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Suds / Castaway Jam

A good night a Suds. The band was in good spirits and I thought we played well. Thanks to all who stopped out. Before Rainbow Bridge, I was in a band with Brad Kuster and Rick Mattelig called Country Unlimited. Brad was out Friday along with my classmate Rinald  Kersten. It was good to see them both. Also ran into Bob Geise (hope I’m spelling these right) another area guitar player, who said he was coming to the jam on Sunday, but didn’t make it. I was disappointed as I’ve never played with him. He was in Union Pacific, which was a very popular band. Also got to meet Rob Tamorow (spelling?) the conductor of the Janesville-Beloit Symphony, and a jazz guitar player in the area. I’ve wanted to meet him for a long time as I have a lot of respect for what he does. He turned out to be quite a character, much to my surprise. I’d love to hear him play some time. The Castaway jam was fun Sunday with Tim Pogorelski back on the drums. We had more jammers this time and thanks to Matt, Kami, and John for stopping out. My main Les Paul was having some fret problems and now I find it needs a total fret job. Scotty Vogel is doing the work. I try to spread my playing out between different guitars so I don’t wear them out, but it happens. We’re off for a couple of weeks now. Cary is looking into getting us some duo work but nothing yet. The next gig for me will be back at Castaways on Sunday, April 4th. Time to hit the blues jams!  See you in a few weeks.

Owl’s Club

A return to the Owl’s Club and not a bad night. We had a practice Saturday and learned “Who Knew” by Pink and also brought back “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough” by Patty Smythe. Both songs went well. Thanks to Jim and Deb Millard from Frank & Company, and Jamie Cox from 2 Left Feet for stopping out. Matt was on call again this weekend so Denny Wayne was there and ready. Denny played the last set with Matt on guitar. We did some Journey and a few Fleetwood Mac tunes to finish off the night. Next week has us at Suds in Beloit on Friday which should be fun. Kind of a post St. Patty’s day party. Cary and I are playing Boxcars on Wednesday from  6 – 9 and I’m looking forward to that. Stop out to Boxcars and Suds for a St. Patty’s party. What can I wear that’s green? See you there.
P.S. Trevor’s Bday is Friday, the 19th. He won’t be at Suds, but be sure to wish him a good one.
P.S.S I’ll be at the Castaway jam again Sunday from 3 – 7. Tim Pogorelski will be playing drums.

Varsity Lanes / B’Ners / Castaway Jam

A return to the Varsity Lanes and Kami’s Bday. We had a pretty good crowd and thanks to all who stopped out. Kami’s Bday was March 4th and her gang was all there. She behaved a little better than her 21st – thank goodness. Bob used his electric set for the 1st time. We all thought it was cute and sounded good. It almost looks like one of those toy sets but it’s very high-tech. I believe he got a good deal because the previous owner couldn’t figure it out! Jason wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t play a few of our new songs. Cyndi, Matt, and I did a few more of ours and we got through it. It takes a lot of the enjoyment out when you can’t perform up to your standards. I’ve been there many times and the rest of the band has covered for me. It happens. Cary and I played Friday at B’Ners in Footville for Billy Barns’ 50th Bday. We had a good crowd and a good time. We’re playing again at Boxcar’s on Saint Patty’s day, March 17th (Wednesday). Sunday was the Castaway Jam and another good time. Thanks to Cyndi, Bryan and family, Matt, Stacy, Kami, and John for stopping out. Cyndi sang a few and sounded great. Matt was there a little later and tore it up on the guitar. I sometimes think people forget that Matt can hold his own on guitar, along with being a solid bass player. I really enjoyed playing guitars together with him. We had a few more jammers this time, which added some variety. I’d also like to thank Bobster and Lisa for being regulars. They were at the Varsity and Castaways. Next week has us back at the Owl’s Club – 1st time this year I believe. On a personal note, my red Prism, which I’ve had over 10 years is now not worth fixing so Holly and I are looking. The car has a lot of memories – I taught Corey to drive in that car. Things do come to an end and we move on. Whatcha gonna do…Stop out to the Owl’s next weekend. See you there!

Club Belwah / Elk’s Club / Bob’s Bday

Friday at the Club Belwah was fun. Kurt, the drummer from the Castaway jam, called me to play Friday and was looking for other players. I suggested Cyndi, who suggested Denny. It was a “dressy” place and we played very quietly. Kurt used brushes all night long. Thanks to Cary for letting us use his PA. Nina, Bonnie, Stacy, and Dorothy showed up which was nice. We played from 6 – 10. Denny had it in his head that we were meeting at 6:00 and showed up 5 minutes before starting time. We started a little late, but nobody said anything. We might be playing there again, possibly on some Wednesday nights. I jokingly called us the Cyndi Meyer Band, but Cyndi seemed to like Sid Rock. Saturday had Cyndi and I doing our duo at the Elks Club. It went well too. And thanks to Nina, Arden, Bonnie, Laura, and Dave for stopping out. I bought some lights and an extra stand so I could play standing up. We might be doing some more jobs there. On Sunday, Holly and I drove back to Janesville for Bob’s birthday at the Prime Quarter. It was a nice get-together although Jason, Tim, and Trevor didn’t make it. Cary and I are playing Friday at B’Ners in Footville for a friend’s 50th party from 8-12. The band is back at the Varsity Lanes on Saturday. Should be fun. Sunday has me back at the Castaway Jam from 3-7. Busy weekend for me, but I’m not complaining. See you this weekend!

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