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I’m back! Tremors / Engagement news

Our computer is up and running again thanks to Trevor. I opened a message on Facebook that turned out to be bad virus and it pretty much destroyed our system. I know there are a few skipped weeks, but it looks like Cyndi has been up to date. Of course, the big news this weekend was Matt popping the question to Stacy. Apparently, it was a “girls night out” and with most of her friends there, Matt took advantage of the situation. We had two pretty good nights and thanks to all who stopped out. It was Bob Flaskamp’s Bday this weekend and we wish him a good one. Also Doug Brookins was raised up a number on Sunday. Happy Bday to both Bob and Doug. Dale Schultz, who I haven’t seen in some 12 years, was out Saturday. As mentioned on Facebook, I hung out with Kurt Wheeler on Saturday afternoon. Kurt has been buying inexpensive guitars, taking them apart,┬áreconditioning the wood, and putting them back ┬átogether using high-end replacement parts. They look and play great and I had fun checking them all out. Also mentioned is that I’m now in the Guitar Center’s “King of Blues” store finals,June 3rd,┬áhere in Milwaukee. I was really nervous in the preliminaries and figure this will be the same. The main reason for doing this was to meet a few more local players. I should go to more, or different jam sessions but I’m getting older and enjoy time at home. On some sad news, former member Tim Pogorelski’s mother, Helen, had her visitation Sunday. It was fortunate I was in town and able to go. My uncle Irv also passed recently. Another nice guy that the family is going to miss. Todd Algrim, one of my childhood friends, has ALS. We had a little band in grade school and also took guitar lessons together. We scheduled our lessons back to back and then his and my dad took turns taking us. We lost touch over the years but exchanged emails this week. My son, Corey, broke his hand skateboarding which I heard was pretty bad. I haven’t seen him since this happened, but I guess he’ll be okay. Anyway, we’re back at the Owl’s Friday and Saturday, and then Crazy Horse campground on Sunday – busy weekend. Cyndi and I will have to miss the Castaway jam this Sunday, but Scott and Kirk have it covered. Stop out and give a congrats to Matt and Stacy. We’ll see you at the Owl’s Club.

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