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Dynamic Duo / Stacy’s Bday / Marshall Fireman Fest

As mentioned by Doug in the guest book, Cyndi and I played as a duo for Dianna’s Bday party. It went well and was a good time. Cyndi does some Taylor Swift, Norah Jones, and Carole King songs that were fun and different to do. I did a handful of old and non-band songs that made for an interesting evening. We have a couple more jobs booked and I told Cyndi that I wouldn’t mind making this a semi-regular side job now that we’ve put some time into it. After we setup, it was over to Stacy’s Bday party. Good food, friends and a good time. Stacy told me on Sunday that she had a good time at the party. Of course, Sunday was a return to the Marshall Fireman Fest. We had great weather and a decent crowd for a Sunday. The band was in good spirits and played well. Thanks to Stacy, Laura and Dave for making the trip. Laura was taking pictures, so maybe we’ll see something. We’re at Finns for the 1st time on Friday, the 3rd. The last time we played there it was Captain’s Catch. We’re looking forward to that being a new place. And the 4th has us back a Shilberg park in Milton. It’s always fun to play the home town and see friends and classmates. Holly and friend Erin are driving over for the day – can’t miss the fireworks! Stop out to Finns and then we’ll see you on the 4th!

Owl’s Club

Not real busy at the Owl’s this weekend but I thought the band looked and sounded good. One funny event: My guitar volume was quite low and I was commenting on how it was barely on. I told the band that due to having to play so softly, I was going to change amps. In the car I had my drum machine amp which is the size of a small coffee can. I brought it in, ran a cord and turned it on. Everyone thought I was serious. Matt was moving my amp mic to the “new” amp. Jason assumed I was upset about the volume thing and was just being dramatic. Actually, the whole thing was a joke. I had this little amp in the car and decided to have some fun with it. Unfortunately, the weekend ended on a sour note for me as a negative comment was made Saturday night about our last set. We had played most of our “dancers” earlier in the night and had a handful of classic rock tunes left over. Apparently, this was not the taste of one of the patrons, who made comment about the set. Sometimes people think they know you well enough to share their negative opinions. There is honest constructive criticism if it’s worded with good intent, but this was not the case. I learned a long time ago that you can’t please everybody – it’s just not fun to be reminded. On another note – I went down to Hammy’s for the Saturday afternoon jam and played with my buddies from the Anchor jam which was fun. Sunday was Father’s Day and we had a gang at the house, which included Corey. It was really nice and I wanted to stay longer, but also wanted to get home and spend some time with Holly. We’re off next weekend so it’ll be the blues jam for me. Looks like the next gig is back to Marshall for the fireman’s fest. We’ve done this one for a few years now and it’s a good time. Hard to believe the 4th of July is just around the corner, but it’s my favorite job of the year. We’re at Finn’s for the 1st time on the 3rd, so it should be a good weekend. Anyway, see you in a couple of weeks.

Junction Pub / Anniversary

Thanks to all who stopped out to the Junction Pub: Nina, Bonnie, Earl, Stacie, Angie, Nanette, Diane, Laura and Dave, just to name a few. I’m reluctant to mention names as I’ll no doubt be accused of forgetting somebody, but oh well. It was a good night but not as busy as our 1st time. Matt said he knew we were in our home town after he walked in and the bartender said, “Hi Jeff”. I thought the band had a pretty  good night overall. Charlie Gallagher, our old sound man, got up and did “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” which was fun. Next week, it’s back to the Owl’s, and I see that Fridays are back on. Should be a good time. Another note – Holly and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on Monday afternoon – the things you do being in a band. I took a 1/2 day off work and we spent the afternoon on the bike, actually driving to Milton to see mom and dad. Then it was out for a nice dinner – pizza! We were getting used to celebrating at Porkfest, but this was the year to “try something different”. Anyway, time for me to go to the basement and practice so we’ll see you this weekend at the Owl’s.

Bryan’s 50th / Geno’s Tub Run

A little bit of good news/ bad news this weekend. As most of you know, Friday night was a surprise party for Bryan Meyer’s 50th birthday. It was held upstairs at the market and was a good turnout with a mix of family and friends. Kaj Anderson, Rich Longhenry, and even Corey jammed with the band. All was fine until the end the night when Corey and his cousin Brandon started a fight. Fortunately, most people had already left, but it sure left a sour note on an otherwise good time. I was very disappointed with the whole situation but again, it was a fun time – all things considered. Geno’s, in Evansville, had a big Saturday planned for the tub run. There was plenty of good food, free beer, and of course, live music. But, you can’t control the weather. The drizzly, gloomy day kept the bikers away and it was a disappointing turnout. We played to 10:00, and were followed by a DJ. Hopefully, it was good crowd after we left. This was the 2nd time for us without a good crowd. I hope they take another chance with us as it is a nice play to play. I went out to the Owl’s afterward and watched a set from “Petty Things”. They were good, and I ran into quite a few people I knew. Looks like we’re back at the Junction Pub next Saturday (13th). We had a blast the last time we were there and are hoping for another good time. Stop out and say hello – and don’t start any fights! See you there.

Update time

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. It’s been busy and we’ve had some computer problems. As was said about Memorial weekend – we survived the 4 days. My voice took the worst hit, but it went fine. Tremors was a good time too with a busier Saturday than Friday. The 2 new songs are going over well and are fun to play. Side story – Holly used to have a thing about buying purses and now has a whole closet full of them. Now days, instead of buying new ones she “goes shopping in the closet” and rediscovers one. I’ve had a similar experience these past few weeks playing different guitars in my collection. Kinda keeps things interesting. Cyndi and I have a few duo jobs coming up which I’m excited about. It should be fun and now I have a lot more songs to work on. I hope it’s a regular side job, especially since the Anchor jam ended. I’ll  keep you posted. We’re back at Gene’os (Red Barn) in Evansville this Saturday from 5 – 10. They’re expecting a big crowd which will hopefully make up for our debut earlier. Stop by and check things out. It’s a big place and both Cyndi and Stacie can give you tips on how to ride the bull. See you there!

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