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Tremors / Sandtrap Jam / New Songs

Another busy weekend for the band. We had decent crowds both nights at Tremors and thanks to all who stopped out. It is sure convenient having a house system when it comes to setup and tear down, but we’re still having issues getting a sound that we’re happy with. Tim does the best he can and just it is what it is. There was an added “runway” added to the front of the stage that we took advantage of – kinda fun to do. There was a fight at the end of night on Friday, which called for police, fire trucks, and an ambulance. I heard the victim is in intensive care and we hope he’s okay. It’s just too bad that these things happen, as there are usually not fights at Tremors.
We had a very productive practice Saturday afternoon and brought back some Doobie Brothers: “Listen to the Music” and “China Grove”. We also added “In Color” which Gary does in the Gary McAdams Band. We played all three Saturday night. New songs and a fun night made for a good way to cap things off as the band is off this Memorial Day weekend. This feels odd as in the past, we’ve played every day, including Monday, Memorial Day afternoon. Crazy Horse campground has decided to “try something different” this year so that chapter has come to an end. We’re grateful for all the years they booked us. Cyndi and I are playing a private party on Saturday afternoon, which should be fun.
Cyndi and I were at the Sandtrap jam on Sunday and had a nice time. Not real busy, but we had fun. Gary played at Boxcars in Clinton, and had the same type of day. Thanks to Matt Arnold, Cary Farmer, and Russ for stopping out. Rick Winger, of the Rick Winger Band, was out but didn’t play. On another note, Cyndi & the Sensations are on hold as Cafe Belwah is remodeling. However, Kirk (drummer at the Sandtrap, and also a “Sensation”) told me yesterday that the place is under new management and that they fired the staff. It looks like the new owners might not be having live music so we’ll see.
On a personal note, Holly and I hoping to have our motorcycle (Buttercup) back from the shop this week. With the band off, we’d like to do a lot of riding this weekend. We’re just waiting for the “it’s ready” call.
I’d also like to mention that local musician, Craig Straight, passed away this week. I didn’t know him well, but we always chatted when we ran into each other. Craig was a singer – acoustic player and played around the area. He was also a Marine who served in Vietnam, so he has my respect. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
Our next gigs are Friday, June 1st at the Anchor Inn in Newville 6 – 10,  and then Knutes in Orfordville, on Saturday 9:30 – 1:30. Have a great Memorial weekend and we’ll see you in June.

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Countryside / Hammys

A Friday night off, which was probably a good thing as it gave me time to mow my yard. It was a bunch of errands and some practice time on Saturday before heading out to the Countryside. We had a decent night which included Jessie and Tarie stopping out. Jessie sang “Burnin’ Love, “Steamroller Blues” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with the band. Later in the evening, Tom McDermott (bass player) sat in on “Kiss Me Deadly” – something he said he’s always wanted to do. We had Tim behind the board this time with Sak running the lights. And as always, thanks to all who stopped out.
Of course, it was Mother’s Day and also dad’s 78th birthday on Sunday for our gig at Hammys. Cyndi’s dad, “Bud” Krachey was in town and had a gang stop in. The bummer part of the day was my mixer wasn’t working. Luckily, Gary had a spare, and we had to rewire the PA just before starting time. Thanks to Dave Hernandez, keyboard extraordinaire, for stopping out, and also to everybody else that made for a fun day. All said, it sounded fine and we had a nice afternoon. Gary, Matt, Bob, and I hung out and chatted for a while after we were done. Not too long for me, as it was time to head back to Milwaukee.
We’re back at Tremors this weekend and the jam band is back at the Sandtrap on Sunday. I’ve been working on new songs and we’re hoping to practice soon as it’s time for some new tunes. Stop out to Tremors this weekend and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Bazingas / Sandtrap Jam

