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Tremors / Castaway Jam

After two weeks off it was good to come back to Tremors. The deer widows weekend helped as we had good crowds both nights. Surprisingly, the new songs were tight even after the break. I have to review parts constantly to remember solos and lyrics. After 33 years, the memory files are pretty much full and finding space for new info is tough! Jason is thinking about a new guitar and it was fun to talk about what’s out there. Holly will tell you that I’m probably set, but they’re all different and you can never have enough. The Thanksgiving holiday has us once again at the Owl’s starting on Wednesday and then back for the weekend. That’s been a tradition for a few years now. I’m debating taking some time off work but there are too many deadlines to meet..we’ll see. The Castaway jam was fun on Sunday and we’re back again next Sunday from 3 – 7. It’ll be a lot of playing for me, but it’s what I like to do – and I’m thankful to have a wife who understands that. Anyway, happy Thanksgiving and stop out to the Owl’s Club. See you there!

Halloween @ the Owl’s Club

Another Halloween weekend for the books. Friday was a little slow, but there were a few costumes. Nina’s friend, Arden, was celebrating a birthday and had a crew out on Friday. Thanks for the cake by the way and again happy Bday. Saturday was a good night with the band and crowd dressed for the occasion. As I’ve always said, this band goes all out on Halloween with the stage setup, break music, and the costumes. The bulk of the stage credit goes to Bob, with help from Tim and Trevor. Hopefully, the pics will be up soon and you’ll see what I mean. Tim plays break music with a Halloween theme and the whole band dresses up. Cyndi – Goth girl, Jason – wizard, Bob – reggae man, Matt – pirate, Jeff – cop, Trevor – the Brewer’s Trevor Hoffman, and Tim – himself. And of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without Matt’s version of the “Monster Mash.” Our sister, Sheri, and husband Willie were out especially to witness the Mash. Holly and friend Erin were both out and had a good time. Ken Fraser was decked out in his Elvis costume and sang “Burning Love” with the band. I also thought the band sounded good and played well this weekend. We’re off for a while now as Cyndi and Bryan head out to Arizona. Our next job will be a return to Tremors on the 20th – 21st. See you then.

P.S. Forgot to mention that my Wednesday night blues jam hangout was having their Halloween party this last week. I dressed up just to be in the spirit of things and found out later that there was a contest. I wore my “old biker” outfit from a few years back and won! The prize: A $100.00 bar tab. After the morning I’m having I’m thinking about going there for lunch! So if you stop out to Milwaukee on Wednesday to hear some blues – drinks are on me. Also wanted to mention that I’ve taken on a student who starts tonight. Alec wants to improve his blues playing and asked for some lessons. My Wednesday buddies have never heard the band so to them I’m a blues player. Should be fun and a reason to reorganize my practice area!

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