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Tremors / Flu / Halloween

Just as hoped for – 2 good nights at Tremors and thanks to all who stopped out. We received quite a few good comments on the new Love and Theft song “Runaway”, which is fun to play. The highlight of the weekend was Matt’s annual  performance of “Monster Mash”. Halloween is next weekend at the Owl’s and we’re hoping for a good turnout, and you can hear the song again! Another cool addition was the professional voice-over by radio icon Van Edwards on our break music. I’m thinking Tim set this up and it was a “classy” touch. Check it out. I also wanted to clarify the sound issue at Quotes – the problem is the tight band stand and our volume on stage. It’s a high-energy, younger bar type place and it’s natural to play our rock songs as that’s what goes over. It’s just hard for us to hear ourselves on stage – it has nothing to do with Tim and what’s coming out front. Quotes is a fun bar and they treat us well. We just need to adjust things differently on stage in a situation like that and we’re working on things to do. ‘Nuff said on that. On a personal note – Holly had the three grand kids over this weekend. The oldest, Chris Jr., was complaining of chills and was running a fever. His dad, Chris, who lives with us, took all three to the Children’s Hospital where Jr. was diagnosed with the swine flu. The other two had symptoms but didn’t have it – yet. The hospital gave everybody masks and sent them home. Holly has three immune system based diseases and getting the swine flu would be dangerous for her. After the kids left, Holly cleaned and sprayed Lysol on everything. Speaking of kids – Hannah, Jason’s wife, is due with child #2 in mid-January. We’re talking about taking the month off – something we’ve never done – but you can’t predict these things. No Castaway jam next Sunday as it’s an afternoon game. Can’t wait for this one, but I’ll miss the jam. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the Owl’s and Halloween as it’s always been a good time. See you there! “Mash! Mash! Who’ll be the 1st lucky girl to dance with Igor?!!”

Quotes / Castaway Jam / Bday to Earl

A return to Quotes after a week off, and a good crowd. Quotes, and other bars in that area, have a built-in late night factor as it still seems that downtown is the place to be at bar time – at least for the younger set. We knew it was going to a younger, high energy atmosphere and brushed up on a few classic rockers at practice. We’ve been working on Love and Theft’s “Runaway” and put it together Saturday afternoon. I thought we were just gong to get a start on it as it is a difficult song, but it came together and we did it Saturday night. Just like Rock Around the Block, we again ran into sound issues which had us a little frustrated. It’s hard to have the excitement and energy of Tremors on a small corner stage, but we got through it. Actually, we’re back at Tremors next weekend, and I’m hoping a good crowd and a good performance will take care of everything. A big happy birthday to Earl Young, who had a Bday on the 8th. I think Nina and Earl are our longest and most loyal fans and again, thank you and happy Bday. I seem to say this often, but Bob had another drum set on Saturday. Honestly, they all sound good to me, but I did notice that this one didn’t take up as much room, which helped given the small stage. The Castaway jam on Sunday was a good time with Matt playing bass. Matt had his crew with him, and we had probably our best crowd to date. It’s a complete departure from the band and fun to do. I learned a couple of Merle Haggard songs that I did for the first time – keeps me on my toes. Matt did a good job, and it was fun to have him and Cary on stage. It’s back to Tremors next weekend and I think we’re all looking forward to it. Stop out, say happy Bday to Earl and we’ll see you there!

Finns / Castaway Jam

We had a good night at Finns and the new stage was an improvement. True, there was not much of a dance floor, but having tables in the band area did make a difference. Nina was out celebrating her birthday again – now I find out it’s actually the 11th, but she had family in town and celebrated early. We had a couple come from Iowa, Cindy and John, who saw us on the road in ’84 -’85. Hard to believe our “road years” are over twenty years ago. Angie (Bob’s wife) is taking guitar lessons and brought out her new Fender Stratocaster to show the band. Very nice guitar – is everybody after my job? Corey mentioned that he wanted to get back into playing when his time “is more available”. I’ll just keep practicing….The band is off next weekend so it’ll be practicing and jam sessions for me. The Castaway jam was fun on Sunday and thanks to Bob and Lisa, Doug, Deb and Lucas, and Matt and Stacy for stopping out. The house bass player, Scott Vogel, strings his bass differently but Matt got up and played it and did great. We did a couple of old Rainbow Bridge songs with Cary that sounded pretty good. The jam will be back two weeks from last Sunday. Of course it’s Monday and the night of the big game. Honestly, I’m really torn on this one, being a long-time Packer fan, but also still a Brett Favre fan. I think this will be his last year, although the Vikings signed him for a two year contract, and I’d like to see him finish on a high note. When he 1st retired, the Pack went 13 and 3, and it would have been a good note then. It’s a soap opera/football game and either way, it’ll be fun to watch them battle it out. Our next job is downtown at Quotes on the 17th, and then the jam for me on Sunday. See you there.

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