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Knutes/Jackson Brunner Benefit

A good night at Knutes on Friday and thanks to all who stopped out. We skipped the trailer and used a smaller set-up which worked out fine. This meant we all had to carry our personal equipment, and a few things were forgotten, but it all went well. The only issue was the condensation dripping on the stage directly over Matt. A little inconvenient, but we managed. Thanks to Orfordville class of 2006 for stopping out.

Sunday was the Jackson Brunner benefit at the Anchor and it was a great day. Big thanks to Doug and Deb Brookins and everyone involved in putting this event together. 4 bands: Exmoor, 2211, The Belcats, The Gary McAdams Band, which included Cyndi and I, and Rainbow Bridge. After the bands, we had a jam session, and thanks to Lucas Brookins, Captain Jack, Steve Peck, Kaj Anderson, Sully, Gary McAdams, and Scott Vogel for playing.

This Wednesday has Cyndi & The Sensations back at the Cafe Belwah in Beloit from 6 – 10. RB will be at the Elks Club on Friday from 8 -12, and Saturday at the Rock County Fair from 3 – 5. I’ll be at the Castaway jam in Indianford on Sunday with Cary, Scotty and Kirk.

On a sad note – Holly and I decided to put our dog, Tuffy, down on Saturday. Very sad day for us as he was a big part of the family. Anyway, stop out and say hello.

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Tremors/Mom’s Passing/Castaway Jam

Two pretty good nights at Tremors, and thanks to all who came out and danced in the heat. Of course, the news was mom passing late Tuesday night. Playing was okay, but my, and Matt’s, mind were in two places. We spent Saturday afternoon clearing bigger items from her room at Milton Senior Living, so things were fresh in my mind Saturday night. But everything went well, and the whole experience has made me appreciate the friends and family I do have. Thanks to all for the kind words and thoughts during this difficult time.

Sunday was the Castaway jam and a good turnout. The surprise for me was seeing Bill Shipman, who lives in Florida. Bill was the drummer in my 1st professional band, back when we were 14 – 15 years old. Bill is quite the guitar player these days, and I had fun jamming with him. I hadn’t seen him in years, and it made my day. Bill’s nephew, John, did a great job on drums. Lucas Brookins made his playing debut at the jam, and is welcome anytime – great job. Thanks also to: Jerry Dabson, Dave Wilson, Steve Peck, Junior Moore, Gene Church, Kaj Anderson, Rex (bass), Teresa (guitar), John (bass) and Cary Farmer for stopping out.

Next Saturday has us at Knutes, in Orfordville, from 9:30 -1:30.   And Sunday will be the Jackson Brunner benefit at the Anchor Inn starting at noon. Should be a good time. Wednesday, the 27th, has Cyndi & The Sensations returning to Cafe Belwah, in Beloit, from 6 -10. We’ll see you this weekend!

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Death in the Family

Matt’s, Sheri’s, and my mom, Patricia, died Tuesday night in Ft. Atkinson. She was 74; would have been 75 on August 7th. Mom was in hospice as her health was failing, so it was not a big surprise. Fortunately, I was able to spend some one-on-one time with her on Sunday night before heading back to Milwaukee. The rest of the family had been there previously, so we all had the chance to say goodbye.
Visitation will be at Albrecht’s Funeral Home in Milton on Monday morning, July 18th, from 10:00 am till noon, with a service and burial to follow.

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RB in Beer Town / Anniversary & Doug & Deb’s Party

Rainbow Bridge has finally invaded Milwaukee. Someone saw us at Tremors and booked us for “Polka – Fiesta” at St. Helen’s Parish. I was a little worried about not being a polka or Mexican band, but we were re-assured that we were what they wanted. Our PA speakers scared off a few people, but we were well received. Three of my neighbors stopped out; one seeing us for the first time. Angie, Holly and Erin also tagged along with the band. It was a good time; change of scenery, and I hope we get booked back. And, it was a short drive for me!

Saturday had us at an anniversary party for Channell (sp?) and Nate at their residence. We had a good time and played from 6 – 10. The story of the night was the wasp nest in the corner of the garage, just next to me. Nate knocked it down on our 1st break.

Sunday afternoon had us at Doug and Deb Brookin’s backyard party. Nice weather and a good time. Doug and Deb go all out for this event, and it’s much appreciated. The highlight of the day was Doug’s son, Lucas, sitting in on drums for the 1st time. He played “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” with us, and did a great job. Another girl, sorry I don’t remember the name, also did a nice job on “Crazy”. One of those, ‘you could see it coming’ scenes with people in the pool at the end. All said, it was a great weekend.

This weekend has us at Tremors on Friday and Saturday. The jam band, with Cyndi, will be back at Castaways on Sunday from 3 – 7. We’ll see you there!

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4th of July weekend & Other Stuff

Busy, busy, busy. The last job reported on was at the Sandtrap two Sundays ago with Cyndi. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Bob & Lisa. Jammers: Paul Roberts and Cary Farmer. We’ll miss the next jam due to the party at Doug & Deb’s, but will be back at Castaways on Sunday, the 17th.
Last Tuesday had Cyndi & I playing at Kutters with the Gary McAdams band for Bike Night.
The band also consisted of Tom McDermott on bass and Mark Schultz on drums. It was nice night and a good time. Laura’s friend, Dave, won a raffle with a prize of a gift certificate to Voight Music, which he was nice enough to give to me. I still owe him and Laura a few drinks. Quite a few friends and local musicians showed up for this. Perfect weather and a good time.
4th of July weekend turned out to be 4 gigs. We wound up playing Friday and Saturday at the Anchor Inn. Thank goodness owner, John, built a ramp extending to the front of the stage.
Of course the big news was the return of Jason. Things fell right back into place, and we had a good weekend. Again, perfect weather made for two good nights. Jason had a new red Stratocaster, and Bob debuted a new snare drum and drum throne. Bob used over-head mics to pick up the cymbals, which worked well. After the job on Saturday, I stopped up to the Varsity Lanes and caught a set of Two Left Feet. Again, a great big thanks to Gary McAdams for filling in for Jason. Gary was out Saturday and did a couple of songs with us.
Sunday had us back at Crazy Horse campground. Another good crowd, and a good time.
I still miss Black Hawk, but Crazy Horse has been good to us for a number of years now and we appreciate it.
The climax of the weekend was the 4th at Shilberg Park. The weather cooperated, and we still had voices left. It was great time. Matt was celebrating a birthday this weekend (6th) as was Cyndi’s sister, Lisa. Matt hit 49 today, so next year is the big one for him. Cyndi’s and my son, Corey, turned 24 on the 2nd, but he was having fun at the Dells and didn’t make it out. Holly and Erin drove from Milwaukee to see us. It’s been a long time since Holly has seen the band. On a sad note, Bob Flaskamp’s mother passed away in Florida this weekend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him. Actually, Matt’s and my mother was transferred to Madison hospital and we’re concerned about that.
We’re in Milwaukee this Friday Night at St. Helen’s Parish from 7 – 11. The person doing the booking saw us at Tremors. I will be able to go home after a gig! It’ll be interesting as nobody knows us in Milwaukee. Saturday and Sunday has us at private parties.
Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 24 at the Anchor Inn for the Jackson Brunner benefit. It’s an all day event, and we’re hoping for a good turnout.

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