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Tremors / Varsity Lanes Benefit

Two of the better nights we’ve had at Tremors in a while and thanks to all who stopped out. Jason was running sound on Friday and sat-in for 3 songs later in the night. Cyndi was glad to get her keyboard amp back from the repair shop – Gary at Paradise Guitars. We were going to practice Saturday afternoon, but (our) Gary had a tent sale he had to be at. We decided to try “I Like Girls that Drink Beer” unrehearsed on Friday. It went okay and we played it all weekend. A birthday and bachelorette party on Saturday made for a wild night. There was a small “scuffle” on Saturday by the pool table. Gary saw the bouncer was having a little trouble and jumped off the stage and helped subdue the trouble maker. We took a little teasing Sunday at the Varsity Lanes about being a “fight starting” kind of band. Must be that rowdy music we play.
We were at the Varsity Lanes on Sunday afternoon for a fund-raiser for the Milton Band program. Doug and Deb Brookins were the organizers and it was a nice afternoon. We thank them for the Milton Alumni t-shirts that we wore. Lucas Brookins sat in on a couple, and had to put up with a barrage of drummer jokes. No one is safe! Ken Fraser sat in on “Burning Love” and did a nice job. Ken (Eklevnis) has a birthday next Saturday – we’re off on the weekend, but will wish him a good one at Kutter’s on Thursday. Matt wasn’t feeling well on Sunday and we thank Scott Vogl for stopping out just in case. Matt did fine and played the whole afternoon.
We’re at Kutter’s Harley Davidson on Thursday, I believe from 6 – 10. Again, we’re off on Friday and Saturday, but play at Hammy’s on Sunday, I believe 2 – 6, but it could be 3 – 7. Check Facebook for better details! I have a 37th reunion on Saturday at the Anchor Inn that Holly and I are going to – should be fun. Cyndi, Matt, and Bob will be sitting in at the Red Barron in Edgerton with Cary and Crud for Crud’s 50th birthday. If the reunion ends early, maybe I’ll talk Holly into stopping there. Anyway, we’ll see you at Kutter’s and Hammys!

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Darien Corn Fest / Varsity Lanes / Marine Corp League / Playing sick

The band was off the week before, but we did play the Walworth County Fair on the side Pepsi stage last Saturday. It’s a small stage, and we were going to play with just Gary, Cyndi, and myself. Gary was there the day before, saw the stage was bigger, and decided to go with the whole band. Matt was the first to get sick and did not make the job. We played without a bass, but were received well and had a good time.
The Gary McAdams Band played that Sunday at Hammys and had another good time.
After about a ten-year absence, the band was booked back at the Darien Corn Fest on Friday. Mark Schultz ran the sound for us. It was a little on the chilly side, and no corn on Friday, but we had a good time, and were happy to be back. Gary even went home and got a long sleeve shirt for me – it was brisk! I had been sick the last few days and missed work. Matt was a little better, but Bob was also having problems with a bad earache.
Saturday had us back at the Varsity Lanes, which is always a good time. The excitement of the night was a bachelor party in the back. These guys were standing each other upside down and drinking beers and shots. It looked fun but we didn’t try it. Shawna Schultz was out and sat in on a few. Matt, Bob, and I were all still a little under the weather, but we had a fun night.
We finished off Sunday afternoon at the Marine Corp League. We were surprised they wanted us to play during the Packer game, but we had a good crowd and quite a few dancers. It was a nice gig to finish off the weekend.
The band is off this coming weekend. Holly and I are going to an Elvis show Friday night here in Milwaukee. Cyndi is headed to Missouri. Gary will be at Boxcars in Clinton on Sunday afternoon for a songwriter’s gig. The band is back at Tremors the Friday and Saturday after that. We’re also planning a practice that Saturday and hope to add some more tunes. We’ll  see you at Tremors in a couple of weeks!

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