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Halloween at the Varsity Lanes

I’d say a good turnout for our Halloween debut a the Varsity Lanes in Milton. As the regulars know, we’ve played the Owl’s Club for years on Halloween, but things change. The day started in the afternoon with setting up the band. I’ll say it again, this band goes all out for Halloween. Thanks to Bob and his “tubs” of decorations. We had a good time placing the skulls, bats, lights, webbing, and whatnots. And of course, we were in costume: Cyndi (lion), Gary (Hugh Hefner with Dana as a bunny) Bob (astronaut), Matt (a ghostly George Washington with Stacy matching) and myself (Batman). Holly came as pirate girl and friend, Erin, as a witch. There are pictures on our Facebook page.
Stacy took 3rd in the costume contest, with Ken (Elvis) Fraser taking 2nd. “Eklevnis” also sang “Burning Love” with the band, which included Shawna Schultz on backup vocals. The winners were a Bonnie and Clyde couple, who won a trip to Vegas. Matt’s daughters: Kami, Meghan, and Tasha were also out – probably to see the old man do “The Monster Mash”, and to see Holly. Holly had never met Gary, so this was a good night. Holly had some friends, Bill and Sharon, from up north, come out as they’ve never seen the band. Our other niece, Jessie and boyfriend, Andy, were also out.
We had a trio of Nashville musicians that were making their way through town who stopped out. I handed my Peavey Jack Daniels to the guitar player for a jam on “Before You Accuse Me”. Another guy (sorry for not knowing names) played a song on the piano, and the star of the band did an acoustic version of “Cowboys and Angels” sitting a bar table and had everybody listening.
After tearing down, Holly, Erin, Bill and Sharon, and I went back to my dad’s place for the night. We stayed up another couple hours visiting and finally called it a night. All said, it was a good night and thanks to all who stopped out.
The band is off for the next two weeks for our annual vacation. Gary booked a “Gary McAdams Band” job in Delavan on Saturday, the 12th – details to follow. The band will be back at Tremors on the 18th – 19th. I’ll be playing with Jerry Dabson at Hammys on that Saturday afternoon from 2 – 6. Sunday has the return of the jam, now at the Sand Trap in Edgerton, from 3 – 7.
Hope everybody had a good Halloween weekend and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

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Tremors / Hammy’s Pre-Packer Game Gig

Two good nights at Tremors and thanks to all who stopped out. I think this was our official first time as the new band at Tremors. Gary had some of his following who came to listen and I think there were also those who were curious about how the band sounded. We had a practice on Saturday and added George Strait’s latest: “Here for a Good Time” along with “R.O.C.K. in the USA” which keeps up our country/classic rock theme. We met a lot of Nina’s family on Saturday and we thank them for stopping out. Of course, being Halloween season means the return of Matt’s “Monster Mash” which we played all weekend. Jason stopped towards the end of Saturday night and sang, “Play that Funky Music” and “Talk Dirty to Me.” Nice to see him again.
Setting up at Hammys at 10:00 on Sunday morning after a Tremors teardown the night before was different for us. Gary said he didn’t get to sleep till about 5:00 and then was back up around 8:00. Hammys pre-Packer game was a good time for all of us. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Stacy, Tim and Sarah, and the Brookins’ gang for stopping out. Lucas sat in on drums for “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” which found it’s way to Facebook. Steve Carrel also sat in for a couple. Also thanks to Jerry Dabson and Steve Peck for stopping out.
I’d like to send a special to two friends, Scott Vogel and Kurt Wheeler. Scotty is the bass player at the Castaway jam and has done a lot of work on my guitars over the past year, including some work right before our practice on Saturday. Scotty is the man if you’re looking for anyone to do guitar repair. Kurt let me borrow his Telecaster just to try out. It was returned on Sunday after Hammys and I appreciate him letting me play it. Kurt “hot-rods” inexpensive Fender guitars and then resells them. Not a bad deal if you’re looking for nice guitar at that price point.
We’re at the Varsity Lanes in Milton this Saturday (9 – 1) for our Halloween show. I’m glad we found another local place now that the Owl’s Club is closed. Although, I was talking to a guy at Tremors who is looking into buying it. We’ll see. Holly and friend, Erin, will be coming over Saturday. Neither of them have met Gary and I’m looking forward to that. Our schedule says a benefit on Sunday, but Cyndi tells me this is cancelled.
Cyndi & the Sensations will be at Cafe Belwah in Beloit this Wednesday from 6 – 10. No “Monster Mash” here unless Matt shows up. Stop out and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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Gary McAdams jam at Boxcars

