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Tremors / Rock Around the Block

Long, but fun weekend. Matt had to work a little late, so we started Friday night off at Tremors with Denny Wayne on bass. Denny did a great job and Matt was in time for the 2nd set. We must have changed keys on “Boy Like Me” as Denny, who’s never played the song with us, started off in record key only to soon realize we were a 1/2 step lower. He adjusted quickly and did fine. Thanks also to Jamie Cox from the 2 Left Feet band for bringing a spare mic stand on short notice. A good friend of mine, who works as a Hal Leonard freelance writer, Paul Kaye, had his 1st gig at the Speakeasy and stopped out for a few afterwards. Paul lives in Racine and had a long drive back, so I appreciated him showing up. Paul is the Wikipedia of the blues world and I’ve gained a lot of insight working with him. Bob debuted yet another drum set this weekend, which he says he’s happy with. This is a “top end” set and he said he just should have gone for this one from the start. They all sound good to me! We had a good Saturday night and thanks to all who stopped out. Of course, Sunday was Rock Around the Block which had us inside at Quotes in the afternoon. Given the outside temperature and the air conditioning in Quotes, being inside was a good thing. We’ve always had issues with the stage sound and hearing ourselves there, and Sunday was no different, but I heard from multiple people that the band’s sound was good. As I’ve said before, Tim is the best and probably the most experienced soundman around. Sometimes we make him prove it. We had a good crowd and it was nice to see other local musicians and friends. Matt, Denny, and I hung around a while before I had to head back to Milwaukee. All said, it was a good weekend. Next Friday has us at the Anchor Inn from 6 -10. This is another situation where Denny might be playing until Matt gets off work. We’re outside on “the barge” and hopefully the bugs won’t be an issue. If you want to kick back by the river, drink in hand, and hear some music, the Anchor is the place to be on Friday night. Saturday has us at a wedding and Sunday is a return to Crazy Horse campground in Brodhead from 7-11.  Crazy Horse has been a regular job for us on the holiday weekends and they treat us nice. Also, it’s not just for campers. You can get a day pass if you want to stop out. Thanks and we’ll see you this weekend.

Owl’s Club / Birthdays

Not the busiest weekend at the Owl’s club, but we expected as much. The confusion as to them even being open had a lot of people guessing. Although, they did do some painting and cleaning up which made the place look nice. It was Cyndi and Tim’s birthday weekend with Tim’s being on the 12th and Cyndi’s on the 17th, and thanks to all who stopped out. Jason was trying out a new guitar this weekend, but wasn’t sure yet if it was the right one for him. Speaking of guitars, after my trouble last weekend, Bob (drummer) brought out Angie’s strat just in case. Quite the thoughtful gesture and I really appreciated it. The new song went a little better this time and we’re planning on adding more soon. I killed some time Saturday afternoon at the Anchor Inn listening to the Manberries. It was really busy there and I was hoping some of the crowd might venture over to the Owl’s. I also stopped at the Owl’s for a tasty burger just to show support for the bar. We’re off again this weekend, although Cyndi and I are playing this Wednesday at Cafe Belwah in Beloit  (6 – 10) and again Sunday at the Castaway jam (3 – 7). The band is back at Tremors on the 27th and 28th and then at Quotes on Sunday for the Rock Around the Block at 2:30. Should be a fun weekend. And today in music history is the anniversary (August 16th,1977) of the death of Elvis. I had just finished teaching at Rock County Guitar and was on my way home when I heard the news on the radio. Hard to believe that was over 30 years ago. Anyway, stop out to the Cafe Belwah and Castaways this week and wish Cyndi a happy Bday. See you there.

Varsity Lanes / Bdays

Just the one-nighter at the Varsity Lanes on Saturday and the gremlins were out. On the 1st song, Cyndi’s piano was playing in the wrong key. Turns out her portable keyboard was plugged in and that affected her piano. One of my guitar strings was popping out of the nut. I ran back to dad’s on 1st break and grabbed a spare guitar. On a follow-up: took the guitar to Scott Vogel on Sunday and he solved the problem in a matter of minutes so all is well. Before we started, Matt and I were talking to Mrs. Kilmartin, who was our grade school choir director. Then Gordy Ludke came in, who was my assistant high school band director. I credit Gordy, who’s from Milwaukee, for telling me about the music conservatory where I wound up attending. We had a lot of familiar faces out Saturday and thanks to all who stopped out. It’s always fun to play in the home town. We were celebrating Laura’s Bday and fulfilled our promise to play a swing dance version of Happy Birthday. My voice seems to be getting deeper over the years, so we learned Josh Turner’s “Why Don’t We Just Dance” which we played for the 1st time on Saturday. Gotta say that the original was almost too low, so we raised it up a key. This week has the band off, although Cyndi & I will be at the Castaway Jam in Indianford on Sunday 3 – 7. Our next job is the Owl’s Club on the 13th – 14th. There have been stories going around about the Owl’s, but we’re going to be there and would appreciate your support. Bday notes – Matt’s and my mom’s Bday is Saturday and we’re having a family get-together on Sunday before I head out to Castaways. Cyndi’s Bday is the 17th and we’ll celebrate at the Owl’s. That’s reason enough to stop out! I wouldn’t think of giving her upcoming age away, but let’s say she’ll be playing with a full deck. Stop out to Castaways on Sunday and then wish Cyd a happy Bday at the Owl’s Club. We’ll see you there!

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