A return to Bazingas for a one-nighter on Saturday. I called Cyndi mid-morning to find out about set-up time, only to find out the band had already set up. I was at Guitar Center that afternoon buying a slide and drink holder for my mic stand – which worked out very well. We still had some buzzing problems with the speakers which was annoying. I wonder what the other bands do – hope it’s not just us. While setting my gear up, I noticed my hand cart was missing. It was jump in the car and over the Hammys to see if it was still there from last Sunday. Unfortunately, it was gone so I bought another one Sunday morning before the Sandtrap jam. Lo and behold, Cary had it with him. Seems Dan, the bartender at Hammys, saw it and gave it to Cary to give to me. Now I have one for each hand, just like the pina coladas!  Bazingas was a little slow for an 8:00 start. but started picking up quickly. We had a full house at our 12:00 quitting time, so we played to 12:30. I’d suggest running bands 8:30 – 12:30 as that’s what worked best for us, but that’s just me. As always, thanks to all who stopped out, including dad, and son Corey. Three generations of Arnolds in the same bar – go figure. Thanks also to webmaster Greg for stopping out. Been a long time since we’ve seen him. A big happy 27th to Amanda, who was also out. Monica was  celebrating a 30th, which made for a fun night.
Not the busiest day at the Sandtrap jam on Sunday, but thanks to Cliff Fredrickson, Guitar Greg, Billy Barnes, and Gene Church for sitting in. Thanks also to dad, Ginger, and Kami for stopping out. Gary and Cyndi were at the Marine Corp League and had a good crowd.
We’re back at the Countryside this Saturday and then Hammys again on Sunday. Of course, Sunday is Mother’s Day and also dad’s birthday. Should be a fun time – as long as everything gets packed up!
I’d also like to thank everybody who voted us Janesville’s favorite band on Facebook. Much appreciated after all these years. Matt posted some comments about this which I agree with. I have additional thoughts, but let’s just say thanks for now and maybe save it for another post. We’ll see you this weekend.

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Cafe Belwah / Knutes / Hammys

Quite the busy week starting at Cafe Belwah Wednesday night. First time for my dad and Ginger for stopping out. Also thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Steve Hornung, and to Bob for sitting in on drums. Cyndi was at a Brewer game that afternoon and wasn’t sure about making it back in time, but everything worked out. Cafe Belwah is doing some remodeling, so we won’t be playing for a couple of months. Also, Denny is not sure about staying with the band, so we’ll see about that. Details to follow.
Friday had us at the Countryside and we had a good night. Happy birthday to Gloria, and thanks to her and Nanette for bringing out the snacks! It sure is a treat playing there and just having to set up our stage gear. We’re getting spoiled.
It was a double-header for me on Saturday playing the afternoon with Jerry Dabson at Hammys, and then off to Knutes that evening. Hammys was a good time and I had to trade solos with Steve Peck – kept me on my toes! Played with Tom Larson, Jr. Moore, Steve Carrel, and Teresa Swetland. Nina, Bonnie, and I headed over to Knutes afterward and had a great prime rib sandwich. I’ve always that Knutes has good food. Gary was busy setting up a car tent sale in Kenosha that afternoon and was concerned about being back in time. But just like Cyndi, he made it in plenty of time. We had one of our better nights at Knutes and it was a lot of fun.
The weekend capped off at Hammys on Sunday afternoon. I was concerned as Tremors, Bazingas, and the Marine Corp League all had music at the same time. To my pleasant surprise, Hammys was packed from start to finish. Thanks to Mike Whitt for bringing Ken Fraser out. Ken (Elvis) did “Burning Love” with us. There were a lot of friends, musicians, and just friendly faces that made for a great finale to the weekend.
On a sad note, Bonnie lost her mother on Saturday and our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. Matt’s, Sheri’s, and my uncle “Bud” Holiday (mom’s brother) also passed this week. The visitation was Sunday afternoon so we couldn’t make it. My dad and Ginger stopped out to Hammys (1st time ) after the service. I stayed in town Sunday night and went to the church service on Monday, then headed back to Milwaukee.
We’re off Friday, but will be back in action at Bazingas on Saturday, May 5th from 8 – 12. I’ll be at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton on Sunday from 3 – 7. Gary and Cyndi will be at the Marine Corps League at the same time.
Two gigs will be a breather after this last week! We’ll see you at Bazingas!

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