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Tremors / Nina’s Bday

Two fun nights at Tremors, which we needed after last week at the Owl’s Club. A few birthdays and a wedding party made for a busy weekend. And speaking of birthdays, it was Nina’s Bday which was celebrated Saturday night – complete with snacks and cake. Nina brought out a crew of friends and family that made for a good night. There’s a cold/flu bug going around that I caught and think hit Cyndi too. My throat was sore both nights, but I still managed. Cyndi was having a tough time on Saturday, but made it through. Fortunately, Jason had two good nights, and between all of us we got through it, even skipping our last break on Saturday and playing through to the end. I don’t know how some bands with only one lead singer manage. I don’t think any of us could sing every song for a full night, let alone a weekend. It works well for us to have the rest step up when someone is sick, and there have been some rough weekends. Next weekend has us at Finns on Saturday. I’ve heard that they remodeled and am curious to check it out. Next Sunday is also the Castaway jam for me. Anyway, stop out to Finns and say hello. And once again, happy Bday Nina and thanks for all the years of following the band. See you at Finns on Saturday.

Owl’s / Playing sick / Castaway Jam

Quite the slow weekend at the Owl’s Club with us quitting early on Friday. Although, I thought the band sounded good and played well. Thanks to those who stopped out. We’re hoping as the outdoor activities come to a close, the crowds will pick up – hard to say. Bob had the tough time this weekend with a pulled back muscle on Friday and then coming down with the flu on Saturday – his back was a little better Saturday. I give him credit for playing as good as always. I didn’t even know until the end of the night when Cyndi told me he was quite ill. Former bass player Denny Wayne was out on Saturday and sat in for a few. We had a birthday party show up late on Saturday and we let the birthday boy (Kip) and his guitar player friend, who I can’t recall the name, sit in for “Pride and Joy”. Matt plays in the Praise Team at church, and this guy is one of the guitarists so he and Matt know each other. I had a good time at the Castaways jam on Sunday and thanks to Laura and Dave for biking over. There were a few more jammers this time and a decent crowd. This will be an *every other Sunday* event until further notice. Looks like we’re back at Tremors next weekend so stop out and say hello. See you there!

Crazy Horse – Labor Day Weekend

Just Crazy Horse campground this Labor Day weekend but it was a good time. We had nice weather and a good crowd. Thanks to Staci, Dorothy, Kami, and John for stopping out. I thought the band played and sounded good – lots of compliments. Much better than the end of last weekend! Bob and Angie were camping there so they didn’t have far to go. I thought I recall Bob saying he’d never camped before. I made the mistake of not eating much beforehand so any liquid meant a trip to the men’s room – the things you deal with when you get older. Actually, I was a little worried about being sore Sunday as I spent most of Saturday afternoon swinging an axe (not my guitar) chopping out bush stumps. But all was well. It was nice to have some time off with good weather. Holly and I took a couple of extended bike rides and spent some time outside. Speaking of time off – looks like we’re off again next weekend. I was asked to play at Hammy’s on Friday from 6 – 10, and hopefully that’s still on. Take a moment for a prayer on Sept. 11th and we’ll see you at the Owl’s club on the 18th – 19th. I’d like to add that Sept. 8th was the anniversary of my hire date at Hal Leonard. I started in 1995, so it’s been 14 years here in Milwaukee. 14 more and it’ll be time to retire!

Knutes / Time Out / Rock Around the Block

Quite the busy weekend but we made it. Knutes was a good time – wasn’t super busy but the crowd was steady and I think everyone had fun. About 2 songs in, Bob noticed the overhead vent was leaking on his drums. We had to move things around and a couple of guys taped some plastic over the leak. Water leaking on your equipment is not a good thing, but it got taken care of and we finished the night without any other problems. Cyndi and I played a party at the Milton Senior Living Center on Saturday afternoon that went very well. We did our oldies, some jazz standards and even a few cowboy tunes that had the place singing along. It was a good time and something I’d do again. Time Out was a good for us. The room has nice acoustics and people were commenting on how well the band sounded. The combination of low ceiling, acoustic tile, and Tim made it all work. It seems that the downtown bars fill up close to bar time and Saturday was no exception as we had the largest crowd on our last set. Of course, the path to load the equipment was right through the crowd, so getting out of there took a while. All said, it was a nice place and I hope it’s a regular job for us. Thanks to Doug and Deb Brookins for stopping out and to Karen for celebrating her birthday with us. I hope she made her walk Sunday morning! Then came Sunday….We were scheduled to play two hours – 5:30 to 7:30 which would have been fine given we’d already played Friday and Saturday. Then the story was that there no band after us, which meant going to 9:30. I planned things out to quit at 9:30, which would have been good as the voice fatigue was starting to show, and we were running out of songs. Then the bar wanted us to play to 11:00 to keep the crowd there. I had already planned to take Monday off, so we repeated a few and somehow made it to 11:00. We were tired and having trouble hearing ourselves. That, combined the confusion over the hours, had us a little frustrated, but we got through it. The 1st half of the night was fine and the band did well, but we were not quite up to par on the last half, which was a disappointing way to end a busy weekend. But I did enjoy seeing a lot of friends and fellow musicians. I think every musician in town was there, which is why you want to be on your best game. I guess we’ll know better next time. All said and done, and in the big picture, it was a good weekend. There’s some time to heal and regroup as we’re off until Crazyhorse on Sunday. Hard to believe it’s already September – where’d the summer go? See you at Crazyhorse!

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