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Sandtrap/Castaway Jam/Another fracture for Holly

1st time for the duo with Cary at the Sandtrap. Thanks to Bob & Lisa, Matt & Stacy for stopping out. The bar had a customer Christmas night with food and open bar for an hour, so it was a pretty good crowd. Seems my “banjo” imitation is getting more popular. It just keeps being requested, even at Castaways on Sunday.
Speaking of, pretty good crowd on Sunday considering we swapped weeks. Again, thanks to Bob & Lisa, Matt & Stacy, Billie & Cathy, and Denny Wayne for stopping out. Denny and Matt both got up to play. Billie and Cathy also sang a few with the band.
Cyndi and the Sensations will be at the Cafe Belwah in Beloit on Wednesday, the 29 from 6 – 10. And the band is at the Owl’s Club for New Years.
On a personal note, Holly slipped on a rug in the kitchen and fractured her elbow. We went to Urgent Care and will be seeing a doctor tomorrow. As you know, she fell and fractured her foot in July, which is not quite healed yet. She said, “This year the holidays cost an arm and a leg.” We’ll find out more soon, but it’s back to another cast.
Anyway, we’ll see you in Beloit and at the Owl’s Club. Merry Christmas!

B’ners / Castaway Jam / Holly Bday

Yes, we got a little snow this weekend. After seeing band cancellations on Facebook, I called Cary to make sure we were still playing at B’ners on Saturday. Everything was a go and we had a good time and surprisingly a decent crowd. Thanks to Billy Barnes, Bob and Lisa for stopping out. The drive back to Milton afterward was a “white knuckle ride” as the rain had frozen and the snow had not been plowed. I got up Sunday morning to a driveway filled with drifts and went to work with the shovel and snow blower. “We just got an inch or two” was the report from Holly back home, which I was relieved to hear. Once again I called Cary to make sure the Castaway jam was on, and again it was a go. Thanks to Bob and Lisa, jammers Gary McAdams and Junior Moore for stopping out. On a side note, Bob (Flaskamp) is having cataract surgery today and we hope it goes okay. Holly has a birthday this Thursday the 16th, so a big happy Bday to her.
Next Friday has Cary and I at the Sand Trap in Edgerton from 6 – 10. We’re also doing the Castaway jam again this Sunday, with Cyndi, from 3 – 7. Feel free to stop out and say hello. We’ll see you there.

Isley Christmas Party / Goodbye to Trevor / Moonlighting Gigs

A good meal and a good time at the Isley Christmas party at the Abbey. The only bad thing was having to go up and down a flight of stairs to load in and out, but we managed. There were more younger people there this year so we planned our sets accordingly and it worked out fine. Cyndi did a couple of Christmas songs, “The Christmas Song” and “Merry Christmas, Darling” which went over well. Overall, we had a good night and hope to be booked again next year.
“I rode with him and I ain’t got no complaints” was the short, and to the point eulogy given by Clint Eastwood in “The Outlaw Josey Wales.” I could say the same about Trevor Hoffman and leave it at that. Trevor has decided to peruse other interests and will be leaving the band as of January 1st. New Year’s Eve will be his last night to illuminate the stage. Trevor will be moving on to another band where he’ll have a larger role and more responsibility. It’s like going from assistant coach to head coach to use a football analogy. Being the professional he is, he gave the band plenty of notice and we wish him well. Plan to spend your New Year’s at the Owl’s Club and say happy trails to Trevor.
The band is off until New Years, but I’ll be playing with Cary on Saturday (11th) at B’ners from 7-11 and then on Sunday at the Castaway jam from 3 – 7. Cary and I will be at Castaways on Friday, the 17th from 7 – 11. Feel free to stop out and say hello. RB will see you New Year’s at the Owls Club. Merry Christmas!

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