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Rock Around the Block

A busy but fun Sunday at Rock Around the Block. I was up at 6:30 in the morning getting ready to drive over. The day started at Quotes playing in the Gary McAdams Band with Cyndi, Shawana Schultz, and former RB drummer, Tim Pogorelski. The job went well and we had a good crowd. Then it was a quick tear down and we carried our gear over to the south stage. It was fun to play outside and we had a good time. I woke up this morning to learn my “bending a string face” made the paper. We hung a little to hear the next band, and then decided to bar-hop and check out what we could. I saw a number of bands and a lot of friends/musicians in the crowd. Janesville really has a lot of talented bands and players. I hung till about 8:30 and headed out.

Next Friday has us at Wiggies, Saturday at the Varsity Lanes, both 8 – 12, and we finish at Crazyhorse campground on Sunday from 7 – 11.
Gary McAdams will be filling in for Jason at the campground.

Jason will be leaving the band soon and still no replacement. We have a couple of people who might be interested, both female singers, but nothing to report.

Anyway, thanks to everybody who stopped out Sunday and come and say hello this Labor Day weekend. See you there!

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Tremors / Jason Update

 From what I hear, Tremors doesn’t run a lot of bands on Fridays; usually karaoke. Friday was a little slow, of course the Packers were playing, but we had a decent night. Saturday was a good night and a few birthday parties helped. Thanks to all who stopped out. And it was birthday week for Tim and Cyndi. “Sweet Caroline” went over well; a little better on Saturday. It just felt good to have a new song.

 The band is off next weekend except for “Rock Around the Block” on Sunday. Cyndi and I will also be playing in the Gary McAdams Band that day, so I have some song reviewing to do.

Cyndi & the Sensations will be at Cafe Belwah in Beloit on Wednesday from 6 -10. Nice laid-back classy place with great food. I always enjoy playing there.
As you know, Jason is leaving the band and as of yet we haven’t found anybody to replace him. We had a couple of hopefuls, including former member Kurt Wheeler, but wound up being turned down. We’re still looking, and not sure what the future may hold for us depending on how things play out. I guess we’ll see.
Stop out at Cafe Belwah if you’re looking for something to do on Wednesday and we’ll see you at “Rock Around the Block.”



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Anchor Inn / Birthdays / Castaway Jam

Short weekend for the band with just Friday at the Anchor. Earl Young told me it was pouring in Milton around 6:30, but there was no rain outside of town. We played 3 sets in nice dry weather, then decided to pack up as the radar had it heading our way. We just put the last piece in, locked the trailer, and down it came. It was Tim’s birthday on Friday and I believe God decided not to rain on his sound equipment on his birthday. Quite the coincidence that we just managed to pack up in time. If you didn’t get a chance to wish Tim a good one, stop out to Tremors next week. Speaking of birthdays – Cyndi has one this Wednesday, the 17th. And now she will be the same number as Herbie, the Love Bug.

We were off Saturday, but had a practice and learned “Sweet Caroline”. I’ve always wanted to try it, and am waiting to see if we get the “Bump, bump, bah” reaction on the Chorus.

A good time at Castaways on Sunday, and a lot of jammers. I feel bad that we couldn’t get Lucas Brookins up before he left. Thanks to: Cliff Fredrickson, Kaj Anderson, Kelly (from the Ritual), Tom McDermott, Corey Arnold, Matt Arnold, Steve Baker, and Cary Farmer for sitting in. Cyndi & I will be at the “Rock Around the Block” the same Sunday as the next jam, so we’ll have to skip Castaways.

RB will be at Tremors this weekend and we hope to see you there. Again, stop out and wish Tim and Cyndi a good one.

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Monroe “Concerts on the Square” / Wiggies / Convoys

Quite the drive to Monroe on Thursday for “Concerts on the Square”. Denny Wayne was filling in for Matt and it was good thing he was there. We had long way to reach power and were short on extension cords. Fortunately, Denny carried extras and we were able to plug in. It was a good time, and really had us on display on the steps of the court house. An elderly gentleman took a fall as we were setting up and I wound up calling 911. Turns out he suffered a few scrapes, but did stay for the band.

Back at Wiggies on Friday and a good time. Not a real busy night, but from what we heard, it wasn’t busy anywhere else. Matt was back and the night went well. Playing Thursday had me all mixed up as I was thinking it was Saturday. Pitfalls of getting old…

A new bar for us in Edgerton, “Convoys” which was right downtown. We had a great time playing there and hope to be back. It was a long, narrow bar and we set up in a line with Bob in the back. Different for us, but it worked and there was room to dance. And as always, thanks to all who stopped out this weekend.

We’ll be at the Anchor Inn this Friday, back on the barge, from 6 -10. We’re off on Saturday as the Owl’s Club is closed. Sunday has Cyndi and I back at the Castaway jam in Indianford on Sunday from 3 – 7. We’ll see you this weekend.

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Jason Leaving / Elks Club / Rock County Fair

I’ll be right up front on the biggest news – Jason has decided to leave the band. The bottom line is that Jason can do better financially doing D.J., karaoke, and running sound than playing in the band. The financial strain due his son’s illness has been tremendous and this is something he has to do. There are no problems or bad feelings – it’s just the way it is. We were informed Saturday night, and have no plan at the moment, but we’ll be looking and deciding what to do next.
With that said, we had a good weekend. Friday has us at the Elks Club for “Country Night.” Thanks to Laura and Dave for stopping out and a big happy birthday to Laura. We didn’t wind up playing all that much as they had a lot of programs to go through.
Saturday was a return to the Rock County Fair. I thought the new pavilion was great and enjoyed it. I think a good portion of the crowd was looking for some shade, but all the better for us.
Cyndi and the Sensations played Wednesday at Cafe Belwah and had a good time. We’re there the 4th Wednesday of every month, 6 – 10. I played with the Gary McAdams Band on Thursday for a private party in Milton. Good time and good food. Sunday was the Castaway Jam and thanks to Kelly from the Ritual, Steve Peck and Phil Trumpy for stopping out.
RB will be in Monroe for “Concerts on the Square” on Thursday from 6:30 – 8:30. Denny Wayne will be filling in on bass as Matt is out of town. We’ll be at Wiggies on Friday from 8 – 12, and then a new place, “Convoy’s” in Edgerton on Saturday from 8 – 12. See you there.

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