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Gary McAdams Band @ Varsity Lanes / Spirits / Holly’s birthday

One official gig for the band this weekend, although Gary, Cyndi, and I played Friday night at the Varsity Lanes in Milton for Bruce Hahn’s surprise 40th birthday party. Shawna Schultz was on bass, and her husband, Mark, was drumming. It was good turnout, complete with a food table. We even tried a few new tunes, which made the night interesting. I’ve had a cold coming on for a few days now and it hit me hard on Friday morning. I called in sick to work, but the show goes on. It’s a good thing I’m not the main singer! It was a nice party and not a late night.

Rainbow Bridge returned to Spirits on Saturday. It started out okay, but thinned out as the night went on. They really treat us well there, which makes it a fun place to play. We played from 9 – 1, but I think 8 – 12 would have worked better. Gary had a business meeting and showed up about a half hour into the 1st set. He had already set his stuff up earlier, so it a quick transition to add him in. Thanks to Gloria, Susie, and Nanette for bringing all the Christmas munchies! We ate as much as we could and still play.

Due to a mix-up with Tremors, the band is off this weekend. Cyndi and I agreed to fill-in for Cliff Fredrickson at the Marine Corp League this Friday from 5 – 7. Seems I’ll be driving over just to do that gig. I was going to ask Gary to fill in for me, but he is leaving for Texas on Tuesday for Christmas. Apparently, I’m filling in for Gary! Gary would not have been with us at Tremors, so the fact that we wound up off doesn’t bother me as much. Jason would have filled in, but we’ve learned a lot of new tunes with Gary. It would have been fine either way.

I cancelled my part in the Sandtrap jam on Sunday as it was Holly’s birthday. We watched the Packers, went out for pizza with friends and family, drove around looking at Christmas lights, and then went home for a movie. We’re both sick; she worse than me, but we had a nice time just the same. Gary and Cyndi hosted the jam at the Marine Corp League on Sunday and had a good turnout.

The band is back at the Countryside on Saturday, the 29th. I’ll be hosting a jam here in Milwaukee the Friday before, and I should be back at the Sandtrap jam on Sunday, the 30th from 3 – 7.
We’re at a private party again this New Year’s Eve. Hard to believe it’s going to be 2013 soon. Rainbow Bridge turns 37 next year!
Stop out to the Countryside this Saturday for the last show of 2012! We’ll see you there.

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Hammys & More Hammys / Cary Famer’s 50th @ Lakeview

Livin’ it up at Hammy’s this weekend. We started at 7:00 on Friday with a decent crowd that kept getting bigger. The place was still going strong at 11:00 so Suzanne asked us to play another hour – which was fine. Happy birthday to Susie, who came out to celebrate with us. Bob played the next afternoon with the Jerry Dabson jam and was able to leave his drums set up.

Saturday was not an official band gig, but Cyndi, Matt, Bob, and I hosted an open jam at Lakeview campground for Cary Farmer’s 50th birthday party. We set up during the day, which was a good idea given the turnout. Plenty of friends, food, and drink made for a fun night. Of course, Cary played a few with us, as did Crud, Billy Barnes, Captain Jack, and Scott Vogl. On a side note, I was feeling nauseas at starting time, but fortunately Matt brought antacids with him. Besides extra equipment, it’s not a bad idea to bring a small pharmacy to gigs just in case! Matt had a buddy give him a big bear hug while his prescription glasses were in his pocket. Unfortunately, his glasses were crushed. It was meant in friendship so what can you do? All said, it was a good turnout and we had a nice time playing there.

Sunday afternoon had us back at Hammys before game time. Another good crowd and nice time.
As always, thanks to all who stop out and support the band.

We’re back at Spirits on Saturday from 9 – 1. Bob likes this place as it’s practically in his back yard!
Nice place, and we’re looking forward to being back there again.

Holly’s birthday is Sunday, so I bowed out of the Sandtrap jam. Cary and Crud will be hosting, and I’ll be back in two weeks.

Stop out to Spirits this Saturday and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Christmas Party / New Monitors / Sandtrap jam / Birthdays

A gig a little closer to home for me as we played a Harley Christmas party in Brookfield Saturday night. It was a fun group and we had a great time. The company gave us a couple of rooms – Matt & Stacy, Cyndi & Dawn stayed. Holly and Erin also came along. Erin’s sister, Gina, is the manager at the Midway where we played. It was also the debut of our new monitors that Bob picked out for us. Sounded good to me and thanks to Bob for doing the research and picking them up. It was also the night of my company’s Christmas party, but a gig is a gig!

Cyndi and I were at the Sandtrap jam on Sunday. It wasn’t real busy, but the band sounded good. Cary & Crud’s gig was cancelled, so Cary and Dawn were there for a while. The next jam is on the 16th, which is Holly’s birthday, so I asked Cary to look for a fill-in. It’ll probably be a Cary & Crud jam.

The band is invading Hammys this weekend – both Friday (7 -11) and Sunday (2 – 6).
Hammys is always fun so stop out and say hello.

Cary Farmer turns 50 this weekend and we’ll be at a party/jam at Lakeview campground on Saturday around 7:00. It’ll be informal, with different musicians playing throughout the night. Should be fun.

We’ll see you at Hammys this weekend!

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