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Spirits / Birthday Thanks / Sand Trap Jam

We had a good time on our return to Spirits. And again, thanks for the cards and birthday wishes. I really appreciated the group card signed by our regular gang. I could try to list all who stopped out, but I’d probably forget someone and then feel bad, so here’s just a big thanks to all. Things went a little smoother this time and we knew what to do about the sound. Gotta say that the owner, Jeff, is very friendly and treats us well. And, it’s not easy to dance on carpet, but we appreciated it and we hope to make this a regular place.
We had a nice crowd at the Sand Trap jam on Sunday and thanks to Cyndi, Laura, Matt, Stacy, and Mike Whitt for stopping out, along with jammers: John Edwards, Gene Church, Captain Jack, Dan Witt, and Dan Reilly. We’ll be back in two weeks with Cyndi.
I’m putting guitar parts to a friend’s original in Milwaukee this Thursday and we’ll see how that goes. And it’s time to start working on new band tunes which we should be adding soon.
Bob Flaskamp informed me that Lisa took a nasty fall on Sunday and broke her ankle. She’ll need surgery. We hope she’s not in too much pain and will be up and around soon,
Rainbow Bridge returns to Bazingas this Saturday from 9 – 1. Then it’s back to Hammy’s on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7. Should be a fun weekend.
Stop out and say hello. See you there!

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Tremors 1/20 & 1/21

Cyndi got the call late Friday afternoon that Tremors wanted to go ahead with the gig on Friday. It was understood that if it was slow, we would quit early. I was a little concerned having to drive from Milwaukee, but got out of work an hour early and allowed for extra travelling time. Anyone who’s lived in Wisconsin all their lives has seen a lot worse! We wound up playing 2 sets and called it quits as it was a slow night. Thanks to Steve Peck and Sully from “Petty Things” for stopping out.

Gary and Cyndi spent Saturday afternoon at the Hammy’s Jam with Jerry Dabson. I would have gone, but had an appointment with Scott Vogel to do more work on my new Telecaster guitar. Scotty did a nice job and I played the guitar again Saturday night.

Saturday was a good night and helped make up for Friday. Thanks to all who stopped out – Shawna Schultz, Gary (Paradise Guitars) and wife, Bonnie, Kaj (RuffCutz Band) and Mary Anderson, and Kelly (The Ritual). Our former light person, Trevor Hoffman, was there as he and Bob worked out video tapping and recording the band. I don’t know all the details, but am curious as to how things turned out. It was nice to see Trevor again. Both our new songs, “Baggage Claim” and “Drink in My Hand” got good responses.

“Cyndi & the Sensations” are at Café Belwah in Beloit this Wednesday from 6 – 10. Rainbow Bridge returns to Spirits this Saturday from 9 – 1 and we’re looking forward to that. I’ll be at the Sand Trap jam in Edgerton on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7 with Cary, Scotty, and Kirk.

On a personal note, January 21st is the anniversary of my 1st guitar lesson in 1966. I again thanked my dad for paying for and driving me to lessons all those years.

Also, on Friday, the oldest member of the band moves up another number and joins senior citizen status – hard to believe. Anyway, stop out this weekend and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Varsity Lanes / Hammys

Once again family night at the Varsity lanes with parents, and nieces with boyfriends stopping out. And I’d like to send a happy 20th to Tasha, Matt’s daughter, and my niece. Thanks also to Doug and Deb Brookins and friends, Nina, Bonnie, Earl, and Mark and Shawna Schultz for stopping out. We had a good crowd and a good time. After an afternoon band practice, we debuted two new songs: “Baggage Claim” and “Put a Drink on My Hand.” Both songs got a good reaction.

Sunday had us at Hammys for an afternoon gig; another good crowd and good time. There were motorcycles in the parking lot, which I thought was cool. Thanks to Shawna Schultz for stopping out and sitting in for a few. I recently sold a speaker cabinet and with the money, bought a new Fender Telecaster that I played that afternoon. Can’t have enough guitars…

The band is off this weekend, but I’ll be with the Gary McAdams Band at Café Belwah in Beloit this Friday from 6 – 10. Regular guitarist, Cliff Fredrickson, recently had surgery and I’ll be filling in for him. No Sandtrap jam this Sunday due to the Packer playoff game.

I’d also like to mention that local country icon, Jerry Dabson, had a fall and broke an eye socket. Last I heard he was still in the hospital. We hope he’s better soon.

We’ll be back at Tremors on the 20th and 21st. See you there!

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New Year’s Weekend

New Year’s week started Wednesday night at Cafe Belwah in Beloit. We had a good time, although Cyndi was not feeling well and was having some vocal trouble. I was feeling better having just come off a 48 hr flu. Thanks to Gary McAdams for stopping out and singing a few. Also thanks to Kaj and Mary Anderson for stopping out.
As you might know, Holly went in the hospital on Christmas night with an abdominal obstruction and was released on Friday morning. She’s doing better but not back to work yet.
Friday had Cyndi and I with the Gary McAdams Band at Hammys along with Mark and Shawna Schultz. It was a nice time and thanks to Jason Brunner and Jerry Dabson for sitting in. It’s fun and different to play with Gary as we do his material and very few, if any, RB songs.
Of course, New Year’s Eve had us at John Reinhart’s house for a private party. Nina, Bonnie, Earl, Stacy, and Kami were invited so it felt more familiar. It was a great time with plenty of food and drink. We quit a little after midnight and packed it up.
The weekend finished off at the Sand Trap Jam on Sunday after the Packer victory. Thanks to Gary McAdams, Bob Hamman, Matt Arnold, Junior Moore, and Cary Farmer for stopping out. We had a nice New Year’s Day crowd and a good time.
Next Saturday has Rainbow Bridge back at the Varsity Lanes in Milton from 9 – 1. We’re planning on practicing Saturday afternoon and will hopefully have some new tunes.
We’ll be at Hammy’s on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7. No Packer game so feel free to stop out! See you there.


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