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Anchor Inn / Rock County Fair / Hammys

Rain, rain go away. We weren’t sure if we were going to play Friday at the Anchor due to the rain threat. Mark Schultz, the soundman, had been rained on his last three gigs as was not going to set up unless it was totally clear. We were scheduled to start at 6:00 and it was raining at 5:00 in Milton. Fortunately, the rain was moving fast from east to west and didn’t last long. We waited until it passed and only started a few minutes late. All said, it was a good turnout. The only issue we had was when we turned on the lights at the 3rd set and the bugs came out. We had a cloud of bugs on us that made it difficult to sing and play. We wound up tipping the lights up and staying on red which helped.

We had nice, but cool weather at the Rock County fair on Saturday. This was a really nice time and I enjoyed it a lot. Prior to starting, Matt, Bob, Ken Fraser and I were wandering around and spotted Paul Ryan at the Republican tent. Matt and I both got pictures with him – thanks Bob. He and Ken were in high school together. Paul also poked his head at the band stage later. Didn’t see him, but people told us that grandstand headliner, Trace Adkins, was off to the side of the stage and listening to us. Seems he was walking around the fair most of the today, which is very admirable in my book. We wound up listening to Trace for a while from the side of the grandstand before heading home. After the gig we headed over to the army booth where I (gotta say) easily did 50 pushups and got a hat. Could have done a lot more, but 50 was all it took. I’ve been doing pushups at the fair for the last 8 years now. Ken told me he did 300 in high school, so I’m good, but not the champ! Also after the gig, Matt and I decided we had to try the Krispy Kreme donut cheeseburger at the food court. We both laughed quite a while just looking at these concoctions before we even took a bite.

We finished the weekend at Hammys on Sunday afternoon and had a great crowd. Matt was called into work a little after 6:00 in the morning, worked up to band time, played the gig, and went back to work after we were done. We had Shawn Sharpe sit in for a couple as we had an Elvis request. Again, another nice time to finish out the weekend.

We’re right back at it on Tuesday at Kutters in Janesville for a benefit from 6 – 9. I believe this is open to the public. Friday has us at the Janesville Moose Club, I’m thinking at 7:00 – 10:30. You have to be a member or come as a guest of a member to attend. Saturday afternoon has us back at Hammys for the jam session from 2 – 6. Don’t know about everybody else, but I’m off on Sunday.
1st weekend day off in a long time. It’s nice once in a while!

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Tremors / GMB @ Marine Corp League w/Joel Paterson

Not a very busy night at Tremors on Friday, but it was a good time just the same. Other events in town and the warm weather had people doing other things than dance, but we still try!
Bob played at Hammys on Saturday afternoon with the Jerry Dabson jam. I heard it was good crowd with a lot of jammers. For me, it was a trip to the Delavan area to see the Nothing But Trouble Band at Tubbys. John, the bass player, has seen us many times and has posted nice comments on Facebook. I’m friends with the guitarist, Steve, and also know the drummer, Dave. I just wanted to meet them and chat so there would be a face to go with the names. JATV set up at Tremors on Saturday night to film some live performances of the band. We’re still working on our episode of “Who put the Rock in Rock County” which hopefully now can be finished up. There’s a video of “Working for a Living” on Facebook. You can also find it on by going to YouTube. Saturday was a busier night and we appreciate all who stopped out.

Sunday afternoon had the Gary McAdams Band at the Marine Corp League with special guest Joel Paterson. Joe, originally from Madison, plays in Chicago. He switched between steel guitar and 6-string guitar and is very good on both. Jerry Dabson, Big Jim, and Watertown Jack sat in with the band. I had to leave a family reunion a little early to get there, but it was a nice afternoon with a great crowd. Gary plans on having Joel back again.

Another 3 gig weekend coming up starting at the Anchor Inn on Friday at 6:00. Then it’s off to the Rock County Fair on Saturday afternoon from 3 – 6. Speaking of the fair, Gary and Cyndi will be singing the national anthem on Wednesday before the Belamy Brothers / Ronnie Milsap show. Sunday has us back at Hammys from 3 – 7. We’re also playing at Kutters in Janesville on Tuesday from 6 – 9 for another Bike Night. Stop out and say hello. Should be a great weekend.

We’re going to be the backup band for a vocal contest show at the Walworth Fair, I believe in August. The songs we have to learn have already started to come in so we’ll be busy with that! I bought a new folder and did some charting last night. Let the games begin! I’d also like to send a big happy birthday to Matt’s and my sister, Sheri, who has a birthday today (Tues.) See you this weekend!

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Rileys / Knutes / Birthday for Scooby

A lot of playing again this weekend that started with a return to Rileys in downtown Janesville. We had quite a few regulars out that made for a fun night – much appreciated. Scott and Dawn Scoville stopped out after a Hawaiian party at the Oak Ridge golf course and layed the band. I think there a pictures on Facebook. I was having problems with my wireless unit, but did manage a walk through the bar.

Saturday had us back at Knutes in Orfordville. It was a little slow for a 9:30 start, but we were warned that the boss’s daughter was having a 21st birthday and her gang was stopping out later. About 11:30 everyone showed up and we had good crowd the rest of the night, which included skipping our last break. Quite the late-night drive home, but it turned out to be a fun night.

