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The Fab 4 / Memorial Weekend

Cyndi, Matt, Bob, and I made it through the weekend. Friday was a good night at Wiggies and thanks to Doug, Deb, Richard, Dan, and the rest of their gang. Also thanks to Nina, Arden, Bonnie and Earl. Of course, it was Angie’s 30th Bday party, which made for a fun night. We also had a few musicians out as Petty Things had a cancellation – Steve Peck, Phil Trumpy, Sully, and even Kaj Anderson from Ruff Kutz. The band used my “PA on a stick” for the 1st time, which made for an easier set-up, and it sounded good. Matt had a bar stool on stage in case his knee was too sore to stand on all night, but he did fine and will be cutting back on the polka dancing.

Cary Farmer joined us on Saturday at Sneakers and sounded good. We didn’t rehearse, but remembered enough of his songs to make for a fun night. It was a good crowd and a good time. Thanks to all who stopped out.

We decided to play Crazy Horse as a 4 piece, but were wondering on the weather up until the last minute. We got a call just after 4:00 to say it was a go. Turned out to be a nice night and another good time. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Stacy, and Matt’s daughters, Meghann and Tasha for stopping out. We’ll be back at Crazy Horse on July 3rd. Gotta say that my voice was feeling it after 3 days, and I was relieved when the playing was over. Cyndi was in great form all weekend and got us through it. But, she might have to review the words to “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”.

Next Saturday has us back at the Varsity Lanes in Milton from 8 -12. I’m thinking Gary will be back with us. Cary, Scotty, Kirk, and I will be at the Castaway jam in Indianford on Sunday from 3 – 7. Again, thanks to all of you who stop out and support the band – much appreciated. We’ll see you at the Varsity Lanes. Happy Memorial Day!

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Tremors w/Gary, Castaway jam, Birthdays, Too old to polka

Well, Rainbow Bridge, featuring Gary McAdams, made it through a weekend at Tremors without a problem. Gary added a few more songs on Saturday and we were able to stay pretty close to our sets. Cyndi and I both added a few new songs, which gave dancers something new. Both nights seemed to have a slow start, but filled up as the night went on. I think everyone had a good time. I read Facebook on my lunch hour Friday, and saw that Bob was not feeling well, but he’s a trooper and played just fine.
This coming Memorial Day weekend has us in a spot as Gary will be out of town. Our plan is to do Wiggies on Friday with just the 4 of us. Cary Farmer will be joining us at Sneakers on Saturday. It’s possible that Jason will be back for Crazy Horse campground in Brodhead on Sunday – let’s hope. The last time we played a 3-nighter as a 4 piece, Cyndi and I both sang ourselves hoarse on the 1st night. Jessie Aaron saved us on Saturday, and we had to cancel Rock Around the Block on Sunday. Logic tells me that this is the same scenario, and I’m worried about the same outcome. We’ll see. Friday night is Bob’s wife’s, Angie’s 30th birthday, which is starting out at Wiggies – should be fun. Speaking of birthdays, today is Doug Brookins 44th. Bob Flaskamp had one this weekend, but left for Florida after hearing his mom had a stroke. We hope she’s okay.
And speaking of getting hurt: Matt and daughter, Kami, were doing a polka at Castaways on Sunday, and Matt twisted his knee. He was carried out and went to Urgent Care. I spoke to him on the drive home, just before they were taking him in. We had a good crowd at Castaways, although a lot of the jammers rode their bikes, and had to leave before the rain started. Thanks also to Nina, Bonnie, Laura, and Dave for stopping out. We’ll be back in two weeks.
This Wednesday has Cyndi & the Sensations back at Cafe Belwah in Beloit from 6 – 10, and I guess you already read the band schedule. Stop out this weekend and wish Angie a happy 30th. Happy Memorial Day!

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Benefit for Peggy Wilhite @ the Marine Corp League

No bar gig or jam this weekend, but Sunday had us at the Marine Corp League for a benefit for Peggy (Arthur) Wilhite, who is battling ovarian cancer for the 2nd time. I made a stop to give dad his birthday card, a visit with mom, and then headed down in time to catch the Bass Creek Boys. I talked with Steve and Teresa Doiel in the parking lot, but missed the band. Pretty good turnout, and I saw a lot of familiar faces. The Bass Creek Boys provided the sound system, so it was a minimal set-up for us. Gary McAdams had just finished playing at Boxcars and must have flown out of there, as he popped in about our 2nd song. We finished the night with Gary. I really enjoyed the Bass Creek Boys – the songs, and that they’re a great bunch of guys. Everyone was very accommodating in the band transition too. We hope it was a success and that Peggy beats this disease.
The benefit for Jason’s son, Jackson, is planned for Sunday, July 24, at the Anchor Inn.
Mark your calendars!
Next week has us at Tremors, and again with Gary. We really appreciate him filling in and for learning our songs. Sunday has Cyndi & I back at the Castaway jam: 3 – 7.
See you there!

