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Gene’os / Anchor Jam ends

A little late this week but it’s been busy – that and we’re off this weekend. Gene’os was a good time but not a good turnout. I don’t think we’re that well known in Evansville and it’s little far to drive from Janesville. But there were a few regulars out and thanks to all. The highlight of the night was the mechanical bull in the middle of the room. I was willing to bet money Jason would be on it before the night was over. No takers and he was riding on our 1st break. The surprise at the end of the night was when Cyndi got on. She did okay, but the landing hurt a bit. Stacy didn’t do too bad either. No amount of coaxing would get me on that thing – I know I’d get hurt! The Anchor jam is officially¬†finished as the summer schedule takes over. Brian Hughes, from the Manberries, filled in on Sunday and it was a lot of fun. I may look for another Sunday side project – hard to say. We have a big Memorial Day weekend coming up at the Owl’s Club. We’re a little concerned as Matt’s job has him on call. We’ll see what happens I guess. It’s stuff around the house this weekend, but the break might feel good. Anyway, have a good week and stop out Memorial Day weekend.

Quotes /Anchor Jam /New Songs

Not much this weekend and I wanted to let the “Ma” article stand for a while. Quotes was a good time: younger crowd but I think we went over well. My impression is that a lot of the (now) classic rock we play is probably the music that these kids parents listened to. Matt and I both probably know the words to most of Dean Martin’s hits. The new country also got it’s share of dancers. We added “The Joker” (Steve Miller) and “Play That Funky Music” (Wild Cherry) to the set list. Both songs were well received. Gotta say that I didn’t think Jason could pull off the Wild Cherry tune, but he nailed it at Tremors. I told him that sometimes I enjoy being wrong…The wedding on Saturday was a nice time. A cousin, neighbor, former student, and friends of friends all said hello. Next Saturday we’re over in Evansville at the old Red Barn. I think this is open to the public, but I’ll make sure. Also, the Anchor Jam is back on (Mother’s Day) this Sunday from¬† 3 – 7. Matt & I will be having a family lunch celebration Sunday as our father turns 75 on the 13th. Anyway, hope to see you in Evansville and the Anchor Inn.

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