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The Wheel / Sandtrap Jam / Birthdays

Setting up early at the Wheel was a good idea, as the place was full when we finished around 5:00. A birthday party and free food really brought out the crowd and we had a packed house for our 8:00 start. Changing the time from 9 – 1 to 8 – 12 was also a good move as the place started clearing out after 11:00. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Earl, Laura, and Kaj and Mary Anderson for stopping out. Cyndi showed up all spray-tanned and ready for her and Bryan’s Florida trip.
I played the Sand Trap jam in Edgerton on Sunday while Gary had the Gary McAdams Band over at Boxcars. We had a nice afternoon with most of my family stopping out. Dad was there for a few sets. Matt and Kami came in around the 3rd set, and Matt played a set. Just about closing time, Corey and Amanda stopped in. Thanks also to Billy Barnes for singing a few. Dan Rielly was in the house but declined the offer to play. Christine Festa also stopped in after her workout. We’ll be back in two weeks with Cyndi.
The band returns to Spirits on Saturday, March 3rd, from 9 – 1. We’ll be at Hammy’s on Sunday from 3 – 7. Kami’s birthday is that day so it should be interesting. Speaking of birthdays – Bob’s Bday is the 2nd, so we’ll be celebrating this upcoming weekend. Bonnie Cook’s Bday is the 3rd and we all wish her a good one and a special thanks for the support over the years.
Stop out to Spirits and Hammys this weekend and wish a good one to all the birthday people. We’ll see you there!

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Tremors / Late Night Guitar Repair / Gary McAdams Band

Two fun nights at Tremors this weekend. We were glad to see it as Fridays have been a little slow. Jim’s (owner) daughter, Heather, had a birthday party that helped to liven up the place. Hope I got that right. Jessie Aron and wife Tarie were out Saturday and we got Jessie up to sing “Burnin’ Love” and “Steamroller Blues”. He sounded great and it was a lot of fun. Our new songs went over well and it’s time again to start working on more – keeps us going.
I spent some time on Saturday afternoon at Voights, spending a gift certificate that Bob gave for my birthday, and then it was down to Hammys for the Jerry Dabson jam. Just as I finished sitting in, Gary came through the door. Seems musicians just can’t get enough.
Interesting story on Saturday night. The volume control on my guitar went out around the 3rd set. I called Scotty, who’s a night owl, at 1:00 and told him about it. We finished playing, packing up, and then I headed to Scotty’s place around 3:00 a.m. and he fixed the problem. 24 hour guitar-tech emergency service.
On Sunday, Cyndi and I played in the Gary McAdams Band at the Marine Corps League for the afternoon jam along with Shawna Schultz and Russ Doiel. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, and Laura for stopping out, Good crowd, quite a few jammers and just a nice afternoon.
This Wednesday, Cyndi and the Sensations return to Cafe Belwah in Beloit from 6 – 10.
On Saturday, Feb. 25th, the band will be at the Wheel in South Beloit. We played here once before for a beach party. Stop on out.
I’ll be at the Sandtrap jam in Edgerton on Sunday from 3 – 7. The Gary McAdams band will be at Boxcars in Clinton, I believe the same hours, 3 – 7.
Stop out to the Wheel this Saturday and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Countryside / Sandtrap Jam

A return to the Countryside after what I guess has been three years. Sure made for an easy gig having a house PA and lights. We just had to bring in our personal gear, and given there’s a door right behind the stage, made it even easier. Tim ran the house soundboard. A Valentine’s dance and a birthday party made for a good night. Thanks to all who stopped out, including Matt’s and my dad. Also, a big thanks to Laura for taking and posting the pictures. Rich (owner) was very pleased with the evening and there was talk of return dates. Now that the “no slow songs” is no longer an issue, we might look into playing there again.

 We had a practice Saturday afternoon and added, “Only Prettier” and “Cherry Bomb.” We played both that evening and both went well. New songs always make the night more fun.

 Cyndi and I had a nice time Sunday afternoon at the Sandtrap jam. It wasn’t real busy, but steady throughout the day. It was nice to see Scotty and Kirk again. Thanks to Cary Farmer and Billy Barnes for sitting in. We’ll be back in two weeks with Cary. Gary was in Madison Sunday at a benefit for guitarist Cliff Fredrickson, who recently had surgery. He told me it was a great turnout and raised a good amount of money.

 The band is back at Tremors this coming Friday and Saturday, where’s it’s always a good time. Gary, Cyndi, and I will be with the Gary McAdams Band on Sunday afternoon at the Marine Corps League on S. 51 on Sunday from 3 – 7.

Happy Valentine’s Day and we’ll see you this weekend!

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Bazingas / Hammys

Bazingas went much better this time and thanks to all who stopped out, including a happy birthday to Nanette from the band. Tim ran sound this Saturday and Brain (owner) added a dance floor to the stage area. We did have a problem with humming in our speakers which will need to be addressed in the future. The problem is usually caused by florescent lights plugged into the same circuit. We managed to get around it and overall had a great night. Thanks also to Shawna Schultz for sitting in.
It was up bright and early to set up at Hammys for our pre-Super Bowl gig on Sunday. The day started good, and was quite busy by the time we quit at 5:00. It was a nice, friendly afternoon and a good time. Thanks again to Shawna Schultz for stopping out and sitting in.
Next Saturday is a return to the Countryside for a Valentine’s dance from 9 – 1. The Countryside has it’s own sound system, which means fewer things to set up, and Tim will be running the soundboard. We’re also planning a practice on Saturday and should be adding some new songs.
Cyndi and I will back at the Sand Trap jam in Edgerton on Sunday from 3 – 7. Should be another good weekend. We’ll see you there!

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