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Halloween @ Tremors / Gary McAdams Band @ Hammys

Another successful Halloween weekend for the band. I’m thinking this was the 1st time at Tremors. We were at the Owl’s Club for years, Varsity Lanes last year, and now Tremors. A great big thanks to Bob, who spent hours setting up the decorations. The stage looked fantastic. Check out pics on our Facebook page. Band costumes: Cyndi (Wonder Woman), Gary (George Strait, only cooler with sunglasses), Bob (Jamaican guy), Matt (Ghoul guy, complete with face paint), and Jeff (Ozzy). Huey Long won the top prize with his giant skeleton cowboy. I think Stacy Swanson placed, but I’m not sure. Of course, no one does the “Monster Mash” like Matthew. We played it Friday and twice on Saturday. Steve and Teresa Doiel, from the Bel Cats, stopped out late Friday, and we hung out with them until bar time. We had good crowds and some great costumes both nights.

Cyndi and I played with the Gary McAdams Band Sunday afternoon at Hammys after the Packers win! We had a good crowd, lots of familiar faces, and a real nice afternoon. It was just the way to wind up the weekend.

The band is now off for our official November vacation. I’ll be playing at the Sandtrap jam this Sunday (3 – 7) with Cary, Scotty, and Kirk. Gary and I will be playing on Friday, the 9th, over in Tiffany – might be a private party – check Facebook.

The band will be back on the 21st, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, at the Varsity Lanes, followed by Tremors on the weekend and Hammy’s on Sunday.

On a sad note, thoughts and prayers go out to Laura Farnsworth, who lost her brother this last week. We’ll see you later this month. Time to put up Christmas lights and start the snow blower!

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Geno’s Wild Ride / Countryside / Sandtrap Jam

Two gigs for the band on Saturday. We were over in Evansville at Geno’s Wild Ride for a food pantry benefit on Saturday afternoon. We were the 2nd band of the day and it wasn’t very busy. I hope it picked up later. We played for an hour and 45 minutes, did our country songs, and no break. There was a house PA so it wasn’t too much work getting in and out. We hung out a bit afterwards with Junior Moore’s band, the guys from Rough Rider, had a burger and headed out. Former bass player, Jim Peterson, now plays with Rough Rider.

Gary already had tickets to see Vince Gill that evening, so we played 4-piece at the Countryside. We had a pretty good night and thanks to all who stopped out. My voice held out fine and we got through it – pulled out some old songs, but had nice comments. I got a kick out of Cyndi doing “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”. Thanks to John Cammilleri and Pete Goiffen from the Knee Deep band for stopping. All said, it was a fun day.

I played at the Sandtrap on Sunday and had a good time. Gary and Cyndi played at Hammys. It was Tanya’s (owner) birthday and she was having fun. Thanks to Bob for dropping off the monitor. It was nice to see Cary, Scotty, and Kirk again. We’ll be back in two weeks with Cyndi.

Rainbow Bridge returns full-force to Tremors next weekend. I’m looking forward to playing the Van Halen song there. The Gary McAdams band will be at the Marine Corp League next Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello!

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Hammys / Varsity Lanes

Seems a few people were thrown off by the later starting time at Hammys. But I guess it just means they were there for starting time. We had a good crowd and a good time Friday night at Hammys. It was busy enough to have us play an extra hour and quit at midnight. Once again, this is birthday week for Earl Young and Nina Spenle. I haven’t been naming specific people lately, but thanks to all who stopped out. We stopped over to Tremors afterward to see Petty Things finish the night.

We had a practice Saturday afternoon and learned “Dance the Night Away” by Van Halen. It’s a lot of fun to play and Gary sings it great for a Texas country boy! We played it twice Saturday night.

Saturday had us back up to the Varsity Lanes in Miton. It was another good time, complete with a 40th birthday party. A little bit of rain during teardown, but all said, a good night.

Next Saturday afternoon we’re at Geno’s Wild Ride in Evansville for a fundraiser with multiple bands. Not sure exactly what time we go on, but it’s only for an hour and a half. I’ll find out more or check with Cyndi. We’re at the Countryside that night but without Gary as he had tickets to a Vice Gill concert. We won’t be able to play most of our songs, but I suppose we’ll get through it somehow. Cyndi will have to sing Footloose and Boot Scootin’ Boogie!

I’ll be at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton on Sunday from 3 – 7. Gary and Cyndi will be with the Gary McAdams Band at Hammys the same time.

Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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Moose Club / Birthdays

Just a one-nighter at the Moose Club on Saturday. It was fund raiser, and open to the public. There were quite a few of our regulars, and we thank all who stopped out. I thought the night went well, and we had a good time. I have a powered mixer (what we plug our microphones it to) that I just got back from it’s 2nd repair. We used it at the Moose and it seemed to be working fine. Gary has a spare that we’ve been using for most of our jobs lately.

We actually have a long history with the Moose Club. I played a New Year’s dance there with Bob D’Entremont and Bill Shipman in the early ’70s in the old location. Rainbow Bridge played for numerous Sunday teen dances, and regular club dances in the ’70s and ’80s. I remember ’50s and ’60s music was too “rock and roll” back in those days. I had to chuckle when that’s what was requested Saturday night. We’re all getting older. We’ve also been fairly regular at the new building over the years. The Moose has a huge dance floor and plenty of seating, but has always had an issue attracting younger members. Again, we had a good time and thanks for stopping out.

We’re back at Hammys this Friday from 6 – 10. Hammys is always a lot of fun. Saturday has us back at the Varsity Lanes from 8 – 12. The Sandtrap jam, in Edgerton, will be starting up again this fall. My 1st job will be Sunday, the 21st, from 3 – 7.

We’d like to give a happy birthday shout to 2 of our longest followers: Nina Spenle and Earl Young. Both have seen just about every version of the band and probably know our songs better than we do! Happy birthday and thanks for all the years of support. We’ll see you this weekend!

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Kutters / Hammys

No official gig this Friday and Saturday, but we did play Thursday and Sunday. Thursday was benefit at Kutters with a country “Hee Haw” theme, complete with a mechanical bull. Plenty of food and prizes, but not a great turnout. But, we had a good time, and supplied the music for the pickin’ and grinnin’ skit. Ken Fraser stopped out for his birthday, which was on Saturday. There are a few pics and videos Ken shot and put on Facebook.
Again, we were off Saturday, but Cyndi, Matt, and Bob played at the Red Barron for a 50th birthday staring Crud (Kevin) of Cary and Crud. Holly and I went to my class reunion at the Anchor Inn, which we left about 9:30. We drove separately, so Holly headed back to Milwaukee, and I headed out to the Red Barron and played the last set.
Bob played Friday night at the Gun Club with the Steve Doiel Trio and said he had a good time.
We were listed as 3 – 7 at Hammys on Sunday, but it was moved to 11 – 3 due to the Packer game. A little slow at 11:00, but it picked up steadily, and we had a good crowd by game time. Jerry Dabson stopped out and did a few with us, as did Shawn Sharpe. I started “Polk Salad Annie”, which we’ve never played, and we pulled it off quite well. Webmaster Greg Vanblaricom was out for a while. All said, we had a good time, and it was nice to be done mid-afternoon.
Gary and Cyndi will be back at Hammys on Wednesday from  4 -7. Looks like the band is at the Moose Club this Saturday from 8 – 12. Not sure of the details on this. Check Facebook or contact Cyndi for more – that’s what I do!

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