The band was off this weekend, but the jam at Boxcars on Sunday was a great time. The house band consisted of myself, Gary McAdams, Cyndi, Shawna Moore and owner, Tim Pogorelski.
The special event of the day was Gary’s parents being in town. We played the 1st set and then the jamming started. Jerry Dabson, Steve Peck, Dave Wilson, and Steve Carrel were first, followed by, in no particular order: Ron Tuttle (Blue Olives drummer), Steve and Teresa Doiel, Dave Hernandez, Kelly (sax player from The Ritual), Cliff Fredrickson, Kevin Fredrickson, and Matt Arnold. A couple of special moments: Gary’s mom strapped on an acoustic guitar and did, “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels”, “Blue Suede Shoes”, and “Singing the Blues”. Cliff Fredrickson did a version of “All of Me” with enough chords to make his guitar sound like a big band. I was really impressed with Steve Doiel’s jazz bass solo on this one. Gary’s “Danny Boy” (with Cliff) and his yodeling were also crowd pleasers. Overall, it was a nice “listening” crowd and I think everyone had a good time, including Gary’s parents.
The band has 3 gigs this weekend starting with Friday and Saturday at Tremors. We stay right in the area with a Sunday pre-Packer game gig at Hammy’s starting at 11:00 to game time. 
See you there!

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Wiggys/Wedding/Castaway Jam/Birthdays

Another long, but fun weekend that started Friday night at Wiggys. I was happy to hear the hours were changed to 9 – 1, as we usually get a better crowd later in the night. A thank you to Tina who turned us on to “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” shots – very good by the way. Thanks also to Nina, Bonnie, and Earl for stopping out.
Saturday had us at a wedding reception at AlFrescos / Janesville Motor Lodge, although I still think of it as Theodores. Bob had another wedding he had to attend, so we had Castaway/Sensation drummer Kurt Gufstafson fill in. It was a little older crowd, but they liked the band and we all had a good time.
A friend of mine and former member of the band, Kurt Wheeler, let me borrow one of his guitars this weekend, which I played all night Saturday and again at the Castaway jam. I just wanted to mention how much I appreciate the trust.
Castaways has been sold and I think this last Sunday was our final jam there. We’ll be moving the jam to the Sand Trap in Edgerton starting in November. Not a busy, but an enjoyable Sunday afternoon at Castaways. The nice weather sure made a difference. Thanks to jammers: Matt, Jerry Dabson, Captain Jack, and Cary Farmer for playing. Also thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Kami, Stacy, and Mike for stopping out. I think Cyndi would also like to thank Dawn and her daughter for helping with her equipment this weekend.
The band is off next weekend, but Cyndi and I will be playing with the Gary McAdams band at Boxcars, in Clinton, this Sunday after the game – probably around 3:30. Gary’s parents are coming up from Texas and wanted to hear him sing at a nice place. We’ll be joined by Shawna Schultz on bass, and owner Tim Pogorelski on drums.
On another note, I’d like to send a big happy birthday out to Nina and Earl; both have supported the band for many, many years. Thank you from all of us.
Looks like we’re back at Tremors on the 21st and 22nd, followed by Hammys on the following Sunday from 3 – 7. I’m also feeling the return of the “Monster Mash” on our song list. Stop out to Boxcars this Sunday afternoon if you’re looking for something do. Should be a fun time. See you there.

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Bazingas with the new band

Another productive Friday night practice in preparation for Saturday’s gig at Bazingas. Gary was a little late after having some major traffic ticket issues in Illinois, which resulted in impounding his car. The story is too long to tell, but to say that Gary had an expensive day in Hell is putting it mildly.
We used the complete setup at Bazingas which took a little longer to put up as we all had new duties. Got to give credit to Gary for climbing the ladder and putting up the backdrop. After we were done setting up, it was picture time. We had a professional photographer come in and take a handful of group shots. I’m really anxious to see how these turned out.

A good crowd for the Badger game, and most people stayed for the band. As always, thanks to all who stopped out in support of the new band, including local country icon Jerry Dabson. Also birthday wishes to Ken (Elvis) Fraser and “Sensation” Denny Wayne. Two brand new songs, “Faithfully” and “You and Tequila” – both went over well. We’re looking forward to more rehearsals and adding new songs. There’s a renewed enthusiasm in the band that we all feel good about.

Next Friday has us back at Wiggies from 8 -12. We have a wedding on Saturday. Cyndi & I will be back at the Castaway jam in Indianford on Sunday from 3 – 7.
Stop out and meet Gary if you haven’t already done so. We’ll see you at Wiggies!

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