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Birthday party at Sneakers / Sandtrap Jam / David Back in Town

This was the birthday weekend at Sneakers and we had a good time. The place was full when we arrived  – seems there was a golden birthday party, which explains why a lot of people were wearing gold clothing. I had a lot of friends who stopped out, and bought me shots – much appreciated. Most of the crowd from the “other birthday” stuck around and we had a good night. Also, Shawna Moore was out and sat-in on a couple.

Gary’s brother, David, was in town again this weekend. Gary took him to every musical event this week, including Sneakers. It was nice to see him again. Gary had a big jam at Boxcars on Sunday with Cyndi, and had a good crowd. I played at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton with Scotty Vogl, Kirk Gustafson, and Tom McDermott. Captain Jack was out and sat-in most of the night. Mark Schultz did a few on the drums. Junior Moore and Crud were both out, but didn’t play. We’ll be back in two weeks with Cyndi. Needless to say, I didn’t drink at the Sandtrap! On another note, I was (and still am) the oldest member of Rainbow Bridge, but I was the youngest band member at the Sandtrap jam. I guess it’s not over yet.

I got my weeks mixed up and thought we were playing this coming weekend, but we’re off. We’ll be back at Spirits on Saturday, the 9th. We’re going to try to squeeze a practice in and learn a new one before then – hopefully.

Again, thanks for all the cards and birthday wishes this weekend. It was a good one! We’ll see you at Spirits on the 9th!





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Tremors / Marine Corp League / Jeff’s Bday Next Week

Back at Tremors after the mix-up last month. We had a couple of good nights and thanks who all who stopped out. Gary and I played at the Marine Corp League on Friday from 5:30 to 7:30, filling in for Cliff Fredrickson. We had a nice time and finished in plenty of time to get to Tremors. Gary had left a jacket there about a month ago and found it Friday night. “Marines don’t steal” was the comment.

Jason must have had other commitments, but Alex did a fine job running sound both nights. I was still sick from the week before, and now Bob was getting it. Fortunately Gary and Cyndi were both okay. Cary and Crud played at Hammys that night, and Cary and Dawn Farmer stopped out afterwards along with Captain Jack. We had both Cary and Jack on stage for “Brown Eyed Girl.” Teresa Swetland joined us singing harmony on “The Rose” which was a special request. It really sounded nice with all the vocals.
A birthday party made for a fun Saturday night, including some jamming on the tambourine. Thanks to Bob Geise from the Soul to Soul band for stopping out. At the end of the night, Matt, Alex, and I helped a girl (won’t mention names) get her car out of an ice mound that she accidentally parked over. The things you do.
The milestone this weekend was that Matt’s daughter, Tasha, has turned 21 and was out. Matt officially had 3 daughters, Tasha, Sarah, and Kami all out and all legal at Tremors.
I was off Sunday, but Gary and Cyndi played the Marine Corp League. I would have played, but it was nice to have some time at home on a weekend.
We’re off next Friday, but Saturday has us back at Sneakers from 9 – 1. Gary and Cyndi will be at Boxcars on Sunday afternoon, with Gary’s brother, David, being back in town.
Sunday is my birthday!! and I’ll be at the Sandtrap with Kirk, Scotty, and Tom McDermott from 3 – 7. Cary and Cyndi were unavailable Sunday, so we got Tom to fill in.
Stop out to Sneakers (and the Sandtrap) this weekend and wish the oldest member of the band a good one. In dog years, I’ll be 392. We’ll see you there!

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Suds / Hammys

Another 2 out of 3 gigs due to the Packer game. Rainbow Bridge was back at Suds in Beloit on Friday. The big surprise was the new stage. Not quite as much room as before, but it worked out fine, and got us a little more up in the air. We had a good time and thanks who all who stopped out. The owner had given us Suds t-shirts the last time we played there and Matt and I both wore ours. We’re brothers so it looked planned.

