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Memorial Weekend – Doug’s Bday w/ Jason, Hammy’s w/ the Fab Four

Memorial weekend and a couple of gigs without Gary, who headed back to Texas for the holiday. Not on the schedule, but we played a small, private birthday party for Doug Brookins on Saturday afternoon. Former member, Jason Bruner, sang with us. I did some reviewing of Jason’s songs, but was surprised by how many we were still able to pull off. We had a real nice time, and I enjoyed having Jason with us. Doug’s son, Lucas, played drums on a few tunes. After we were done, Lucas played the Charlie Brown Theme on the piano in Doug’s living room. Cyndi, Bob, and I gave it our best Peanuts dance and Jason was there to film part of it. Check it out on Facebook. No gig Saturday evening, so I headed back to dad’s and called it a night.

We were at Hammy’s on Sunday afternoon with just the four of us. It went really well, and was a busy afternoon. We pulled out a bunch of oldies, but still had plenty of songs left. Matt had to work that night so we quit pretty much right on time. I’m sure we would have played another hour if Matt was not scheduled to work. It was relaxing knowing that Monday was a day off, and that I didn’t have to drive back to Milwaukee just to go to work the next morning. There were a handful of girls who decided it was pajama party weekend. It made the afternoon more fun – again, see photos on Facebook. As always, thanks to all who stopped out and I hope everyone enjoyed Memorial weekend.

We’re at the Marine Corp League this Friday from 7 – 11. This will be the first time for me since it was remodeled.
We have a wedding on Saturday.
Sunday has me back at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton with Jr. Moore, Cliff Frederiksen, and Kirk Gustafson from 3 – 7. Cary Farmer’s recent back surgery did not go well and it looks like he may go in for another surgery. It’s unlikely he’ll be back at the jam anytime soon.

Stop out the Marine Corp League this Friday and we’ll see you there!

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Tremors / Sandtrap Jam

Another fun weekend at Tremors. We had decent crowds both nights and thanks to all who stopped out. Stacy’s friend, Hailey, (sp?) graduated this week and had a bunch of friends out on Saturday. Shawna Schultz had a birthday and stopped out for a while. The highlight for me was Gary Phillips, from Paradise Guitars, bringing me out a new guitar amp to try out on Friday, which was a total surprise. I didn’t have a lot of time to figure it out, but managed okay. I was getting comfortable with it about the 3rd set, and wound up playing it both nights. Quite the surprise and much appreciated. We talked about a practice this week but couldn’t work out getting everyone together. Hopefully, more new tunes will be on the docket soon.

I had a great time playing with Frank James at the Sandtrap jam on Sunday. Frank is an old pro who’s been around the scene for a long time. Great voice, knows a lot of tunes, and just a real treat to play with. Also thanks to Jr. Moore and Kirk Gustafson for holding down the rhythm section. We’ll be back in two weeks, I just don’t know who with! Gary was at the Marine Corp League and I’m assuming he had a good turnout.
I have yet to see the place since it was remodeled, but I know we have some gigs coming up there.

Speaking of Gary; he heads back to Texas over Memorial weekend, so it’ll just be the four of us this coming Sunday at Hammys from 3 – 7.
It’ll be the Cyndi show as Gary does almost all the male vocals. Matt and I will do what we can – should be fine. Stop out and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Hammys with Rainbow Bridge & The Gary McAdams Band

Another Hammys weekend with Rainbow Bridge and the Gary McAdams Band. Once again we hosted the Saturday afternoon jam, although it was a benefit with a packed house all day long. We did have a few jammers in the house and got them up early. Last time not everyone got to play so this time we were better prepared. Thanks to Greg Logue, Scott Thomas, Todd Jorgensen and Jr. Moore for sitting in. Other than Scott, who played drums, it was bass player day! Our schedule did say 3 – 7, although the Saturday jam has always been 2 – 6. Matt went by schedule and walked in to the band already setup and hoping he’d be there on time. Everything worked out fine and we had a great afternoon. The fundraiser was very successful and a lot of money was raised. Seems the person (forgot name) had already passed away the bar was raising money to help with expenses. Not a new drum set this weekend, but Matt did get a new bass amp. His old one had been giving him trouble and there wasn’t time enough to fix it before Saturday. The new one sounded good, and now he’ll have a spare when the other one is fixed. We had the night off, which is rare. I called it a night and went back to dad’s. Gary stopped out to Spirits to hear With a Bullet.

It was a return to Hammys on Mother’s Day Sunday with the Gary McAdams Band. Shawna Schultz was on bass and Steve Dougherty was drumming. We had another good day and a lot of fun. The GMB band stays away from Rainbow Bridge songs but we did have a request for “Pontoon” which went okay. Doing completely different material is a good thing as people do get a little confused! Jerry Dabson stopped out and sat-in for a few which is always a treat. I still need work harder on my country playing! Cyndi was having back pain all weekend which was a little worse on Sunday. We hope she’s better soon.

RB is back at Tremors this weekend which is always a good time. We go our separate ways again on Sunday with Gary at the Marine Corp League, and me at the Sandtrap. Speaking of back pain; Cary Farmer will not be playing on Sunday due to extreme pain in his back. He recently had surgery and things are not going well. Frank James will be playing with Jr. Moore, Kirk, and myself. Frank is a great guy and I’m looking forward to doing a gig with him. We play 3 – 7.

Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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GMB @ Country Corners / Kutters / Sneakers / Sandtrap Jam

Quite the busy weekend with 4 gigs. We started on Friday night with the Gary McAdams Band at the Country Corners in McFarland. It wasn’t real busy but we had a good time. Besides Gary, Cyndi, and myself, we had Steve Kasprzak on bass and Steve Dougherty on drums – both top-notch players. Nina and Bonnie road up with Cyndi. Terry Courtney and new hubby were out, along with John Reinhart and his wife. Diamond Ted was also in the crowd. It was nice to see some familiar faces.

Rainbow Bridge had a double-header on Saturday starting in the afternoon at Kutters. I believe this was a seasonal grand opening party. It was raining in the morning, but everything cleared up and we had a great day and a great crowd. We only played for 3 hours, and the time went by quickly. Thanks to all who stopped out. After Kutters, we headed right over to Sneakers to setup for our gig that evening. It was nice to get that out of the way. We had a good crowd that stuck around the whole night. All said, the day went really well and we had a great time. Got to hand it to Gary and Cyndi for belting out the tunes all weekend.

The weekend finished for me at the Sandtrap jam on Sunday. Jr. Moore brought out his dad’s ’67 Fender Mustang for me to play. Not only a vintage guitar, but a treasured family heirloom, and I was honored that he brought it out. We had a pretty good day that included Gary stopping out in his Sunday ball cap to sing a few – much appreciated.

It’s a Hammys weekend coming up with RB hosting the Saturday afternoon jam from 2 – 6. The Gary McAdams Band will be at Hammys on Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello – and happy Mother’s Day on Sunday!

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