworth County Fair as the house back-up band on Thursday. Still a lot of practicing to do! No singing from the band which will seem odd. We’re just there to provide the live music for the contest.

Rainbow Bridge is back at the Anchor Inn on Friday from 6 – 10.

Cyndi and I will be with the Gary McAdams Band at the Walworth Fair on Saturday. Not sure of time, but I believe it’s early afternoon.
Then it’s right back on Sunday as the Rainbow Bridge Band from 4 – 7:30.

Stop out while the weather is still nice and say hello!

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Anchor Inn / GMB at Hammy’s / Lakeview and Cyndi’s Bday

Nice Friday night at the Anchor. We put the lights behind us and tipped them up which really made a difference with the bug issue. Thanks again to Mark Schultz for running sound. Afterward, Gary, Bob, Mark, Dawn, and I hopped across the river to the old Finns (don’t know the new name) to watch Wildheart’s last set. It was fun to hear another band. Seems they were having bug issues too. We stayed and chatted a bit while they were packing up.

The Gary McAdams Band played at Hammys on Saturday night. Keyboardist, John Cammilleri turned down the gig at first, but then worked it out to be there. Gary had already hired guitarist Larry Walford to replace John and technically Cyndi, so we had a big group. Saturday was Cyndi’s birthday and she wanted the night off. Shawna Schultz was on bass, and Pat Betts was on drums. It was a little loud, but the playing was incredible. I felt like the weak link! All said, it was a good time and fun to play with such talented people.

Still celebrating Cyndi’s birthday, we finished the weekend at Lakeview campground. The weather was nice and we had a good crowd. I felt a little relieved being back in my comfort zone after Saturday! Cary Farmer was out and played the last set with us. All said, it was a great weekend.

I’m hosting jams on Tuesday and Friday here in Milwaukee. I’m a little worried, and hoping both go okay. The band has a wedding in Madison on Saturday. I’ll be back at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton on Sunday from 3 – 7. This will be a busy week for me!

Gary and Cyndi will be at the old Café Belwah in Beloit on Friday. Don’t know much about that – check with Gary or Cyndi.

The Texaco Country Showdown in Walworth is coming up fast and we’re working on getting the music together. We’ve all got some practicing to do. I’ll post more about it when I know what’s going on. According to the schedule, we’re there on Sept. 1st from 4 – 7:30. Watch for the updates on Facebook and our website, for more details. And, wish a good Bday to Cyndi next time you’re out.

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Waterfront / Hammys / Cyndi’s Bday

No Friday gig this week, which was nice as Holly and I went for bike ride and a movie. We were scheduled at Tremors this weekend but something got mixed up with the new owners. I’ve been told the rest of our dates there are good. We rebooked Saturday at the Waterfront in Delavan. Gary’s biggest client’s son, Scotty, was a having a birthday and had quite the crew out. Gary also had some Texas friends visiting. Acoustically, it was not the best sounding room with the band being louder than usual. But the consensus was that it sounded good and we had a good crowd with dancers all night long. Thanks to Dawn Mutchler, Dawn Richter, and Bonnie Cook for coming along and helping out.

We were at Hammys on Sunday and had a nice time. It’s was sprinkling a little when we were setting up and it was a decision to play in or outside. Thankfully, the rain stayed away and playing outside was fine. Thanks to all who stopped out.

The Texaco Country Showdown songs are starting to come in. We’ll be the backup band for the contest at the Walworth fair and need to learn all the songs. I know what I’ll be doing for a while!

We’re back at the Anchor Inn this Friday with Mark Schultz running sound. Cyndi has a birthday on Saturday and took the night off. The Gary McAdams Band has a Saturday gig at Hammys from 9 – 1. Guitarist Larry Walford will be filling in for Cyndi. The band is back at Lakeview campground on Sunday from 3 – 7. This might be another inside / outside decision depending on the weather.

Be sure to stop out and wish Cyndi a good one. See you this weekend!

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Kutters / Moose Club / Hammys Jam

We played this past Tuesday at Kutters Harley Davidson in some drizzly weather which kept a lot of bikers at home, although we had a pretty good crowd. The event was a benefit for IDS: Independent Disability Services. Happy birthday to Laura Farnsworth and Liz Lewis and thanks for stopping out. Former drummer and owner of Boxcars, Tim Pogorelski, was also out. Despite the weather, we had a good time, a good response, and hope it was a successful event.

Friday had us back at the Moose Club and I have to say it went really well. We had a good crowd with a lot of dancers. We play mostly older standards and quietly at the Moose, but that’s what they want and that’s what goes over. It’s fortunate that all of us have a library of oldies to draw from. We started the night with “God Bless America” and Gary and Cyndi did their version of the “Star Spangled Banner; both got at great response. We’ll be there New Year’s Eve. Also thanks to Lee Miller who was having a birthday party there that night.

Saturday afternoon had us hosting the jam at Hammys. Nice weather and a lot of jammers made for a fun day. Curtis (Chainsaw) from the Creepers stopped out and played with us for the 1st time. Matt’s coworker, Chris, also played bass for the 1st time. I think we had more bass players sit in than anything else. The young man (don’t remember the name) that won the local Texaco Country Showdown played a few with us. We’ll be backing him up, plus others, at the next round at the Walworth Fair later this month. Overall, we had too many jammers for me to remember, but thanks to all for making it a fun afternoon. Matt, Gary, Bob and I hung out for a while afterwards and listened to “With a Bullet” inside the bar. I headed back to Milwaukee after that.

Tremors has been cancelled this coming weekend. Rumor has it that there is an owner change and they’re reorganizing the bar. We’ll keep you posted.
We rebooked at the Waterfront in Delavan this Saturday, I believe from 9 – 1. Check with Cyndi. Sunday has us back at Hammys from 3 -7. No jam this time.
Cyndi has a birthday coming up on the 17th – I know she’ll be happy I mentioned that. Stop out and say hello!

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