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Suds / Countryside / Sandtrap jam

New T-shirts this weekend at Suds! The weekend started Friday night in Beloit, at Suds, for a going away party. The place was pretty full when we arrived to set up. When we finished setting up, the owner gave us Suds Ts to wear. A few people thought Matt and I were bouncers with the house shirts on! Thanks to Bryan, Nina, Bonnie, Earl, Stacy, Kaj Anderson, and Matt Goodwin for stopping out. Gary never ceases to surprise me – I went behind the bar with my wireless guitar, and the owner talked me into getting up on the bar. Looking back, I see Gary joining me. In the old days, I would leap from the bar back to the floor, but I don’t think my knees would take it anymore. So as I’m getting helped down, I see Gary already back on stage. Apparently, he’s still brave enough to take the leap of faith! Of course, he’ll tell you it’s his “cat-like reflexes.” We were planning on a practice Saturday to re-learn “The Joker” by Steve Miller, but decided to give it a try in the last set. It went good enough to cancel practice and put it on the list. We played it again Saturday. Also, I left my guitar strap at the blues jam in Milwaukee last Wednesday – as I found out setting up. Fortunately, Gary had a spare and I got through the night. Old-age forgetfulness is starting to show!
The Countryside was a decent night and thanks to all who stopped out. Having the house PA sure makes playing there quick and easy. And it was good to have Tim back behind the soundboard doing his magic. Rich (owner) has been pleased with the turnout and okay with our format, so I hope all good and this will stay a regular place to play. Shawna Moore was in the house and sat-in with the band for a few. “Blue Bayou” really sounded fantastic with the two girls, and Gary adding the extra harmony.
I did a little bar-hopping Saturday afternoon between the Hammy’s jam and Sneakers, as I wanted to see Petty Things. I didn’t play at Hammys, but had a good time watching Petty Things. I know, and have jammed with all the members of the band at one point. They’re a good rock band and I was very impressed.
We had a nice time at the Sandtrap jam on Sunday. Thanks to my dad, his date, Ginger, Matt, Stacy, Kami, Nina, and Bonnie for stopping out. Jammers: Junior Moore, Kelly Schauf,Gene Church, Russ, who played guitar and sang, and of course, Matthew. We’ll be back in two weeks with Cyndi. Gary was at the Marine Corps League jam on Sunday, and also had a good time.
Cyndi & the Sensations will be at Cafe Belwah this Wednesday night from 6 – 10 . Rainbow Bridge is officially off this weekend, however, I’ll be at the Hammy’s jam with Jerry Dabson this Saturday afternoon from 2 – 6.
Rainbow Bridge will be back in action at the Elks Club on Friday, April 6th, from 7 – 10 and then at Bazingas on Saturday, April 7th, from 9 – 1. Cyndi and I will be at the Sandtrap jam on that Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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David McAdams / Tremors / Marine Corp League

A long, warm, but fun weekend. The highlight was having Gary’s older brother, David, in town, and in Wisconsin for the 1st time. David is a true southern gentleman and was a pleasure to meet. He’s one of those people that puts you at ease right away, and makes you feel like you’ve been friends for years. Also a fine acoustic player, David sat in with the band most of Sunday at the Marine Corp League. It was an all music weekend that started Friday night at Tremors, Saturday afternoon at Hammys with the Jerry Dabson jam, Saturday night again at Tremors, and finishing off Sunday afternoon at the Marine Corp League.
Tremors was okay on Friday but had pretty much cleared out by quitting time. We were glad to see a packed house on Saturday that was still busy while we were tearing down. I always worry that after 36 years, people are going to tire of us, but I guess not yet. John Cammilleri and Pete Goiffon, from the Knee Deep, band stopped out after their gig at Bazingas. Dave Hernandez, from the Dave Potter Trio, was also out. I handed my Tele off to Pete on our last tune and let him jam it out. We told him he had to help tear down since he played the last tune.
I spent Saturday afternoon at Hammys at the Jerry Dabson jam along with Gary, David, Cyndi, Nina, and Bonnie. Lots of friends and jammers! David played with band for a while as a featured guest. Steve Baker was nice enough to let me play his Tele for a few. It was a fun time.
Sunday at the Marine Corp League really capped things off. We had a great crowd, a great time, and too many musicians out to mention. My dad even stopped out and brought a date – good for him. Since it was a jam, and there was no spare guitar, I got to sit out and listen as Steve Peck and Kaj Anderson played my Tele.
The highlight of the day for me was when Gary and David did “Danny Boy” as a duo. Gary sang it beautifully, and watching two brothers create something that emotional actually choked me up. It was a special moment that really got to me. I’ve always said that these really are the good old days, and I’m hoping that memories with Holly, family, friends, the band, and playing will carry me through old age. It’s been 36 years in Rainbow Bridge and odds are that it won’t be another 36, so I’m enjoying it while I still can.
Another busy weekend coming up: Friday night at Suds in Beloit from 8 – 12. Been a while since we’ve played there, and Saturday has us back to the Countryside from 9 – 1. I’ll be at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton this Sunday from 3 – 7 with Cary, Scotty, and Kirk. We’re hoping David made it back to Texas safe and sound – and that we’ll see him again. Anyway, stop out and say hello this weekend. See you there!

