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Brooklyn Community Center / Sandtrap Jam

Just the one-night for RB at the Brooklyn Community Center for the Snow Hornets fundraiser. We played this job regularly for quite some time, but they’ve gone with a DJ the past couple of years. Someone must have said to get the band back as it was a return for us. The turnout was fair, but not what was expected. Thanks to Dan Smith, guitarist at the Jerry Dabson jam at Hammys, and his wife for stopping out. We play in a gymnasium, and the sound is a little boomy to say the least, but they give away real nice prizes, have plenty of drink choices, and popcorn on every table! We’ll see if they want us again next year.

It was back to the Sandtrap for me on Sunday. Scotty was sick, so Junior Moore filled in on bass. We had a pretty good day. Marty let me play his ’61 Fender Jazzmaster for a set. Thanks to Frank James for stopping out and doing a handful of tunes. Also thanks to Nina and Bonnie for their support. We’ll be back in two weeks.

Gary and Cyndi played at the newly remodeled Marine Corp League and had a good crowd from what I’ve heard and read. Check Facebook for more details.

It’s a double dose of Hammys this coming weekend. We’re playing Saturday afternoon from 2 – 6; I’m thinking it might the jam, but we’ll see. We turn around and come back on Sunday from 3 – 7. I’ll be hosting a jam here in Milwaukee on Friday at Dopps, which should be fun. It doesn’t start until 10:00 and runs to bar time. Quite late for this old man!

Stop out to Hammys this weekend and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Tremors on St. Patty’s Weekend

The wearing of the green this weekend at Tremors. We had a pretty good Friday and great Saturday. And as always, thanks to all who stopped out and spent St. Patrick’s weekend with us. Although the official day was Sunday, there was a lot of green out both nights. I had a green shirt from another bar that I wore on Saturday, but was not comfortable with it. I asked one of the bouncers if they sold Tremors t-shirts. Seems they do and had my size in green. Gary didn’t have time to stop home and change before Saturday night, and bought one also. It worked out perfectly for both of us. The guys from JTV were also out Friday night and did more filming of the band. Tremors was a good place for this with the larger sound system and lights. Dancers were a little intimidated at first, but eventually started dancing around the cameras. All said, we had a fun weekend and hope everyone else did too.

We were off on Sunday and it felt good to get back to Milwaukee early. I haven’t had a weekend day at home in a while.

Next Saturday has us back at the Brooklyn Community Center for the snowmobile club fund-raiser from 8:30 to 12:30. We played this job for a number of years, but they wanted to try something different and it came to an end. We’re back again this year, and hopefully will have a good turnout. There’s popcorn on every table so it’s fine by me!

I’ll be back at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton on Sunday from 3 – 7. Gary and Cyndi will be at the Marine Corp League at the same time. Stop out this weekend and say hello. And you can still wear green if you want to.
See you this weekend!

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Reily’s / Watering Hole / Sandtrap Jam

It felt a little déjà vu returning to Reily’s on Friday. Although the bar is under new management with new owners, it still felt like Rocky’s back in ‘80s. We set up by the front door, which was different than the old days. For a 1st time gig, we had a good crowd and a good time. Renee and Ben were celebrating Bennie’s birthday, complete with cake. Bennie sang “La Bamba” with us at the end of the night. Thanks to all who stopped out in support of a new club – much appreciated. Hopefully, this will be a regular gig.

Saturday was quite the day at the Watering Hole celebrating Deb Brookins birthday. Doug arranged for Nashville singer, Craig Curtis, to be there and perform. We set up at 3:00 and Craig started at 4:00 using our PA. I really enjoyed meeting him – nice, fun guy and very entertaining. Cyndi, Lucas Brookins, and I sat-in on a few with him. Gary jumped in on few harmonies when he arrived. We also had Craig join us for a few.

Doug’s multi-talented son, Lucas, played the “Charlie Brown Theme” on Cyndi’s piano during break. Later, he joined the band on drums and nailed a couple of difficult songs that he had never played with us before. We were all very impressed. All said, it was a great party and fun day. Doug and Deb know how to plan a party. I had an adaptor problem with my effects unit which called for an early Sunday morning trip to Guitar Center in Madison before the Sandtrap jam. Luckily, it was working Saturday night.

Gary and Cyndi played at Wiggies on Sunday afternoon and I have yet to hear how that went. I’m assuming they had a good crowd and a good time. Cary Farmer returned to the Sandtrap jam after his recent back surgery. He was in pain and struggling a little, but we got through it. Thanks to Crud for stopping out and doing a handful of tunes. We’ll be back in two weeks.

Rainbow Bridge returns to Tremors this coming Friday and Saturday, which is always a good time. There’ll probably be some wearing of the green in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day on Sunday. I’ve got a few new tunes to work on and hopefully we’ll be adding them soon. It’s always fun to learn new songs. Anyway, stop out to Tremors this weekend and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Moose Club / Knutes / Gary McAdams Band / Bob is 50! & Other Bdays

A two-nighter for the band that started at the Moose Club on Friday. The back door was not shoveled out, which meant taking equipment in the front, which is a lot longer trip. You have to be a member or guest of a member to get in, so thanks to Nina, who paved the way for Arden and Bonnie. Also thanks to Laura and Dave for stopping out. Mike Thelie, and Jim and Deb Millard, from Frank & Co. were also out, although Mike is no longer with the band. The Moose Club asks that the bands start with “God Bless America.” I wrote out a chord chart, and without a practice, we nailed it. Gary did an impressive version. At the end of the 2nd set, Matt suggested the National Anthem, which Gary and Cyndi do without the band. It went over great with the whole room singing along. We did play a night of quiet, older songs, but we had a good crowd and it was a nice time.

Saturday night had us at Knutes in Orfordville for Bob’s 50th. We were also celebrating Bonnie’s birthday which was Sunday. She brought out a cheese, sausage, and cracker tray that we all enjoyed. We hustled to be ready by 9:00 only to be told that the bands start at 9:30. We had a decent crowd and it was fun with the birthdays. Matt’s daughter, Kami, was out celebrating her birthday on Monday. Gary is still holding at 49, but now all the rest of us are in the ‘50s. Of course, Cyndi’s “professional age” is 35 if anyone asks.

The Gary McAdams finished off the weekend at Hammys and had a nice afternoon. Matt’s and my dad, along with Vickie stopped out. There were a number of musicians in the crowd, but it didn’t turn into a jam. Gary always allows Jerry Dabson to sit in out of respect and professional courtesy, which is fine by me. In the 2nd set, my amp started making noises. Fortunately,Captain Jack was in the crowd, and let me play thorough his amp the rest of the day. I can’t say thanks enough to him. Problem is that my main amp is being fixed, and this was my back-up. I still have others to use in the meantime. Most of the band headed to Prime Quarter for Bob’s birthday party afterwards, but it was a little late for me.

We’re at Riely’s this Friday which is the former Weirdos, Rocky’s, and even Mr.Ds if you go back far enough. I played there about a year ago with Jerry Dabson, but hadn’t been in there since the Rockys days in the ’80s. Should be interesting. It’s 8 -12 on Friday. Saturday has us at the Watering Hole, for Deb Brookin’s Bday party, I believe. Hope it’s not a surprise! This is another 8 – 12.

I’ll be at the Sandtrap in Edgerton for the Sunday jam from 3 – 7. Cary Farmer is returning for the 1st time after his back surgery. Gary and Cyndi will be at Boxcars in Clinton at the same time for the “Boxstars” gig.

Stop out and wish Bob a belated happy 50th if you haven’t done so. We’ll see you this weekend!

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