The Gary McAdams Band gig at the Country Corners in Madison was cancelled on Saturday due to the Packer play-off game. It was sad to watch them lose, but at least now games won’t interfere with gigs. We’ll get ’em next year.

RB was back at Hammys on Sunday and had a good time. It was the Gary McAdams Band last Sunday – I wonder if people are getting confused. Shawn Sharp sat in and did “Burnin’ Love” and “Polk Salad Annie.” It’s always fun to do Elvis songs with such a good singer. And thanks to all who stopped out as it was a lot of fun. Matt started a new 2nd shift job and had to leave for work after the gig. Busy day for Matt.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Stacy Swanson, who lost her father this past week.
Very sad news.

Gary and I will be at the Marine Corp League on Friday, filling in for Cliff Fredrickson, from 5 – 7. Then it’s up the road to Tremors for Friday and Saturday. Stop out and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Elks Club / Gary McAdams Band @ Hammys

Just one night for the band at the Elks Club for a 60th birthday party. Matt was sick and unable to play so we had Shawna Shultz fill in. It worked out well as they wanted more older standards, and we had plenty. We were fed too, which is always a nice bonus!
When I saw it was a 60th, my first thought was that’s getting old – then I realized I’m not far behind! Birthday Dave and I could have been in high school together. All said, the job went well and thanks to Shawna for the last minute fill in.

We were off on Saturday, but I stayed in town due to a Gary McAdams Band gig on Sunday. Gary, Cyndi, and I all showed up at Hammys on Saturday afternoon for the Jerry Dabson jam. It was a good time.

The Gary McAdams Band played on Sunday at Hammys with Shawna Schultz and Steve Dougherty. We had a good crowd and a good time. Jerry Dabson stopped out and sat-in with us.

The band is at Suds in Beloit this Friday at 8:30. Due to the Packer game, Saturday’s gig with the Gary McAdams Band at the Country Corners has been cancelled. Rainbow Bridge will be at Hammys this Sunday from 3 – 7. I had to bow out of the Sandtrap jam for Sunday’s gig. I should be back at the Sandtrap on the 27th, where the oldest member of the band turns another year older.

Stop out to Suds and Hammys this weekend and say hello. We’ll see you there.

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Countryside Inn / New Years Eve

A nice crowd at the Countryside for our last Saturday gig of the year. We were at a private party on New Years, so this was the last public performance of the year. As always, thanks to all who stopped out.

We had a band Christmas party on Friday that I forgot about. I took a job hosting a jam in West Allis – had a good time, but would have liked to have been at the party. It’s good to hang out as a band outside of playing and just have some fun. A big thanks to Bob for saving me some of his home-made lasagna, garlic bread, and even some cookies!

John Reinhart booked us again at his house for New Year’s Eve. Great time with nice people and good food. Our band area was a little more insulated this year, and we were quite comfortable. It was an early gig too, as we quit a little after midnight. We packed up quick and headed to the Countryside, only to find out that Ruffcutz had just finished.

Cyndi and I were scheduled to do the Sandtrap jam on Sunday, but it was cancelled due the time change of the Packer game. It would have been easier to deal with if they had won!

We’re at the Elk’s Club this Friday from 7:30 – 11:30 for a birthday party, I believe. Not sure if it’s open to the public. Check with Cyndi if you’re interested in stopping out. No gig on Saturday. Cyndi and I will be with the Gary McAdams Band at Hammys on Sunday from 3 – 7.

How time has gone by. The band is now in it’s 37th year – never would have dreamed this back when Cyndi and I were teenagers in 1976. Gary has been with us about a year and a half now. Matt and Bob have been in the band over 25 years. And I’ll get around to updating the history page soon! Gary and Bob will both hit 50 this year, putting us all in the same decade. But we’re still playing, learning songs, and having a good time so we’ll keep on going. Let’s hope 2013 is a good year for everybody and thanks to all who have supported (put up with) us all these years.

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