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Tremors / Castaway Jam

Another Monday morning after a long, but fun, weekend. We had a better than usual crowd for a Friday at Tremors. Jason rode his cycle to the job and as luck would have it, the rain hit about quitting time. We had a graduation party on Saturday for two of Matt’s daughters: Tasha graduating high school, and Meghann graduating 8th grade and being confirmed. Hope I got that right…either way, it was a nice family get together. Saturday at Tremors was a little slow at first, but the crowd picked up towards the end of the third set. Knowing a break would mean people leaving, we decided to skip the last break and play straight through. As always, thanks to all who stopped out. Castaways was good time on Sunday. Thanks to Kami, John, Laura, Dave, and Bob Flaskamp for stopping out. Paul Roberts and Gary McAdams both jammed with the band and sounded great. Still having amp problems, but wanted to mention taking it to Tom’s Electronics (Tom Furan 754-5533) who did alright by me. Another busy week coming up: Wednesday has the “Cyndi Meyer” band at Club Belwah in Beloit 6-10. Rainbow Bridge will be at Shilberg Park on Friday, the 2nd from 7-11. We’re off to Crazyhorse campground on Saturday, and then it’s back to Shilberg for the 4th. This is probably my favorite job of the year as it means seeing a lot of friends and classmates up at the park. Hope our voices hold out for three days! Bdays – Matt’s Stacy has a Bday today (Mon) and we’ll celebrate Matt’s (6th) this weekend. Happy 4th and we’ll see you this weekend.

June Days / Wedding/ Father’s Day

Not much you can do about the weather. I drove through a storm on my way to Orfordville, which ended before I arrived. We managed to get everything in and set up when the rain started up again. Needless to say, we had a captive audience as the rest of the festival shut down. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Earl, Kami, John, Stacy, Angie and kids for stopping out. Fortunately the rain stopped before we had to tear down. We had a good time and I think a lot of drinks were sold as there wasn’t much else to do. We were trying to figure out when we played this job last. It may have been 10 years or more – not really sure. The story of the night was Bob getting stuck in the bathroom for about 15 minutes as the door handle broke. John managed to open the door quite easily with his knife which had the police wondering how he did that so well. Saturday was a wedding in Rocton at the Tree Farm – nice place and we had a good time. Apparently, we played the bride’s mother’s 8th grade dance. It was an early gig (7-11) which had us home earlier than usual. Sunday was Father’s Day and we had a gang at the folk’s place which included Sheri, Matt, myself, and most of our kids. After eating too much there, it was back to Milwaukee where it was also Erin’s Bday. We went out to “Bushys” bar and grill for some fancy burgers. (I did a few extra sit ups this morning.) All said, it was a good weekend.  A few Bdays coming up soon – Corey will be 23 on July 2nd, and Matt will be (gulp) 48 on the 6th. Our sister, Sheri, has one on July 23rd. Next week has us back at Tremors, followed by the Castaway jam on Sunday. Hope to see you there!

Memorial Weekend/Speakeasy/Knutes

Back again. The big news over Memorial weekend was Tim falling while going back for the truck. He dislocated his shoulder and was bleeding from the nose. An ambulance was called. He’s better now and going through therapy for his shoulder. We had two slow nights at the Owl’s Club which was too bad. Crazy Horse was good, but not as many dancers as we’ve had in the past.
This weekend had us at Speakeasy for a birthday party for the owner’s wife. First time I’ve ever been in there; nice place. They usually have duos, trios, and jazz type groups so we weren’t sure how we would be received. But the night went well and we had dancers. Thanks to all who came out. Knutes was a good time on Saturday. We had a good crowd and the band sounded good. Fortunately, the rain started after we had everything in, although there was a slow leak in the roof dripping on Matt most of the night. The last time we played there we put up plastic as the dripping was too much. We added “Dreams” by Brandi Carlile to the list. Bryan (Meyer) liked the song and suggested Cyndi sing it. I’ve been working on some more new ones now that the “King of the Blues” contest is over. I took runner up in the store finals. There’s a lot of info, including a video, on my Facebook page. The Castaway jam was this weekend. I had my weekends mixed up and didn’t think we were playing! We had a good time there too. Thanks to Cary, Gene Church, and Steve Peck for sitting in. I was disappointed to learn we’re not playing the fair this year – no bands due to volume issues. Guess I’ll have to do pushups just for fun. This Friday has us back in Orfordville for June Days, 7:30 – 11:30. We haven’t played this in a while and are looking forward to a good time. Saturday is a wedding, so Friday is our only public appearance this weekend. See you at June Days!

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