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Moonlighting gigs

The Hammy’s job on the 16th (Sat. afternoon) was a good time. I haven’t played with Jerry Dabson in years and it was nice to be asked to fill in. Thanks to Nina and Bonnie for stopping out. Jerry has been around a long time – Bob has played with him many times as well. I’ve always thought of Jerry as the Willie Nelson of southern Wisconsin. He does traditional country as good as anybody. He’s a natural band leader, and he understands the music business. The harp/guitar player, Steve Baker, played on the Hal Leonard Christmas Harmonica book – a series which I’m now in charge of. Small world…The Castaway jam on Sunday was moved to the Sandtrap as Dan Rielly was already booked at Castaways. We had a good crowd at the Sandtrap and thanks to Matt, Meghann, and Torrie for stopping out. Also thanks to Bob and Lisa for the Christmas gift. I’ll enjoy it! We’ll be back at Castaways in 2 weeks (10th). The band pretty much has taken January off due to Jason and Hannah’s 2nd child being due. Of course, they just had the baby boy, Jackson, on Saturday and congrats to them. I’ll be playing a duo with Cary at Beaners in Footville on the 16th. Hopefully, that’ll go well and we might be doing more jobs. The funny story of the week was that I got my days messed up and actually drove to Indianford on Saturday, thinking it was Sunday. Holly didn’t figure it out either. Now it makes sense why I couldn’t find the Packer game on the radio! I just stayed over and played Sunday, after taking quite the ribbing. Holly talked me in to joining Facebook as it seems that’s where everybody’s at these days. The band is back for New Year’s Eve at Tremors – should be fun. Time to review the band songs! We’ll see you there.

Isley Party / Knutes / Moonlighting

Haven’t written since the Christmas Party – which went well overall. The Isley company wasn’t sure about even having the party this year. We’ve played this one for a long time now and hope it continues. I came down with a cold a few days before which limited my singing. Jason and Cyndi were both feeling it this weekend, but we got through Knutes just fine. The weather Saturday at Knutes was an issue with the rain, and eventually icy roads. We had a decent crowd and a good time. Cyndi and I played the Elks Club on Friday which also went well. It’s a complete departure from the band songs and fun to do. A big thanks to Bryan Meyer for having the flashlights. We read charts on stage and didn’t think about the lighting. Bryan had a couple of small flashlights that we duct taped to the mic stands, proving once again that duct tape fixes everything. I was back at Castaways on Sunday. We had a good crowd and I had a lot of fun. We should be back in two weeks (27th). The band is now off until New Year’s at Tremors. Time to dig out Auld Lange Syne again! I’ll be playing this Saturday (19th) afternoon at Hammy’s with Jerry Dabson. Keeps me busy. Another note – Stacy had a shirt on Saturday night that I thought was perfect – “Temporary Vikings Fan”. Gotta admit that I’m also still a Favre fan and have been following both teams. Anyway, plan to bring in the new year at Tremors. Can’t believe we’re nearing 2010 – seems like a long time since 1976 when the band started. We’ll see you there!

Thanksgiving weekend at the Owl’s

Busy and not so busy this past weekend. We wound up quitting early both Wednesday and Friday nights at the Owl’s. The story was that we didn’t play our 3rd set until Saturday. But thanks to all who stopped out on Thanksgiving weekend. After quitting early on Friday, we decided to have a band practice to learn “Toes” by the Zac Brown Band. It went pretty good and we played it Saturday night. Normally, I don’t like to have anyone outside of the band at practice sessions, but it was just too convenient having everybody there. Matt and I hung around afterwards to chat with some of people who stuck around. It seems we played a wedding years ago where had a lady sit in and sing. She had just come out of a bad relationship and was having serious self-esteem issues. Singing with the band was a small turning point on her way back. After quitting early for the 2nd night you start to wonder if it’s worth it anymore. Hearing this story made my night and I guess sometimes it is worth it. On a side note – letting people sit in is not something I, or the bar owners really appreciate – that’s what jam sessions and karaoke are for! I try to limit it to former members and members of other bands who have let us sit in. A wedding or private party is a different event. If the person hiring us has a request to have a family member come up, it’s no big deal and often fun. Didn’t mean to get into that now. Maybe I’ll discuss band guidelines in the future. Anyway, it was a nice story and something we usually never hear about. The Castaway jam on Sunday was fun and we’re back in two weeks. It’s a good time and I hope it continues for a while. You never know. Speaking of side jobs – Cyndi will be playing at the Elks Club on Friday, the 11th, and I’ll be playing with Jerry Dabson at Hammy’s on Saturday afternoon on the 19th. This Saturday has us back at the Isley Company Christmas party. It’s also the same night as my company’s Christmas party, but I go where the band goes! We’ll be at Knutes in Orfordville on the 12th. See you there!

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