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Tremors / New Songs / GMB @ Hammys / Stone Shilo

Back to Tremors and another 3-gig weekend. Friday was a little slow, but not bad from what I’ve heard Fridays have been lately. Still, we had a good time. Quite the thunderstorm that I could see out the door from the stage. Actually, the power went out just for a second right after we finished playing. Sad to say we had a bar fight at the end of the night, but the bouncers were on it and got it outside. We had a practice Saturday afternoon and learned “Baby Don’t Rush” (Kelly Clarkson) and “Sideways” (Dierks Bentley). Both went over well and made the night a little more fun to play. Saturday was a much busier night and we appreciate all who stopped out.

To backtrack a little; on Friday, Mike & Robyn stopped out at the end of night after their gig at the Varsity Lanes. Doug and Deb Brookins met them in Nashville and invited them up to Wisconsin. They played a few gigs this weekend as “Stone Shilo”. We stopped down to the Watering Hole after practice to hear their 1st set before heading out to Tremors. Both are very good singers and players; we enjoyed what we had time to hear.

The Gary McAdams Band played outside on Sunday afternoon at Hammys with: Gary, Cyndi, Shawna Schultz, Pat Betts, and myself. It was a nice informal setting and we had a good crowd and good time. Jerry Dabson sat-in for a few, and Phil Trumpy did his country version of “Son of a Poor Man”.

We have a wedding this Friday and are off on Saturday. We’ll be at Hammys (as Rainbow Bridge) this Sunday from 3 – 7. On a side note, Matt’s birthday is coming up soon on July 6th. He’ll be moving ahead of Bob and Gary! Anyway, stop out Sunday and say hello. We’ll see you at Hammys!

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Anchor Inn / Lakeland Campground / Anniversary / Sandtrap Jam on Father’s Day

Back at the Anchor Inn on Friday and a good crowd. Diane Reddy was celebrating a birthday in the tent. We thank her, husband Dan, and Doug and Deb Brookins and their gang for having the party there. Mark Schultz ran the sound for us, as the Anchor is too big for what we’re using these days. He did a great job and much appreciated. Lucas Brookins sat in on “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and there is a link on Facebook – thanks to Ken Fraser for taping that and a couple of others. Ken also gave me an Elvis lighter, hinting that I should bring back the playing the guitar with a flaming lighter trick. I don’t smoke. We had a great crowd, and although the temperature cooled off, everybody stuck around. We have more dates there this summer.

First time for us at Lakeland Campground on Saturday. Cyndi and Bryan rented a cabin, so we stopped out early and ate. We hung out there for a while afterwards too. The pavilion was a little boomy sounding, but the gig went well. Thanks to Nanette and Gloria for bringing out the snacks! During the show, we had a guy (we know) ride a Harley through the building. He might have thought it was funny, but he’d be the only one. The things people do. We had a nice time there and hope to be back.

On a side note, Saturday was my and Holly’s 11th anniversary. We went out to eat on Thursday before the weekend, and might do something this week if we get our bike (Buttercup) back from the shop.
Being married to a musician means doing things when you can and not always when you want – the way it is.

Cyndi and I played the Sandtrap jam on Sunday with Jr. Moore and Kirk Gustafson. It wasn’t real busy, but we had a nice time. Thanks to my dad, Mike Whitt, and Kami for stopping out. Jr. and I both have other commitments coming up so we’ll have to figure something out. Also thanks to Russ and Gene Church for sitting in. We had a nice Father’s Day brunch earlier at my dad’s house. Corey and Monica both stopped over.

Rainbow Bridge is back at Tremors this Friday and Saturday. The Gary McAdams Band plays Hammy’s on Sunday from 3 – 7. We’re planning a practice on Saturday and should have a couple of new tunes on Saturday night – always fun.
Stop out and say hello! We’ll see you there.

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Gary McAdams Band / Hammy’s Jam / Lakeview / Gary Makes 50!

The weekend started on Friday for Gary and me with a last minute fill-in job at the Marine Corp League with the Gary McAdams Band. The band included brothers Cliff and Kevin Fredericksen, and drummer, Pat Betts. I had never played with Kevin or Pat, and had only done one gig with Cliff, but the band sounded good and we had a fun night. These are all very experienced pro players and it was an honor and a challenge being part of the band. Even at my age, there is still a lot to learn and improve on! Just wish there was more time.

Saturday afternoon at the Hammy’s jam was the official 50th birthday party for Gary. We got up what jammers we could, but didn’t have time for everyone. The complete Blue Olive Band was on the way to a gig and stopped out and played. It was great to hear them. Jr. Moore, Phil Trumpy, Ron Pluph (?) Shawna Schultz, and Steve Peck also played. K.J. Pearsall showed up and did some singing and picking. Cyndi and I both played with K.J. before Rainbow Bridge. It was a real treat to have him stop out. It was a nice day; we played outside, and I think Gary had a good time.

The party continued on Sunday with our 1st gig at the Lakeview bar on Hwy 59 next to the Countryside Inn. No rain in the forecast, so again we played outside. It was a nice afternoon, and a good turnout. Rich Longhenry, who was also having a birthday, got up and sang a few. Shawna Schultz stopped out and also sat-in. We had a good time playing there – thanks to all who stopped out, and I hope this will be a regular place for us.

We’re back at the Anchor Inn this Friday from 6 – 10 with Mark Schultz running sound. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. We’re playing at Lakeland campground on Saturday from 8 – 11,  and I see now that it is open to the public.

Cyndi and I will be at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton on Sunday from 3 – 7 with Jr. Moore and Kirk Gustafson.

We have some new tunes on the docket and we’re planning to practice next week.

Once again, thanks to all who stopped out this weekend to wish Gary a happy 50th. Much appreciated by all of us. I’ll be 60 in three and half years. We’ll have to have another big party when that happens! Stop out this weekend and say hello.

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Marine Corp League / Wedding at the Farm Market / Sandtrap Jam / Gary turns 50!

Another busy 3 gig weekend for the old guy. Speaking of old guy, let me get right to this: Gary turns 50 on this weekend and we’re celebrating at Hammy’s on Saturday and Sunday at Lakeview. This puts all of us now in our ‘50s; one more thing to have in common!

First time for me at the newly-remodeled Marine Corp League. I thought it was really nice; more room for the band, more seating, and a good sized dance floor. There was quite the mixed age group which allowed us to play a variety of music.
As always, thanks to all who stopped out. I’m looking forward to playing there again.

We had a wedding at Meyer’s Farm Market on Saturday. Seems it was a double reception with mom and daughter both having a party. It was a nice time and an early night for us as we quit about 10:30. Cyndi’s friend, Dee Fanning, catered the reception and it was great. We haven’t played a wedding in a while, but there are a few more coming up.

It was back at the Sandtrap jam for me on Sunday. Cliff Frederiksen was the other guitar player and I spent most of the afternoon trying to keep up! We had a good crowd and a few jammers. All said, it was a good time. Thanks to former student, Bernie Thompson, for stopping out. Dan McGrane, a guitar player/singer did a nice job, and we chatted for quite a while. Also thanks to Frank James and Gene Church for sitting in. We’ll be back in two weeks.

Once again Rainbow Bridge is hosting the Hammy’s jam this Saturday afternoon from 2 – 6. We’ll be at Lakeview campground on Hwy 59 north of Milton on Sunday from 3 – 7. We played there for Cary Farmer’s 50th Bday party, but this will be the first time with the whole band. Stop out and wish a big Hawaii 5-0 to Gary this weekend!

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