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Knutes / Sandtrap Jam

A day late this week due to a headache that plagued me all day Sunday and Monday. It’s still not totally gone, but a lot better. Matt already summed up the night on Facebook, but here I am just the same. We had a good night at Knutes and thanks to all who stopped including: Nina, Bonnie, Earl, Laura, and Dave Snow. A Knutes regular, Tim Allen and his wife, were also out. We had a pretty good dance crowd around the 2nd and 3rd sets, but things slowed up towards the end. Setting the clocks ahead had to figure in. This was a first for Gary as a Rainbow Bridge member, and for using our small setup. Gary was ready early and headed over the Knutes for their Saturday night buffet, which he said was quite good. Even with a full tummy, he belted out all the songs, and I think made a good impression. All said, it was a fun night and we were happy to be back.

Pretty good crowd at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton on Sunday. Thanks to Junior Moore, who was out but didn’t play. Cary Farmer, Gene Church, Corey Arnold, and Matt all got up and played. Thanks to Dad, Matt, Stacy, Kami, and Christine Festa for stopping out. Nice weather and a nice afternoon. We’ll be back in two weeks with Cary Farmer.

Rainbow Bridge will be back at Tremors this Friday and Saturday, where it’s always a fun time. We’re also at the Marine Corps League on south 51, on Sunday from 3 – 7, although it’s not on the Facebook schedule.

Gotta say too that it’s been a treat to see the early band shots that Cyndi has been posting on Facebook. I remember them all quite well, and although it’s been a long time, it still seems like just yesterday. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Anyway, another busy weekend ahead, but that’s okay. Stop out, say hello and we’ll see you there!

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Spirits / Hammys / Birthdays

A little bit of a scare as the snow storm threatened to keep Cyndi and Bryan in Florida. We had Shawna Schultz on deck, and planned on Matt playing guitar, just in case. The flight was delayed, but they arrived in Milwaukee safe and sound, and Cyndi was ready to play Saturday.
The gremlins were out Saturday. While setting up at Spirits, Matt got a call from Bob. Seems his garage door opener didn’t work and his car, with all his drums, was stuck in the garage. They managed to get the door up, and Bob was able to drive out with Matt holding it up. I stuck a couple of birthday cards in my guitar gig bag before leaving Milwaukee. I opened my bag and realized that I’d grabbed the wrong one. Not only were the cards not there, but all my accessories: strap, picks, slide, etc. were in my other gig bag. Fortunately, Gary had an extra strap, and I really do carry extra picks in my wallet. No replacing the slide, but we got through the night just fine. A good crowd and a good time at Spirits. And the birthdays: Bob (drummer), Bonnie Cook, and Matt’s daughter, Kami. Thanks to all who stopped out for the Bdays and support of the band. Spirits is a nice, fun place and we enjoy playing there.
Hammy’s was about as busy as I’ve ever seen. Must be the Spring fever. Again thanks to Bonnie and Kami for keeping the birthday party going. We did have a minor incident where someone tripped and spilled a drink on our equipment. No one was hurt, and nothing damaged – the price you pay for a busy bar. Thanks to musicians Jerry Dabson, Steve Carrel, Shawna Schultz, Steve Peck, Jack Bouziane, and Teresa Swetland for stopping out. Lucas Brookins was out with his dad, Doug, and played “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” on the drums with us. Nice job as always.
Next week has us back to Knutes, in Orfordville, starting at 9:30. This will be a 1st for us at Knutes with Gary. Cyndi and I will be at the Sandtrap jam, in Edgerton on Sunday, from 3 – 7.
Stop out and say hello. See you there!

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