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Varsity Lanes / Owls Club / Castaway Jam

Pretty good crowd for Thanksgiving Eve at the Varsity and thanks to all who stopped out. Jason was plagued with some vocal trouble, but we got through it. He was a little better at the Owls on Saturday and we hope he’s okay for next Saturday. It’s frustrating when you can’t perform your best, and we’ve all been there. Another band was playing at the Red Zone until 1:00 so we packed up fast to check them out – only to find out their quitting time was changed to 12:30. But we did get out of the Varsity quickly! It looks like the Varsity is going to be a regular place for us as Cyndi booked more dates there.
Just a one-nighter on Saturday at the Owl’s Club. Congrats to Bonnie who became a grandmother this weekend. Thanks for cookies; more practical than cigars. Also want to give a nod to Matt who brought out one of his guitars that I played for a set. Speaking of guitars, I recently saw an add in a magazine for “glow in the dark” guitar strings. Jason showed up with a set of them on his guitar! We actually paused a song just to see them. The band has a private Christmas party next Saturday; then we’re off until New Year’s Eve at the Owl’s.
We had a good time at the Castaway jam on Sunday, and thanks to Matt, Stacy, Nina, Bonnie, Bob, Lisa, and Tom McDermott for stopping out. Jammers Paul Roberts, Matt, Jerry Dabson, and Captain Jack all sounded good. Cary will be back when we return in two weeks.
Speaking of Cary; we have a couple of duo jobs in the weeks that the band is off. December 11 (Sat.) is at B’ners in Footville (7-11) and the 17th (Fri) has us at Castaways, again from 7-11.
Hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. Again, the next public band job is New Year’s Eve at the Owls. While we’re off: Holly has a Bday on Dec.16th and I should start saying Merry Christmas too! See you New Year’s Eve.

Tremors “deer widows” weekend / Hammy’s jam

Two good nights at Tremors and a long weekend for me, but everything went well. I’m thinking the “deer widows” weekend had something to do with it, but either way it was a busy weekend. My voice was a little rough on Friday which had me worried, knowing I had a double-header on Saturday. But we got through it fine. Jason was a little sore on Saturday but surprisingly my voice was fine – even pulled off “Smoke on the Water” which has some high notes. Luckily, Cyndi was as good as ever both nights. Saw a few other musicians out: Mark and Shawna Schultz (Luv Handles) Jamie Cox, Chuck Anderson, Phil Trumpy, Steve Carrel, and former drummer Jeff Ross. Facebook friend Barb Barnett was also out. Matt was again on call which meant Denny Wayne was waiting in the wings.
Had a good time again at Hammy’s with the Jerry Dabson jam Saturday afternoon. Some of the practicing I did paid off and I felt a little better about it this time. Thanks to Nina and Bonnie for stopping out. Jerry mentioned the possibility of more dates in January; we’ll see.
I was done at 6:00 and had some time to kill, so Nina, Bonnie, Sandy, and I went to the Eagle Cafe, across the street from Tremors for supper. This is usually my nap time! As mentioned, we had a packed house on Saturday and I saw quite a few people that came over from Hammy’s.
I’m writing this on Tuesday, as I took Holly to the doctor yesterday for her 2nd of 3 pain blocker shots. She says her foot feels a tiny bit better, but her back is really sore at the injection sight. She has her 3rd shot tomorrow and we’re hoping to see better results.
The band is right back again at the Varsity Lanes in Milton on Wednesday night. I’ll stay over to have Thanksgiving lunch with the family, then it’s back to Milwaukee for Holly’s side. Saturday has us back to the Owl’s Club for a one-nighter. Cyndi and I will be at the Castaway jam on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7. Happy Thanksgiving and we’ll see you this weekend.

Moonlighting Gigs / Holly’s Foot Update

The band has been off for the last 2 weeks, but Lady Luck was with me with a call for some fill-in work. Last Saturday afternoon was at Hammy’s with the Jerry Dabson jam. Thanks to Nina and Bonnie for stopping out. I had a good time, and played with a variety of local players; Gary McAdams, Shawna Shultz, Junior Moore, Tom Larson, Tom McDermott, and a girl guitarist named Teresa, who actually did a bunch of Cyndi’s songs. Jim and Deb Millard (Frank & Company) were out to drop off posters and we chatted for quite a while. These jobs are challenging as I’m often playing songs I’ve never heard, or heard, but never played. I just do my best to fit in and try to make the band sound good. I’ll be back again with Jerry this Saturday afternoon from 2-6. I made a mental note of some of the songs and have been practicing what I can to be a little better prepared this time.
Sunday was the Castaway jam and we had a good turnout. Thanks to Cyndi, Matt and Stacy, Bob and Lisa, Tom McDermott, and Mark and Shawna Shultz (Luv Handles) for stopping out. All the jammers sounded great and it was a fun afternoon. Scotty bought a new guitar that he let me play for the 1st set. I enjoyed the new toy, and really appreciated him letting me play it, but was glad to get to my comfort zone with Big Red.
The jam scene can be personally frustrating as you’re often just making it up as you go. I had a few songs that I didn’t play as well as know I could have, which always bothers me. Also, it’s actually more difficult to jam country/country swing than it is blues. It just means back to the basement and more reviewing/practicing with hopes of being better next time.
This weekend marks the return of the band at Tremors on Friday – Saturday, and we’re all looking forward to being back again. Saturday means a double-header for me, playing at Hammy’s in the afternoon and then back to Tremors that night.
On a personal note, Holly starts her nerve-blocker shots (in the back) this week, with hopes of relieving the pain to her broken foot. She has 3 sessions of these and she’s dreading the thought as she has problems with shots. I’ll be going with her as she won’t be able to drive afterwards. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.
Again, stop out to Tremors this weekend. It’ll be a fun time and we’ll see you there!

Halloween at the Owl’s Club

Once again, a Halloween setup extraordinaire at the Owls. Coming from Milwaukee doesn’t allow me time to help, but the “over the top” efforts by the band is much appreciated. Pics can be seen on Facebook. A slow Friday, but thanks to those who stopped out. Both Matt and Bob started early by dressing up on Friday. I dressed up at work; the only one in my dept. as usual. Saturday was a decent night with quite a few costumes. The band: Cyndi (Wonder Woman) Bob & Angie (Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts) Jason (Grim Reaper) Jeff (Batman) Matt & Stacy (Frankenstein and bride of Frankenstein). Angie also took 3rd place in the judging. Ist place went to the giant pumpkins, pulled right from the patch! All said, it was a good night. I thought the band looked and sounded good. A bad foot kept Holly home this year. Usually, Holly and friend, Erin, make the show, but it was home with grandkids this year. She had a good time and the kids got to “trick or treat” in the neighborhood. Sunday had Cyndi and I back at the Castaway jam after the game. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Helen, Cary, Matt and Stacy for stopping out. It was a good time and we’ll be back in two weeks with Cary. The band is off for the next two weeks as it’s our yearly vacation time. Cyndi and Bryan usually head to AZ. Matt and Stacy are going to Vegas. I’m playing this Saturday afternoon (Nov. 6) with Jerry Dabson at Hammys from 2-6, and as mentioned, Castaways on Sunday (14th) from 3-7. Maybe Holly and I will do something when her foot is better. The band is back at Tremors on the 19th – 20th. I’ll once again be back at Hammys with Jerry Dabson on that Saturday afternoon. The band will also be at the Varsity Lanes the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Hope everybody had a good Halloween weekend and we’ll see you in a few weeks at Tremors.

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