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Tremors 3/18 – 19

I took off work Friday so there was a little bit of digging out Monday morning. A little slow Friday at Tremors, but we figured everyone was out the night before for St. Patty’s day. We made up for it with a good crowd on Saturday and thanks to all who stopped out. The story Saturday night was someone setting fire to the back fence during the last set. I could see the ball of light from the far side of the stage. There were police and a fire truck on the scene. Fortunately, it was just the one section of the fence that was destroyed. Also, Jason brought out his light system this weekend, which did look nice.
I spent Saturday afternoon bar-hopping: Hammy’s jam, where I played a set, then off to the Red Baron in Edgerton to see Cary and Crud, and finally to Emigails in Newville, to see Scott Vogel. Fun afternoon, but I should have taken a nap.
Matt goes in for hernia surgery next week, and we’re hoping that goes okay. No “grab and slab” of the equipment for a while. Regular, Bob Flaskamp, goes in Thursday for possible heart surgery. Former light man, Trevor Hoffman, had a birthday on Saturday. He’s working with a band in the Stoughton area: “The Rotation Band” and is enjoying it.
The band is off next weekend, but “Cyndi & the Sensations” are back at Cafe Belwah this Wednesday 6 – 10. Cyndi heads off to Nashville, so it’ll be Cary at the Castaway jam in Indianford, this Sunday 3 – 7.
Looks like the band will be back to the Varsity Lanes on Saturday, April 2nd. Let’s hope for warm weather and we’ll see you there!

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Deb’s Bday/Knutes/Castaway Jam

My alarm clock went off way too early this morning. The weekend started Saturday afternoon at the Watering Hole for Deb Brookins’ surprise birthday party. Cyndi and I played from 2 – 5. It was a nice afternoon and a good turnout. Doug’s brother-in-law, Richard, was walking with a cane and told me was diagnosed with a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis. Holly has this too, and I was sad to hear the news, Although Richard has a positive outlook and attitude, one of the reasons I’ve always liked him. I went back to dad’s afterwards and Cyndi headed down to the grand opening of BaZingas (Jumbos).
Saturday night had us back at Knutes in Orfordville. Jason’s son, Jackson, has a rare immune system disease and was sent to Madison hospital about the end of our 1st set. Jason had to leave, so the four of us finished out the night. Jackson is about a year old and has already been in the hospital more than most people are in a lifetime. We hope and pray things will get better for him. On a side note, my wireless unit went out Saturday night, and Bob was nice enough to take it home afterwards to check it out. Something I really appreciate and wanted to mention.
We had a good crowd and quite a few jammers at the Castaway jam on Sunday: Paul Roberts, Captain Jack, Steve Peck, Junior Moore, Mark Shultz, Billy Barnes, Cyndi, Matt, and for the 1st time harmonica virtuoso, Steve Baker. Jerry Dabson was out, but the voice was a little too rough to sing. House drummer, Kirk, had a tear in the front of his pants and we were cracking jokes about it all afternoon, including Kirk himself. This time, even black duct tape didn’t work. Cyndi will be in Nashville, so we’ll return in two weeks again with Cary.
I’d like to say a big thank you to Nina and Bonnie for attending all 3 gigs this weekend. Special thanks to Earl Young. And Kami, John, Matt, Stacy, Cyndi, Brian, Bob and Lisa, Billy and Cathy for your support at Castaways.
The band will back at Tremors this weekend, the 18th & 19th. Cyndi and the Sensations return to Cafe Belwah on Wednesday, the 23rd. It’s Monday morning and time to get to work. We’ll see you at Tremors.

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Owls Club/Birthdays/Playin’ w/Jessie

One of the better Saturday nights we’ve had a the Owl’s Club and thanks to all who stopped out. The hours were changed to 8 – 12, which made a difference. Some of the late afternoon crowd stuck around and we had a crowd up to bar time. Matt’s daughter,Kami, was out celebrating her 25th. Seems we had quite a few birthdays that night. Gloria’s brother, Russ, was in town and stopped out. It’s been years. Former member Kath Johnson (don’t remember her married name) and husband were also out, but left before having a chance to sit in. The highlight of the night was having now world-renown Elvis TA, Jessie Aaron, sit in and do a few tunes: Burning Love, That’s Alright Mama, and Don’t Be Cruel. Thanks also to his wife,Tarie. I’ve always been an Elvis fan (so is Matt) and playing behind Jessie is a real treat. I learned “Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer” (just for fun) and had the band play it in the 1st set. Not a dancer, but a cute bar song.
Bob’s birthday was the 2nd, and the band had a party Friday night at Prime Quarter that Holly and I had to miss this year. Sad, as I enjoy it when we get together outside of playing. Seems everyone went out afterwards to Tremors to hear Kaj Anderson’s new band, RuffCutz. Hopefully, there’ll be another opportunity. Also happy birthday to Bonnie (3rd?) who was out Saturday night. Thanks to her and her years of support of the band.
The band will back at Knutes, in Orfordville, this Saturday, and the Castaway jam, in Indianford, is back on Sunday with Cary, from 3-7. We’ll see you there!

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