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Cafe Belwah/Tremors/Castaway Jam

The Cafe Belwah band has been changed to “Cyndi and the Sensations.” Our recent gig there was inside and went well. Looks like we’ll be there once a month on the last Wednesday of the month. Tremors was another good weekend. First time there with the new PA speakers and the no smoking ban in effect. Of course, all the smokers just go outside. It seems almost every bar now has a patio section for smokers. I just wonder what it’ll be like when it’s too cold to go outside. We’ll see. Matt had a 30th reunion at the Janesville VFW Saturday night and brought a bunch of classmates to Tremors. Side note – my class could have had a 35th this year, but nothing was done. Anyway, I know most of Matt’s classmates and it was nice to see some familiar faces. Castaways was another good time on Sunday. We had a good crowd towards the middle of the afternoon, but wound up quitting a little early as it thinned out at the end. Scotty Vogel (bass player at Castaways) did some work on my strat (black and white guitar) and I played it on Sunday. He did some real precision work and did a great job. Next week has the band back at the Varsity Lanes in Milton on Saturday night. Still working on some new tunes which I hope we’ll get to soon. Cyndi’s been busy with the market and I overheard Bob say his work schedule is crazy. Neither of them had a lot of rest this past week. Hopefully, things will be a little better with just the one-nighter coming up. Holly’s been getting around a little better on the broken foot. She was happy Trevor set up the stream on Saturday as she hasn’t heard the band in a while. Matt’s and my sister, Sheri, had a birthday on Friday and Cyndi has one coming up in August.  Anyway, stop up to the Varsity Lanes on Saturday and say hello. We’ll see you there.

Finns / Castaway Jam

Fun at Finns. It was good to be back there again and thanks to all who stopped out. There was a 30th Bday party which made for a fun night. It was some Hawaiian or beach party theme complete with the lays and giant sunglasses – there’s a picture of Matt on Facebook. We used the full set up with Tim,Trevor, lights, and new PA speakers for this one. Cyndi tells us that we have some jobs coming up at the Anchor Inn. We haven’t played there in years – should be fun. Sunday was a busy day with too much going on. We had an Arnold family reunion, Angie had a graduation party in Beloit, and Cyndi and I were at the Castaway jam. I missed Angie’s party due to the reunion, but Cyndi made it. Thanks to Matt, Stacy, Nina, Bonnie, Laura, Kami, John, Denny, Bob, and Lisa for stopping out. Matt got up and played with the band as did Denny, and Gene Church, who was one of my guitar teachers. Wednesday has the Cyndi Meyer band back at Club Belwah from 6 – 10. Remember to bring the bug spray if we’re outside again! Looks like the band is off next weekend, but we’re back at Tremors on the 23rd – 24th. There’s been talk of some new songs as we need to update. I’ve been working on a few which will hopefully be added soon.
Stop down to Club Belwah Wednesday if you’re looking for something to do and we’ll see you at Tremors on the 23rd – 24th.

4th of July Weekend/ Anniversary / Bdays

The weather cooperated and we had a good 4th of July weekend. All three jobs went well. The bad news, which you’ve probably already seen on Facebook, was Holly falling and breaking her foot on Friday night. Her friend, Erin, stayed with her all weekend and even gave up a family get together of her own just to take care of Holly. We went to the doctor on Tuesday and they fitted her with one of those boot type casts. She’s at home now with her son,Chris, looking after her so I can go to work. On band news, Tim and Bob drove to Iowa to pick up some new PA speakers for the band. I heard quite a few good comments on the sound, and Tim and Bob were both happy. Once again, they spent the previous week rewiring our racks to accommodate the new speakers. Anniversary news – Jason joined the band right after the 4th weekend six years ago. I was trying to recall if any other combination went six years with the same members. The Rick Mattelig / Kathy Johnson era lasted a while, although Rick left and came back to the band three times over the course of twelve years. The current version may be the longest running so far. Hope that’s not a jinx!
Birthday news – Cyndi’s and my son, Corey, turned 23 on the 2nd. Matt had one on the 6th.
Our sister, Sheri, has one on the 23rd. Next Saturday has us back at Finns from 9 – 1. And the Castaway jam is back on Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out to Finns and wish a happy band anniversary to Jason and birthday to Matt. See you there!

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