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Tremors / Gary McAdams Band / Sandtrap Jam / Birthdays

A four gig weekend and my cold decided to make a return – no fun. Tremors was slow night on Friday. I was really starting to think that maybe this town has had enough of us. But thanks to those who did stop out just the same. My concerns were put to rest when we had a packed house from start to finish on Saturday. Alex did a nice job running sound and we had a lot of nice comments.

The Gary McAdams Band played Saturday afternoon for “Buzz” Hahn’s 70th birthday party. We had a nice time with friends and good food! Gary, Cyndi, Mark & Shawna Shultz, and I played. Afterwards, Gary and Cyndi headed out to the Janesville Ice Arena to sing the national anthem before the start of the Jets hockey game. From what I heard, it went well.

As I mentioned, Tremors was full from start to finish on Saturday and we had a great time. Sandra Pack was out celebrating a birthday, and did a nice job on the tambourine. Gary from Paradise Guitars was out with wife, Bonnie, and Knee Deep guitarist; Pete Goiffon and son were out. Thanks also to Sully, from With a Bullet for stopping, plus too many others to mention.

Cyndi and I played the Sandtrap jam on Sunday and had a good crowd. Thanks to Junior Moore, Steve Peck, Billy Barnes, Cary Farmer, and Dan Reilly for jamming. And thanks to Cathy for doing “Desperado.” We’ll be back in two weeks.

It’s birthday week coming up. Our very own drummer Bob will turn 50 on the 2nd. Long-time supporter, Bonnie Cook has a Bday on the 3rd. Matt’s daughter, Kami, rolls around the sun again on the 4th.

We’ll be at the Moose Club this Friday from 7:00 to 10:30. We’ll be celebrating Bob’s 50th at Knutes in Orfordville on Saturday from 9 – 1. The Gary McAdams Band will be at Hammys on Sunday from 6 – 10.
After this weekend, Gary will be the only band member still in his 40s. But his time is coming soon!
Stop out and wish a happy Hawaii 5 – 0 to Bob this weekend!

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Local TV Show/ Hammys / Countryside

The Janesville local TV station is going to start a new show called, “Who Put the Rock in Rock County”, hosted by Steve Doiel, and we are the first guests. I drove over last Wednesday night for the taping of the interview portion of the show. It was fun and we talked for almost two hours. There was a rotating collage of band pictures behind us that was a trip down memory lane. I was glad there was a picture that included Steve, who played bass in ’79. We’ll do another taping where we’ll be playing, and eventually everything will be edited down and put together. A couple of guys from JTV showed up at Hammys on Friday and filmed the 1st set, and also did interviews with people in the crowd. We’ll keep you posted.

Hammys was busy on Friday and we wound up playing an extra set. Jerry Dabson and Shawn Sharpe both sat-in on a few. A couple of birthdays also made for a good night. Our new song, “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” went over well. All said, it was a great night and thanks to all who stopped out.

Saturday had us back a the Countryside Inn and we had a good time. Teri Courtney was out celebrating a birthday, and there was another, but I don’t recall the name – only that it rhymed with Teri! I’m going to have to start taking a notebook to jobs and keep track of these things. It’s hard to remember the weekend after a few days!

Gary and Cyndi played at Boxcars on Sunday and had a great turnout. There are pictures on Facebook.

We’re back at Tremors this weekend, with a Gary McAdams gig Saturday afternoon. On Saturday before Tremors, Gary and Cyndi are singing the National Anthem at the local Jets hockey game.
Cyndi and I will be back at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton this Sunday from 3 – 7. And Bob is even closer to 50!!

Stop out to Tremors this weekend and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Spirits / New Song / Sandtrap Jam

Back at Spirits on Saturday night. We had a good night and thanks to all who stopped out. A special birthday wish to Nanette, who had a Bday last Monday and has been following the band for many years. We always enjoy playing at Spirits. Jeff is friendly owner and we’re always treated nice.
We had a practice earlier in the afternoon and learned “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” by Train. It’s a high vocal song with a lot of words, but Gary nailed it. It’s fun to be doing some newer pop songs.
Cyndi and I were at the Sandtrap jam on Sunday and had a good crowd and a few jammers: Kelly Schauf, Captain Jack, Gene Church, Billy Barnes, Mike (drums), and even (son) Corey Arnold stopped out and played bass on a couple. We’ll be back in two weeks again with Cyndi. Cary Farmer recently had back surgery and will be home recuperating for a while.
We’re doing a taping for a new local music show hosted by Steve Doiel this Wednesday. It’s a discussion format for this segment, so no playing. We’ll be doing another one in the near future where we will play. Should be interesting.
The band is back at Hammys this Friday starting at 7:00, and then it’s the Countryside on Saturday starting at 8:30.
The band history has now been updated and includes Gary. Check it out if you have already read it. Hopefully it won’t need updating for a while!
Bob has a 50th birthday coming up in March, so we’re gearing up for that. Gary also turns 50 this year. Maybe we’ll say, “Rainbow Bridge – music from the ’50s!”
See you at Hammys and the Countryside.

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