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Tremors / the Return of Matt / & Other Stuff

We had a couple of good nights at Tremors and thanks to all who stopped out. Of course, the big news this weekend was the return of Matt after his surgery. Again, we can’t say thanks enough to Denny Wayne for the great job he did at filling in. Saturday started off with a 50th Bday party for Rita, so we had a group all ready to have a good time. I’m also thinking that there was some spill over from the Break in the Weather parties going on Saturday. Not something we were involved in, and given the weather on Saturday, didn’t bother me much. I spent some time down at the Hammy’s jam on Saturday afternoon, and even stopped out to Castaways on Sunday to play with Junior’s Jammers – lot of playing and a fun weekend. I had to chuckle on Saturday when “Gordo” came in with his maracas – something that was a regular event back in the Slicks days.
No real update on Jason, except that he will probably be out of the band most of May; we’ll see. We’ve talked about the rest of us learning or bringing back some favorites to help get us through. There’s been talk of a benefit, but I’m not aware of any details right now. In other news, Tim took a job that will involve some travel so we might be running our own sound a bit more. The bigger issue is pulling the band trailer – hopefully things will work out.
The band is off next weekend, but Cyndi and I will be doing the Castaway jam on Easter Sunday from 3 – 7. Cyndi & the Sensations will be back at Cafe Belwah on Wednesday, the 27th from 6 – 10 . On Friday, the 29th, Cyndi and I will members of the Gary McAdams Band at Hammy’s from 6 – 10. I’ve been quite busy learning / writing out songs and hope it goes well.
Rainbow Bridge returns to the Owl’s Club on Saturday, the 30th. Stop out and say hello!

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Sneakers / Updates

Two birthday parties, Doug & Deb’s 6th anniversary party, a bachelor, and a bachelorette party made for quite the night at Sneakers. And of course, thanks to all who stopped out, and to Bob & Lisa for the pizza! Once again, thanks to Denny Wayne for filling in for Matt. This was a return trip for us, and I thought it went well. Cyndi tells me that we have more dates there – fine by me.

I was talking to Jason afterward about his situation after reading on his website that he’s selling his house, truck, and a lot of his DJ gear. He and Hannah have really been thrown a curve ball on this and he’s hopeful that things will get back to normal years down the road. There’s talk of a benefit for them and we’ll do whatever we can. We’ll keep you posted.

Cyndi and I missed the Castaway jam due to a gig at Kandu for a 50th anniversary. We were just the musical ambience in the corner, but it went fine. I thought we played till 6:00, but we were done at 5:00. After a quick pack-up, I headed out to Castaways and played the rest of the night with Captain Jack, Cary, and Crud. It was a fun way to cap off the weekend. Cyndi and I will be back at Castaways in two weeks (24th) on Easter Sunday, 3 – 7.

Next week has the band back at Tremors on Friday and Saturday. Should be a fun time. I’m thinking Matt will up to playing this one, but we’ll see. We’ll see you there!

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Varsity Lanes / medical updates

A good night at the Varsity Lanes and thanks to all who stopped out. The big news is Matt being out after hernia surgery and Denny Wayne filling in. Denny will be playing with us next Saturday at Sneakers; Lava Lounge cancelled on Friday. Denny learned all our songs and did a great job filling in. We’re fortunate to have him. We had a party at the Varsity for the 1st set which made for a fun start. But the bus pulled out and they headed down the road. Still a good night and a good time. Cyndi returned from a week in Nashville, and I had a week off of work, so I think we were ready to play again. My inbox was full on Monday morning so I’m writing this on Tuesday after digging out.
On other medical news, Jason’s son, Jackson, is having a bone marrow transplant in May and Jason will be out of the band for a while. We wish them all the best and hope this is a cure. We’re not sure what we’re going to do yet, but it may be Rainbow Bridge and Friends for a few gigs. We’ll see…
The weekend ended on Sunday with a jam at Boxcars in Clinton, with the Gary McAdams Band. Cyndi, Bryan, step-father,Carroll, Nina, Bonnie, Bob, Lisa, and I all showed up and had a fun afternoon.
Next Saturday has us back at Sneakers. It’ll be our 2nd time there and we’re hoping for a good turnout. See you there!

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