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Hammys / Varsity Lanes / Anchor Inn

Pretty good 3-gig weekend for the band. We started at Hammys on Friday without Gary, as he was at a Cheap Trick / Aerosmith concert with Dana. We got through it, although my voice doesn’t hold out for four hours. Thanks to Jerry Dabson and Shawn Sharp for sitting in and to Greg VanBlairicom (webmaster) for stopping out. We finished at 11:00, tore down quickly, and hopped on over to Tremors to watch Ruffcutz finish the night. It was nice to see another local band as I rarely get the chance. And guitarist Kaj Anderson stops out often to see us.
There was a benefit at the Varsity Lanes in Milton for Jeff Green that prevented us from setting up early. We had a good crowd and a good time Saturday night. Of course, Gary was back, and thanks to Shawna Schultz for sitting in. Matt had a group of classmates in town and he was happy to see them. They, including Matt, went up to the high school to “paint the rock” after we finished – a tradition that has been going on as long as I can remember.
We were celebrating Stacy’s birthday at the Anchor Inn on Sunday afternoon. The weather cooperated and it was a nice time. Tim was back running the soundboard as we used our full PA, something we haven’t done in a while. Cyndi got her wish as we played “Pontoon” on the Anchor Stage. Bob even purchased a “mini snare” just to play the song.
We had a group from Milwaukee and Port Washington that drove over special just to hear the band – much appreciated. Bob Flaskamp was giving boat rides after we were finished. I had to pass as it’s a long drive back to Milwaukee, but Cyndi and Bryan went motor boatin’. All said, it was a great way to finish off the weekend and thanks to all who stopped out.
Another 3 gig weekend coming up, although Friday at the Countryside will be our only public gig. We’re at a wedding on Saturday, and I’ll be at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton on Sunday with Cary, Scotty, and Kirk from 3 – 7.
Another reminder that Matt’s 50th is July 6th and we’ll have to start celebrating soon! We’ll see you at the Countryside.

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Tremors / Sandtrap Jam / Anniversary

No new drum sets this week, but we had a good time at Tremors. Friday was actually a little busier than Saturday. We had a big group of people show up on our last break on Saturday night, which really helped. We played about a 1/2 over just to keep them dancing. We played “Pontoon” for the 1st time at Tremors – got a good response. The two Doobie Brothers songs we learned recently are sounding tight and also got a good response. Thanks to Kaj Anderson, Steve and Teresa Doiel, Gary and Bonnie (Paradise Guitars) for stopping out. We’re still having some issues with the sound of the house system, but then again, it’s sure a lot quicker when it comes to set-up and tear-down.
Sandtrap was slow on Sunday. But thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Matt, Stacy, Kami, Laura, Mike, Dad, Ginger, and Corey for stopping out, and to Matt for sitting in. Cyndi and I were at the Sandtrap and Gary and Bob were at the Marine Corp League. Besides, Father’s Day, there were a number of things going on in town. Gary told the Marine Corp wasn’t as busy as usual. Matt was the only one off on Sunday and tells me he’s forming the “Matt Arnold Band” and will look for his own Sunday gigs. Half kidding about the name, but he has talked to a few local players – again, just for Sunday gigs and not to replace the band. Don’t want to start any rumors here!
We’re busy again this coming weekend starting Friday night at Hammys from 7 – 11. Gary will be out of town, so you’ll hear every song Cyndi knows! Saturday has us back in Milton at the Varsity Lanes from 8 – 12. Gary should be back for this one. We finish the weekend on Sunday afternoon at the Anchor Inn from 3 – 7.
On a personal note, Holly and I had our 10 year anniversary this past week and we’re planning a between-gigs vacation after the 4th of July. I give her credit for putting up with my out-of-town band schedule all these years. It’s tough on a marriage, but we’ve made it this far!
Also, make a note in the calendar that Matt will turn 50 on July 6th, which is coming up soon. We usually celebrate on the 4th up at Shilberg Park in Milton but this is a BIG ONE and should be celebrated the whole week!
Stop out and say hello this weekend.

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Anchor Inn / Knutes / Sandtrap / Gary’s Bday/ Anniversary

Another busy weekend for the band. For the 1st time in years, we were off Memorial weekend. However, Cyndi and I played a backyard party at Doug and Deb Brookins place and had a great time. Bob showed up and played his cahone (?) drum, which really filled in the sound. Very pleasant afternoon with plenty to eat and drink, and just a nice get-together.
We were back in action at the Anchor Inn on Friday, but the weather didn’t quite cooperate. We had a decent crowd, but it was a little on the cool side. We did have a lot friends show up, which we appreciate. Laura Farnsworth and Ken Fraser both put pics on Facebook. Tim was having back problems this weekend, which I understand. I wound up pulling mine while loading up Friday and am still in pain. The old guys gotta be more careful!
We had a practice Saturday afternoon and learned “Pontoon” by Little Big Town. It went well, and we played it twice Saturday night at Knutes.We had a better crowd the last time at Knutes, but Saturday was okay, and thanks to all who stopped out. I’d mention names, probably forget someone, and then feel bad. I should probably take notes at gigs as to who was there. All said, we had a good time and a good weekend. I hope all who stopped out feel the same.
We went our separate ways on Sunday as Gary and Cyndi were at Boxcars and I was at the Sandtrap in Edgerton. Sandtrap wasn’t that busy but we had a good time. Thanks to Gene Church and Matthew for sitting in.
This Sunday is Gary’s birthday!! Rainbow Bridge is off this weekend. However, the Gary McAdams Band will be at the Country Corners in McFarland on Saturday night, 9 – 1, and then at Hammys on Sunday afternoon for Gary’s birthday party from 3 – 7. No Rainbow Bridge tunes on these gigs and I have a lot to review before the weekend. Stop out and wish the youngest member of RB a good one.
We’re back at Tremors on the 15th and 16th. June 15th is also Holly and my 10 year anniversary. We just have to celebrate on another night. That’s the band business. Stop out and wish Gary a happy Bday and we’ll see you soon!

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