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Tremors & the House System / Sandtrap Jam

Tremors was a whole different animal this weekend with the now house lights and PA system. Actually, a lot of the equipment Jason put in was actually the old equipment he bought from Tim when Tim upgraded our gear. It was different, and probably a little frustrating for Tim, but I heard good comments on the sound. It’s Tim’s ears and hands that make the real difference and he makes the band sound good whatever the situation. The best part was the set-up and tear-down time being reduced to minimal. When we were done, I packed my car, helped Cyndi, and took off. With our stuff, it would have been another hour. This is now the same set-up we have at the Countryside with a house system. Jason sat in and sang “Play That Funky Music” and “Talk Dirty to Me” on Friday.
Gary was back from Texas and in good spirits, except for a scratchy throat. He belted it out Friday but was sounding a little raspy at the end of the night. When I saw his name on my cell phone Saturday, I thought for sure we were going to talk about singing fewer songs. Actually, he just needed a microphone that was at dad’s house. To  my surprise, he made it through fine again on Saturday. A couple of birthdays and a bachelorette party also made for a good Saturday night. Kurt, the guitar player from Dynamite Society, said hi on break. I’ve never heard them, but always enjoy meeting other players.
Cyndi and I had a good time at the Sandtrap on Sunday. Thanks to Billy Barnes, Cary Farmer, and Matthew for stopping out and sitting in. Gary was over at Boxcars on Sunday. I’ll have to see how his gig went.
Cyndi & the Sensations will be at Cafe Belwah this Wednesday night from 6 – 10. My dad and Ginger are planning on stopping by. Cafe Belwah is doing some decorating, so this will be our last job for two months. I’m thinking we’re back in July.
This weekend has us at the Countryside on Friday starting at 8:30. Then it’s off to Orfordville and Knutes on Saturday starting at 9:30. We’re back at Hammys on Sunday from 3 – 7. I’ll also be playing at Hammy’s on Saturday afternoon with Jerry Dabson from 2 – 6. No rest for the wicked, but I’m not complaining. And as always, thanks to all who stop out and support the band – much appreciated.

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Hammys / Varsity Lanes w/Jason / Marine Corps League

Got to thank Jerry Dabson for two calls this weekend – Hammys on Saturday afternoon and the Marine Corp League on Sunday. Had a good time playing with Jerry, Shawna Schultz, Steve Baker, and Kenny on drums. Sorry, I don’t know his last name. Steve cut his head loading up on the last gig, so I brought my old hard-hat from my Burdick days for him to use. He didn’t find it quite as funny as I did. The things you do.
After a quick tear-down, it was right up to the Varsity Lanes for an 8:00 start. I had brought my PA in earlier that morning, only to find out that Jason had already set up his system. No complaints as he did all the work, and it sounded good. We had a great night and thanks to all the friends and family for stopping out. Lucas Brookins sat in on “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.” He did a good job as usual. Bob debuted his small, ’57 Chevy Grestch drum set. It really looked nice and sounded good to me. It’ll be nice in smaller places. It was fun to play some of the old Jason songs again and we thank him for filling in while Gary is in Texas. Both Cyndi and Jason were in good vocal form that night and we had a good crowd right up to quitting time. We played about 20 minutes over as it was hard to quit with a full house. Gary will be back next week at Tremors.
The weekend finished off Sunday at the Marine Corps League as the Gary McAdams Band, but with host Jerry Dabson. Besides myself, we had Jerry, Cyndi Meyer, Shawna Schultz, and Russ Doiel. It was nice afternoon and a full house. We had a few jammers including, Teresa Swetland (who was also at Hammys) and Kaj Anderson. I had a great time, except for the rain tearing down.
Next weekend, Friday and Saturday, has us back at Tremors. Jason has installed a house system, so we’ll see how that works out. I’m assuming Tim will be back behind the soundboard. I’ll be at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton on Sunday from 3 – 7 along with Cyndi, Scott, and Kirk. Stop out to Tremors and welcome Gary back. We’ll see you there!

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Cafe Belwah / Elks Club / Bazingas / Sandtrap / Hammys

The band didn’t play a week ago, but we there were two Cyndi and the Sensations jobs at Cafe Belwah; our usual 4th Wednesday and then again on Friday due to a cancellation. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Arden, Bob Hamann, and Gary for stopping out. It’s always a nice time playing there. We went over to Suds afterwards on Friday to hear Matt Goodwin with the Hucksters. Good band and some of the old Sleeper members were there. Ran into Paul Roberts, who drove from West Allis, Gary (Paradise Guitars) and his wife, Bonnie, Dave Snow, and Big Mac, an original Sleeper member. I played the next Saturday afternoon at the Hammy’s jam with Jerry Dabson. It was a good time, except Steve Baker, the other guitarist/harmonica player, hit his head on the car door packing up and cut himself pretty bad.
This past weekend had us a the Elks Club on Friday for a membership indoctrination. It was a small, but nice group and everyone had a good time. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie and Arden for stopping out. Gary bought and tried out a powered monitor speaker that fits on a mic stand. Seemed to work well, and he used it again Saturday. I was interested too as it was small and my car is filled to the brim with what I carry now! Thanks also to Shawna Schultz, who stopped out and sang a few. We’ve been playing a few smaller, quieter places lately, so Bob purchased a small drum set to use for those gigs. He picked it up on Saturday but hasn’t used it out yet.
Saturday had us back to Bazingas. No Tim, so we had to set the PA and sound up ourselves. We had some trouble at first getting everything to work, but Bob figured it out. We also had problems with buzzing in our speakers that we couldn’t completely eliminate. Gary was up on the ladder plugging an extension cord into every ceiling outlet he could find. “That’s why they call it Buzzingas” was Cyndi’s comment. Eventually, everything fell into place and we had a good night. Former members Cary Farmer and wife Dawn, Jason Brunner, who was on break from Tremors, and Tim Pogorelski, with wife, Randy, were out. We tend to bring up our “on the road” stories when Tim is around as those were great times for the band. I should also mention that owner, Brian Hughes (Manberries), was at the bar, but I didn’t recognize him with the shaved head. Must be the summer cut. Thanks also to Matt Goodwin and Kaj Anderson for stopping out.
It was competition on Easter Sunday as I was at the Sandtrap jam and Cyndi and Gary were at Hammys. The Sandtrap was a nice time, but not a lot of jammers. Thanks to Dan Whitt, from Petty Things, for playing. Thanks also to my dad, his date, Ginger, Kami, Bob Flaskamp, and Christine Festa for stopping out. Gary told me that Hammys had a great crowd on Sunday.
We had 3 grandkids at the house from Wednesday to Sunday. I left Friday night and gotta say that Holly did a good job taking care of everybody. Actually, the kids are well-behaved and didn’t cause any trouble. I hope everybody had a good Easter.
Bob was nice enough to record some CDs of possible new songs for the band. I’ll be working on those, and hopefully we’ll be adding new songs soon.
Gary is leaving for Texas this weekend so Jason will be returning to play with us on Saturday at the Varsity Lanes in Milton. We’re off Friday. I’ll be playing at Hammmy’s on Saturday afternoon with Jerry Dabson from 2 – 6. Rainbow Bridge starts at 8:00 at the Varsity, so it’ll be a scramble and a long day for me. Cyndi and I will be playing at the Marine Corps League on Sunday from 3 – 7 with Jerry Dabson, Shawna Schultz and Russ Doiel. Should be fun. Stop out to the Varsity Saturday and say hi to Jason. Hopefully, my feet and back won’t be too sore from already standing all afternoon! We’ll see you there.

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