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Varsity Lanes w/Gary – Castaway Jam

The weekend started on Saturday with a visit to Earl Young’s place for a backyard cookout. It was a nice time; kinda like tailgating before the game. Of course the news was Gary McAdams filling in for Jason at the Varsity Lanes. We still had plenty of songs left over, but I don’t know if we would have made it through without him. Gary has his own style of singing, which of course changed the sound of the band, but he learned a lot of our regular songs, and we were able to stay close to our set list. It was also son’s, girlfriend’s (Amanda) birthday party and the cupcakes were great. Quite a few musicians were checking things out: Steve Peck, Lee Miller, Shawna Schultz, Tom McDermott, Scotty Vogel, and Cary Farmer, to name a few. All said, we had a good crowd and a good night.
Sunday was the Castaway jam and a good time. I recently bought a small PA system and we used it at the jam. It was more work for me, but I was happy with the sound. The big surprise was Kath (Johnson) and mom, Pat, showing up. Thanks to jammers: Paul Roberts, Kelly Schauf (from the Ritual), Gary McAdams, Crud, Billy Barnes, and Cathy, Wayne (guitar), of course, Matthew and Cyndi. At one time we had all current and former members of the band on stage, except for Kirk on drums. Also thanks to Doug and Deb Brookins for stopping out.
The band is off next weekend except for a benefit at the Marine Corp League on Sunday. It’s sponsored by the Bass Creek Boys, who will be playing along with us, and the Bel Cats.
We play from  6 – 8.
The band will be back at Tremors on the following weekend; 20th & 21st, and I’m assuming again with Gary.
On a personal note: We had a nice family brunch get-together on Sunday, celebrating for mom, and Matt and my dad’s birthday next Friday. In Milwaukee, both of Holly’s sons, and grand-daughter, Rylee, stopped over. Holly has been doing better health-wise, and got a new lap top for mother’s day, which she’s having a lot of fun with. Stop out Sunday at the Marine Corp League, and we’ll see you next week at Tremors.

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Jason has left the building / Varsity update

I’ve been informed that Jason will not be at the Varsity this Saturday and is out of the band till further notice. Gary McAdams will be doing some singing with us this Saturday. Should be fun.  

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Gary McAdams Band / Owls Club / Jason’s Last Job

A busy weekend for the old man. Things started on Friday night at Hammys with Cyndi & I playing with Mark & Shawna Schultz in the Gary McAdams band. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Bob & Lisa for stopping out. Holly will tell you how much I’ve been practicing and writing out songs to make this work. It turned out to be a good time and we received a lot of compliments. It was worth the effort as it sounded liked a polished band, even though we’d never played together. 
We showed up to a packed house at the Owl’s Club as (owner) Tammy’s daughter was celebrating her 21st. They had a food table set up in Tim’s spot so we went with our smaller set up. It was a good night and a good crowd. I’ll say again that the 8:00 start seems to work better there. We relearned a few of Cyndi’s songs: Feel Like a Woman, Soak Up the Sun, and even Black Velvet; all went over well. We have more on the docket which we’re getting to – especially now that Gary’s project is over.
Next week Saturday has us at the Varsity Lanes, which will probably be Jason’s last job. We’re not even sure how long he’ll be out, but there’s been talk that it could be months. His son, Jackson, has his marrow transplant on the 9th, and Jason will be to be germ free to be anywhere near him. Cyndi tells me that the benefit plans are starting to develop, and we’ll all do what we can to help. We’ve been, and will keep adding, other songs but it won’t be the same. We’ve talked about have “guest stars” sit in, and hopefully we’ll get through this. The real focus is really on Jackson, who is fighting for his life, and our thoughts and prayers are with Jason and Hannah.
Sunday finished off for me with a last minute call to play the Jerry Dabson jam at Weirdos. It was good time and thanks to Bob & Lisa for stopping out. Weirdos is the old Rockys where the band played regularly in the ’80s. I hadn’t been in there since we played, but I knew where the bathrooms were!
Again, we’re at the Varsity Lanes in Milton on Saturday (8 -12), and I’ll be at the Castaway jam in Indianford on Sunday (3 – 7). Stop out and wish Jason the best. We hope all goes well and that he’s back soon. See you there.

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