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Varsity Lanes/Birthday/Castaway Jam

Pretty good crowd for birthday weekend at the Varsity. Quite a few regulars and a good time. We were a little concerned as Cyndi was feeling sick on Friday and the voice was getting rough. But she managed enough of her songs and we got through it just fine. And I want to say a big thank you for all the birthday wishes. The band is now off for the next two weekends. We’ll be back at Tremors on Feb. 18th and 19th. Maybe it’ll be warm enough for Cyndi to show off her Florida tan. Jason’s birthday is the 15th, so stop out and wish him a good one.
We had a lot of jammers at Castaways on Sunday: Gary McAdams, Jr. Moore, Jack Bouziane, Kaj Anderson, Cary Farmer, Matt, and Kirk’s friend, Kevin. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Laura, Bob and Lisa, Matt and Stacy, Kami and John, Billy and Cathy for stopping out. The next jam is Sunday the 13th with Cary at 3:00.
Next Sunday, the 6th (Superbowl Sunday) Cary, Matt, and I will be playing at Castaways starting at 2:00 and playing until game time. I’ll probably watch until half-time and then head back. We’ll see. Stop out to Castaways the next two Sundays if you’re looking for something to do. RB will see you at Tremors in Feb. Go Pack!

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Elks Club/Knutes/Packers

The Pack going to the Superbowl! Definitely the highlight of the weekend for us Packer fans. Cyndi and I had a good gig Friday at the Elks Club. Turned out it was a retirement party and we had a pretty good turnout. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, and Arden for stopping out. Also Denny Wayne, Cindy and Huey Long were in the crowd. We finished at 10:30 and then headed out to Castaways to see Matt playing with Cary and Crud. They were supposed to quit at 11:00 and it was about 11:30 when we got there. We both got up and played, about another set, and wound up closing the bar. Quite the fun evening.
We had a practice Saturday afternoon and brought back “No Way to Treat a Lady” and “Roll the Dice”. In spite of the cold, we had one of our better crowds at Knutes. The new PA speakers really cleaned up  the sound in that room as we could hear ourselves better than before. The only down side was a fight at the end of the night. Again, nothing against Knutes, as these can happen anywhere. It was taken care of and we got out of there just fine. All said, we had a good crowd and a good time.
Wednesday, the 26th, has Cyndi & the Sensations returning to the Cafe Belwah in Beloit, 6 – 10. And for the record, the 27th is the anniversary of my golden birthday. Still the oldest person in the band…
Saturday, the 29th, has RB back at the Varsity Lanes in Milton, 8 – 12. Always a good time to play in the hometown. Two good gigs, a productive practice, and the Pack in the Superbowl – not a bad weekend. We’ll see you Wednesday and Saturday. Congrats to the Packers!

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Tremors / Castaway Jam

Of course the Packers are the talk of the town this week. You know what most of Wisconsin will be watching next Sunday, including me. Both nights at Tremors started slow and then picked up. I headed to Tremors on Saturday around half-time and watched the rest of the game there. It was still slow about 10:00 when we started, but in the next half hour, the place filled up. As always, thanks to all who stopped out. We learned a new Pink song on Saturday, “Please Don’t Leave Me” that got a good response. We’re also looking at bringing back a couple of tunes for this weekend at Knutes. This was our first job at Tremors without Trevor. Tim, Bob, and Jason stepped up and did the bulk of the setup/teardown work. We had a few problems with the light control board, which meant getting a replacement for Saturday, but Tim did a good job running everything. We had quite a few positive comments on the sound, and I saw flashing lights, so it appears all is well.
The Castaway jam was fun on Sunday, and thanks to Matt, Stacy, Steve Peck, Tom McDermont, Captain Jack, Dan Reilly and daughter Chelsea for stopping out. The highlight of the night was Chelsea singing an acappella (no instruments) version of “Scarbourgh Fair” that was absolutely beautiful. The room was dead silent for her performance. We’ll be back at Castaways in two weeks (30th) with Cyndi.
Next Friday, Cyndi and I are at the Elks Club, I think it’s 7 – 11. Cyndi and the Sensations will be at Cafe Belwah in Beloit on Wednesday, the 26th. The band is back to Knutes in Orfordville this Saturday (22nd) 9:30 – 1:30.
On a personal note, January 21st is the anniversary of my 1st guitar lesson, after receiving one for Christmas. It was 1966 at the Gould School of Music in Janesville, with Jim (Curley) Cooke. Playing the guitar was something I wanted to do and gotta say no regrets 45 years later.
We’ll see you at Knutes on Saturday. Go Pack!

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New Year’s @ the Owls’

2010 over and out. A pretty good night at the Owls and thanks to all who brought in the New Year with us. Check out pictures on our Facebook site. I thought the band played well considering we hadn’t played in three weeks. I did a lot of reviewing, which helped, but I was on the brink of a cold which hit me Friday. New Years was also Trevor’s last night, so we wish him well. Not sure what we’re gonna do about the light setup, but we’ll see. I had a very odd thing happen to me. On “Wonderful Tonight”, my guitar wouldn’t play; a lot of dead notes. I did a complete string change on break, with the help of Kaj Anderson, and that took care of the problem. All said, I hope 2011 is a good year for everybody.
Last week it was a time change and this week a playoff game that bumped us out of the Castaway jam. I made a few phone calls, but it’s probably canceled, which means another weekend off. The next appearance for the band is Tremors on the 14th-15th. There should be a Castaway jam on the 16th. I’ll let you know.
Also, the comments section has been hit with a lot of spam, so I’m no longer allowing comments. Let me know if there’s something you’d like to add.
Another note – Holly’s arm was not fractured, but is still very painful. The good news is her foot is getting better and she’s walking more. Let’s hope no more accidents this year. Anyway, stay warm and we’ll see you at Tremors.

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