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Tremors / On Call

A couple of good nights at Tremors and thanks to all who stopped out. The new song fell into place this weekend and is fun to play. I’m happy with the new amp and tried a few different guitars and setups this weekend just to experiment. Matt was on call this weekend but nothing came up. Thanks to Denny Wayne, who was waiting on the wings should Matt have been called in. Speaking of called in – Bob got called Saturday night and had to drive to Racine to troubleshoot a radio station that was having problems. This was after we’d torn down! I’m sure he saw the sunrise Sunday morning. Hope he made it there and back okay. When I first started working in Milwaukee, we were still playing at Slicks on Thursdays and I was commuting. I was driving back to Janesville to play on a Friday night and dozed off at the wheel. I crossed the center line and woke up when I heard the rumbling of being in the ditch on the other side. Probably the scariest moment of my life and why I was concerned about Bob driving so far and after a gig. Steve Doiel, former bass player (’79 – ’80) stopped out Saturday night and we were reminiscing after we’d torn down. It was a fun way to end the night. The Castaways jam was a good time on Sunday and we had a decent turnout. I even went to the Hammy’s jam on Saturday afternoon and did a fair amount of playing – no rest for the wicked. Next week will be a busy one with Knutes on Friday, Time Out Pub on Saturday (1st time there) and then Rock Around the Block (inside Quotes) on Sunday. Hope our voices hold out! Time Out is a smoke-free bar and has been drawing good crowds – I’m curious to see how we’ll do there. Anyway, it should all be fun. Stop out, say hello and we’ll see you next weekend.

Owl’s Club / Birthdays / New amp

It felt good to play and the band sounded good, but not the busiest weekend at the Owls. As always, thanks to all who stopped out. Cyndi and Tim were the birthday people this weekend and we celebrated Saturday. No ages give out here, but I think we all know. Steve Peck, formerly of the Code band, let me try his amp Friday night. I was so impressed that I bought one on Saturday afternoon – which meant an extra trip to Milwaukee. Unfortunately, mine didn’t sound quite as good. It’s a tube amp and I’m looking into different tubes which should help. Basically, I had to have a new toy. Speaking of new, we tried a new song this weekend, “Boy Like Me” which stills needs some polish, but fun to play. This weekend has us back at Tremors and we’re hoping for a good turnout. Sunday afternoon has me back to the Castaway jam, so it’ll be a busy weekend. It’s a good thing that I still like to play! I think this is another weekend that Matt is on call – hopefully that’ll work out. Anyway stop out to Tremors and wish a belated birthday to Cyndi and Tim. See you there!

Rock County Fair / Prent Party / Bdays

Two good jobs with nice weather. We had a great time at the fair again this year. And yes, I did pushups at the National Guard tent. No t-shirts this year, top prize was a water bottle and a key chain. Holly has already claimed the key chain. Bob debuted his new blue drum set which sounded good as usual. I almost tried a different amp, but decided against it as I wanted to be in my comfort zone as much as possible. It’s different playing to a just watching and listening crowd – we’re used to dancers! Saturday morning had us out to the Thresheree for a Prent company picnic. The morning started drizzly and overcast, but it was warm and sunny by our noon starting time. They had a good turnout and we had a good time. Holly and friend Erin went to my son’s company (Generac) picnic at the Milwaukee Zoo also held that Saturday. Afterward, I went to Milton to visit mom and then headed back to Milwaukee. Speaking of mom, her birthday is the 7th and we’re having a family brunch on Sunday. And speaking of birthdays, Cyndi’s is coming up on August 17th. This Sunday from 3 – 7 has me back at the Castaways jam in Indianford. Hopefully that’ll be another good time. The band is off this weekend, which allows me to attend Holly’s class reunion on Saturday. Then it’s up and back to Milton on Sunday for the Bday brunch and the jam. We’re back at the Owl’s on the 14 – 15th, where we’ll probably be celebrating Cyndi’s Bday. See you there.

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