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Anchor Inn / Rock County Fair / Hammys

Another three gig weekend for the band that began Friday night at the Anchor Inn. We had a good crowd and good weather for the most part. It started to sprinkle, then rain at the second set, but it didn’t last long. The rest of the night went just fine.

We played the Rock County fair on Saturday afternoon and had a good time. The big moment of the night was Gary and Cyndi singing the National Anthem prior to Josh Turner’s show. Matt and I were outside the grandstand, but heard everything fine. Gary and Cyndi did a great job, and it didn’t hurt to have the band’s name mentioned a few times. Thanks also to Ken Fraser, who gave me a few special order Elvis guitar picks. They’re too nice to play with, but I’ll add them to the collection. Matt and I ran into Rich and Kelly Erdman (owners of the Countryside) and Kaj and Mary Anderson while listening to Josh Turner and chatted a while. Also, I didn’t do push-ups at the National Guard tent this year – wasn’t enough time. Although, Holly talked me into it at the State fair last year. Bob was filling in with the Manberries later at Deano’s, so I stopped out and ran in to Gary. I was “volunteered” to come up and play a few. Dawn has a picture on Facebook.

We finished up the weekend at Hammy’s on Sunday afternoon. A big happy birthday to Laura and thanks for stopping out. It was a nice afternoon and a good way to wind up the weekend. Thanks to all who stopped out all weekend.

We’re back at the Countryside this Friday from 8:30 – 12:30. Saturday has us the Country Corners in Sun Prarie from 9 – 1. Gary, Cyndi, and I are back at Hammys on Sunday with the Gary McAdams Band from 3 – 7.

Stop out, say hello, and we’ll see you there!

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Tremors Weekend

Two pretty good nights at Tremors, although Friday was actually a little busier than Saturday. We had a bachelorette party for Allison that was out early on Saturday; started the night off on a fun note. Besides playing the honorary tambourine, Allison and a few of her gang were on stage helping Gary sing “Brown Eyed Girl.” We were scheduled to start at 9:00, but the place was a little slow at starting time so we waited a bit and wound up playing a little over to compensate. I think we started at 9:30 on Saturday.
The big difference starting this weekend is that Jason is now running the sound at Tremors. As you may know, Jason put in the “house system” at the place and now is involved with the bands there. It worked out okay and we had him on stage both nights doing “Play That Funky Music”, “Talk Dirty to Me,” and “Footloose.”
We were a little concerned on Saturday about Gary, as he had to set up a tent sale somewhere in Illinois and wasn’t sure about being back in time. But he finished early, and was a Tremors in plenty of time.
It’s a three gig weekend coming up that starts us off Friday night at the Anchor Inn from 6 – 10. We’re back at the Rock County Fair on Saturday afternoon from 3 – 6. Then we finish up at Hammys on Sunday from 2 – 6.
The BIG NEWS at the fair: Gary and Cyndi will be singing the National Anthem before the start of the Josh Turner show on Saturday. I’m looking forward to that.
I missed a few gig write-ups over the 4th weekend. All the gigs went well and we had a great time at Shilberg Park. There was quite a bash the Friday before at the Countryside for Matt’s 50th. His girls were out with plenty of treats and decorations. It’s still hard to think that Matt could be 50. Gary and Bob are still holding at 49 so next year will be a fun one!
Stop out and hello this weekend. We’ll see you there!

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Mustangs / 91st Birthday Party in Stoughton

We had gigs before these, including the 4th of July. I’ll have to get to those later. This is just the recent weekend:

A first and possibly last time at Mustangs in Beloit on Friday. We had a decent crowd at the start, and a steady night, but lack of dancers made for a long evening. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Earl, Kaj Anderson, Kirk Gustafson, Teresa Swetland, Stacy Swanson and her work gang for stopping out. Gary also had some friends that made the trip. I think the bar was hoping for a packed house and was disappointed in the turnout. You can’t win ’em all.

On an up note – we had a great time in Stoughton on Saturday for Bella’s 91st birthday party. This is Bob Flaskamp’s wife’s, Lisa’s mother. Gary was at a wedding, so we played with the 4 of us. Good food and a good time all the way around. Thanks to Jim for singing a few and to Laurence for playing bass with the band. Bob Flaskamp brought his 1960 reissue gold-top Les Paul guitar, which I played all night.

The Sandtrap jam is cancelled so I had a Sunday off. Matt and I had a family reunion and got to stay a little longer. It’s possible the jam may start up again in the fall.

On a personal note: Holly and I had a nice time in St. Louis and made it back safely on Thursday. I’ve always come home a day before a gig, just to be safe. It also gave me some time to play my guitar again!

We’re back at Tremors this Friday and Saturday. Due to a new policy, Jason, not Tim, will be running sound. Stop out and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Countryside/Wedding/Sandtrap Jam/Matt Turns 50!

A busy week and not much time to write. Friday has us back at the Countryside and thanks to all who stopped out. Gary’s aunt passed away in Texas, and he had left earlier in the week to be there. There was some mix-up in the return flight and we played the 1st set without him. Timing was perfect as Gary walked in the door right at our 1st break. Gary had to purchase a separate ticket to get back, so it was an expensive weekend for him.
I’ve been having bad cramps and swelling, mostly in my right leg, and opted to try sitting down Friday night. It worked for the 1st set, but it felt good enough to try standing. I wound up standing all weekend, but it’s been painful since and the holiday weekend starts today. We’ll see how it goes.
Matt, Stacy, and I went up the Milton park on Saturday afternoon to hear “Fish Fry”, a male-female duo, which included Matt’s high-school buddy, Joe Tougas. Matt, Joe, Mike Unruh, Ken Busch, and Tammy Arnold had a band in high school called “The Press”. Tammy was also at the park Saturday. I really enjoyed Fish Fry and had a great afternoon.
We had a nice time at Blackridge Bowl for a wedding on Saturday. Earlier, Bob picked up a new set of portable lights that we used that night. They really made the night more fun, and lit up the stage nicely.
I was at the Sandtrap jam on Sunday and thanks to Bob, Matt, Stacy, and Kami for stopping out. I’ve heard that the jam has been cancelled, which doesn’t surprise me.
Thanks also to Gene Church, and Jeff Paddock, former Rocking Horse guitarist, for sitting in. Of course, thanks to all who all who have stopped out and supported the Castaway and Sandtrap jam.
We’re at Kutter’s for “Bike Night” today. I think we start at 6:00. Then it’s up to Shilberg Park in Milton for the 4th, from 7 -11. We’re back at the Countryside on Friday, 8:30 – 12:30, and then I finish off here in Milwaukee at St. Helen’s Parish from 7 – 11.
The band is playing at the Marine Corp League on Sunday from 3 – 7. They’re still trying to talk Matt into playing guitar.
Holly and I are taking off right after the gig on Saturday for a 2nd honeymoon trip to St. Louis. Being in a band, you take vacations from Sundays to Thursdays. I just hope we’re both healthy enough to be able to walk around and have some fun!
The BIG news of the week is that MATT TURNS 50 on July 6th and we’re celebrating all weekend. Cyndi’s and my son, Corey, turned 25 on Monday. Stop out and wish a happy half-century to Matthew!

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