We played at (I can’t spell this, but it sounds like) Hafarrgs on Sunday afternoon at a surprise birthday for Kevin, who goes by “Scooby”. We were asked if we knew the theme song, so Matt and I figured out the key and chords, Bob uploaded the lyrics on his Smart phone and we pulled it off! We had a real nice time and Scooby was surprised. Matt had to be to work by 7:00 so we quit right on time at 6:00.

On a personal note – Holly and I going to see Paul McCartney on Tuesday and we’re excited about that!

We’re back at Tremors this Friday and Saturday. Gary, Cyndi, myself, and special guest Joel Patterson, will be at the Marine Corp League on Sunday from 3 – 7 for a Gary McAdams band gig. Stop out this weekend and say hello.

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4th of July in Milton / Lakeview / Anchor Inn / Matt’s Birthday

4th of July weekend; probably my favorite gig at Schilberg Park in the home town of Milton. We played Thursday to a great crowd and perfect weather. Bob debuted his latest DW set. It’s a larger set that he’ll use where it’ll fit. He also used it Sunday at the Anchor Inn. Matt’s classmate, Joe Tougas, played with his duo, “The Frye” before us. We were there early enough to catch the last set; really enjoyed them. No soundman for us this year, so we used our regular small PA system and got away with it. Thanks to Russ White for being “the sound snob” as Gary calls it, and giving us feedback (no pun) on the balance. One of the highlights of the night was Gary and Cyndi’s duet on the National Anthem. It gives me “chicken skin” which is Texan for goose bumps – so Gary says. We had a fun night, and saw lots of friends and family. Matt’s birthday was Saturday, the 6th, but we started celebrating that night, and kept going all weekend.

We were off on Friday so I headed back to West Allis. Holly and I rode our motorcycle, “Buttercup” up to the Dells and had a fun day. I returned on Saturday for our gig at Lakeview. Very odd hours, 5:30 to 8:30 on a Saturday, but again great weather and crowd. It was nice to be done early. Cary Farmer was in the crowd and sang a few with us towards the end of the night. Scotty V. had done some work on my Tele earlier that day so I played it at Lakeview. We’ll be back again in August, around Cyndi’s birthday.

We finished up the weekend on Sunday at the Anchor Inn. Thanks to Mark Schultz, who ran sound for us. Another gorgeous day and a great time. Lucas Brookins sat in on drums for a couple. Bob was nice enough to let him play the new set. Gary and Cyndi again did the National Anthem to a standing crowd. Towards the end of the night, Matt and I switched guitars. Of course, mine was wireless, and Matt took advantage maneuvering amongst the crowd and even on top of the picnic table duplicating some of my signature moves. He was having fun and I got a good laugh out of it. Should mention that Matt had some work scheduling issues and wasn’t sure he could even play that day. We had Denny Wayne on deck just in case. Thanks to Denny and wife Cheri for stopping out. Denny may be doing some filling in for Matt on our Sunday gigs depending on how Matt’s work schedule turns out. We’ll see. Again, thanks to all who stopped this holiday weekend and for wishing Matt a happy birthday. I know he appreciates it.

We’re back at Riley’s in downtown Janesville on Friday from 8 – 12. It’s off to Knutes in Orfordville on Saturday starting at 9:30. We have a private party on Sunday.

Stop out, say hello, and wish Matt a happy birthday if you missed him this weekend. We hope everybody had a great 4th!

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Friday wedding / Hammy’s / Matt’s Birthday

Not many Friday wedding receptions, but we were at the Rotary Gardens last Friday. Also unusual were the handful of guys wearing kilts. Not something you typically see at these events. The bride’s name was Amanda, so we played the song for her – the Don Williams / Waylon Jennings version, not the one from Boston. The event was catered by the Italian House and Gary and Matt had just enough time to make it in line. The rest of us grabbed a sandwich, which was good enough. We had a nice time, received a lot of compliments on the variety of music, and finished at 11:00. We were out by midnight and I was tempted to head to Tremors, but went back to dad’s.

On Thursday, I bought a Fender amp that I played at the wedding. It sounded good at home, but didn’t quite do the job for me. I’m always telling Holly about not wasting money, so now she has me eating my words. It’s already on Craigslist after one gig. I’ve already stopped at two stores about trading it in but no luck with that. We’ll see.

We were off on Saturday as Terri Courtney had her reception at Meyer’s Farm Market. I went back to Milwaukee on Saturday morning. Holly and I had a nice time on the bike so it was worth driving back.

Another trip back to Janesville on Sunday for the gig at Hammy’s that afternoon. We had a great time, perfect weather, and a good crowd filled with musicians and friends. It’s almost too bad it wasn’t a jam as a lot of players were in the crowd. Happy birthday to Stacy Swanson who was out with friends.

Speaking of birthdays, Cyndi’s and my son, Corey, turns 26 on the 2nd. And Matt has a Bday on Saturday, the 6th. Of course, we’ll be partying all weekend for Matt’s. Hopefully it’ll be a little tamer than Gary’s 50th!

We’re back at Shilberg Park in Milton again this year on Thursday, the 4th. We’re off on Friday, but return to Lakeview on Saturday starting at 5:30. Sunday afternoon has us back at the Anchor Inn from 3 – 7. On a side note – I had an offer for a free Eagles Summerfest ticket on Sunday, but we were already booked, and I am loyal!

Bob has informed us that he will be debuting yet another drum set on Thursday. Hope he has better luck than my new amp. Anyway, stop out and wish a good one to little brother Matthew! Have a safe and happy holiday and we’ll see you this weekend.

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