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Cafe Belwah / Wiggies / Castaways

A busy weekend that started Wednesday night at Cafe Belwah. They decided to move the band, which put us in tighter quarters, but we managed to fit. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Matt, Stacy, and Gary McAdams for stopping out. We had nice time.
Cary, Matt, and I played a trio gig at Castaways on Friday in honor of (owner) Greg’s 50th Bday party. We used the drum machine, but the sound was good and a fun night. Again, thanks to Nina, Bonnie, and Earl for stopping out.
The band had a great night at Wiggies on Saturday, and thanks to all who stopped out. We had no problem fitting the band in, but there wasn’t a lot of room to dance. The Blue Olives were next door at the London Pub, and Knee Deep was at Time Out, so there was a lot of music in the area. Dave, from the Olives, and John, from Knee Deep, both stopped in to Wiggies to say hello. I went over to the London Pub before we started and said hi, but didn’t make it down to Time Out. Also, thanks to Kaj Anderson for sitting in on “Low Rider” and “Little Wing”. Overall, I thought the night went well and hope we play there again.
The weekend finished up on Sunday back at the Castaways jam. Cary was playing in Afton with Crud, so Tim was nice enough to let us borrow the band speakers to do the gig, which was much appreciated. We had quite a few jammers: Paul Roberts, Kaj Anderson, Captain Jack, Steve Peck, Mark Schultz, and Matt. Wasn’t a big crowd, but still a good time. We’ll be back in two weeks with Cary.
Next Saturday has the band back at the Owl’s Club for a one-nighter. Stop out and say hello.
Also wanted to say that mom’s surgery went well and she’s back home. We’ll see you at the Owl’s Club!

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Tremors/Jason Bday

Two good nights at Tremors after a couple weeks off. Quite a few familiar faces and even a handful of local players out this weekend. Thanks to all who stopped out. One significant showing was Deb Smith, who played rhythm guitar back in the ’70s. Deb lives in Indiana, and happened to be in town. Bob debuted another drum set, one that has been on order for a while. Tim was at Tremors early Friday programming a new light control board that had more automatic features. I put new strings on the guitars – best I could do. As said before, I had compliments on the sound and saw flashing lights so I’m assuming all is well, even though Tim is a lot busier these days. I will say that not having Trevor means packing up is taking longer as now we have to put away the lights. And it was Jason’s 31st birthday weekend. It’s only odd if you remember that the band has been around for 35 years.
I killed some time heading up to the Madison Guitar Center early on Saturday afternoon. Good thing the store is no where near the capital! Then it was off to Hammy’s for the afternoon jam. I wound up playing quite a bit and had a good time. Did some playing with former member Steve Doiel, who also had a gig at the Varsity Lanes later.
Cyndi & the Sensations will be back at Cafe Belwah in Beloit this Wednesday, the 23rd from 6-10. RB will be making a debut at Wiggies on Saturday. I’ve heard that it’s quite small and am a little concerned about fitting in. We’ll see. The Castaway jam in Indianford is back this Sunday with Cyndi from 3-7.
On a personal note – Matt’s and my mom has gal bladder surgery on Thursday, and we’re hoping that goes well. Our dog, Tuffy, was diagnosed diabetic and now has to have insulin shots twice a day – for the rest of his life. Holly has a big fear of needles, but has really stepped up and taken care of giving him the shots. It looks like I’ll be doing the morning shots and she’ll take the evening. The things you do.
Anyway, stop out this weekend and say hi.

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