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Tremors/Castaway Jam/Bdays

A busy weekend at Tremors and thanks to all who stopped out. Nanette and her sisters were out as she is going to the hospital this morning (Monday) to have a tumor removed. We’re hoping it goes well and there’s no mention of the “C” word. We had good crowds both nights and it was nice to see some familiar faces. Bob’s bday is next on March 2nd so be sure to wish him a good one. Gotta admit that I not sure what this number this is – younger than me whatever it is. The band is off next weekend although we’re advertized at the Elk’s Club. Cyndi and I are once again doing our duo there. It’s not the band; just us and very few RB songs on the list. I went to Castaways on Sunday to find the band already set up and a red drum set. No idea at first as Scotty and I were trying to figure it out. I mentioned Tim Pogorelski had a red Yamaha set, but this person had a straw hat sitting on a cymbal. I knew Chris Hart wore a hat like that, but these were not his drums. After I saw Randy, I knew it was Tim. Turns out he and Cary set everything up so they could surprise me. And Scotty was in on it all along. We had a good turn out and thanks to Stacy and Dorothy for stopping out. Brian Hughes played, as did the General, and even Dan Reilly. I’ll be reviewing the duo songs this week and working on some more band tunes. Next job has us back at the Varsity Lanes on March 6th. Matt’s daughter and my niece, Kami, will be out celebrating a bday. And wish a good one to Bob, Bob, Bob. See you there.

Silver Saloon / Jason Turns 30

The Silver Saloon in Brodhead was a good time. Thanks to Earl, and the Brookins gang for stopping out. I thought the sound was good and the crowd seemed to like whatever we played, be it country or rock. I hope we get some return gigs. The big news of the night was Jason turning 30. And, he had a new amp to play through. Gotta get those tax deductions. Next week has us back at Tremors where we’ll have the whole setup again. Looking forward to that and playing the new songs. I’ll also be at the Castaway jam on Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out to Tremors and wish Jason a happy 30th if you missed us this weekend. See you there!

Varsity Lanes

Back in action at the Varsity Lanes – a good turnout and a good night for the band. Thanks to all who stopped out and we’ll be back there in a month on March 6th. I hope this turns out to be semi-regular place to play as it was fun. We had a practice Saturday afternoon and put “Need You Now” on the list. It kept the excitement up not only playing our regular songs again, but debuting a new and current song. Not a great “dancer” of a song, although people did slow dance to it, but everybody seems to know and like it. That, and it is a girl/guy duet which suits us. We  were all a little on edge hoping to remember all our parts after not playing for month. I did a lot of reviewing on my own but was still hoping my fingers would know where to go! But the band still sounded tight – nothing fell apart and the new song went well. Next Saturday (13th)  has us at another new place, the Sliver Dollar Saloon in Brodhead. Stop out if you get the chance. Maybe we’ll have some Crazy Horse campers show up – who knows. And thanks for the Bday wishes. It was a good one. I think Jason’s is next on the 15th if I remember right. We’ll have to celebrate in Brodhead. See you there!

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