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Linda (Ma) Bolton

I thought I’d wait on the weekend band report and devote this section to Cyndi’s mother, Linda Bolton, who passed away today. This one is tough to write, as like many people, I knew Linda all my life. A little history of Linda’s part in the band: I had recently left a band I was in with K.J.(Ken) Pearsall. Ken used to hang out at the downtown Eagles club, where Linda was the manager. Linda and Ken got to know each other and he mentioned he wanted to put another band together. Linda told him about her oldest (teenage) daughter who could sing and was taking piano lessons. Ken decided to check it out and began working with Cyndi on songs and her piano playing. Matt and I both were involved with this new band and you can read from the history that this eventually lead to Rainbow Bridge. Our 1st practice space was Linda’s basement, which lasted for a number of years. Linda also got the new band booked numerous times at the Eagles Club. It’s hard to say where things would be now without her efforts. But I can say for sure how proud she was of Cyndi.
Linda was a natural at the bar business, having common sense business skills and an easy going personality that kept people coming back. Her dream was to open her own bar and call it “Ma’s Place.” It’s too bad that dream never materialized as I’m sure it would have been the most popular place around.She would really listen to people and then honestly share her thoughts, genuinely wanting to help and always without passing judgment. Linda was the kind of person who always saw the good in people and treated them that way. I’m not sure where the nick name “Ma” started, but many people, touched by her caring attitude, began to think of her as a second mom and somewhere the name stuck. As many of you know, Linda and husband Carroll had “MA & PA” as a personalized plate. God called a good person home today who we’ll all miss. I’d like to think that maybe at the end of the day in heaven, the angels get together and share their stories – and the sign over the door says “Ma’s Place”.

Moose & Owl’s Club

Very frustrating as I had this all typed last night. The computer froze and I lost everything. The “suck” comment in the guest book had me a little upset, but it’s history now. At the last Sunday jam at the Anchor, Tom Miller and I were chatting and he told me about having to play “God Bless America” at the Moose. I called Cyndi right away and arranged for a recording to be played over the PA. Come to find out it was in the contract which was mailed to the wrong address. We did open up with the Star Spangled Banner just to keep the mood. We also knew the hours were 7-10:30, but didn’t know it was 7-9 with a half hour break, then another hour to finish it off. 2 hours without a break was different for us but we got through it. Matt’s and my parents were out along with Vicki. Nina, Arden, Bonnie, Earl, Laura, Dave, and a host of other familiar faces were also in the crowd. It was a different version of the band as we were extremely quiet, and played a lot of standards. But that seemed to be the atmosphere of the room and we try to play to the crowd. Bob had yet another drum set that he seemed pleased with after the weekend was over. Apparently, he has another one on order. This tells me he plans on playing for awhile, which is fine with me.
The Owls had a pretty good night on Saturday. I think we had a few “break in the weather” patrons make their way to the Owls. As stated in the guest book, Tim had a work call and couldn’t make it. Trevor and Jason did a good job of getting us set. I didn’t know Trevor was streaming. Holly said it was really different as Trevor was to the side of the stage. All said and done, we had a good weekend and thanks to everyone for stopping out. Next week it’s back to Tremors where we always have a good time. We discussed some new tunes and hopefully will work on them soon. I also want to mention that both Cyndi and I will be part of the host band at the Anchor jam on Sunday, the 26th from 3-7.  I’m going to sign off before this thing crashes again. See you at Tremors!

Hangin’ with Kaj / Anchor jam

After my Saturday lesson with Bob, it was a night on the town with Kaj. We met up at Bad Brads to see Knee Deep. Then it was downtown to see the Manberries at a new, no smoking club I can’t recall the name of. Somebody let me know – it’s where the old “Down Under” used to be. I think Cyndi is looking to get us in there. After a set, we walked over to Quotes to hear Category X and then closed the night at Tremors to see The Buzz. It was a good time and a chance to see a few bands – something I don’t often get the opportunity to do.
The Anchor jam was Easter Sunday and we had a pretty good crowd. Tom Miller, Gary McAdams, Junior Moore, Billy, and drummer George all played. Cary has another job and won’t be at the next jam on the 26th, so Cyndi agreed to fill in. That’ll be after two nights at Tremors and hopefully we’ll both have voices left. Next Friday, it’s back to the Moose, and then the Owl’s club on Saturday for their “break from the break in the weather party”. We’ll see you there.

Knutes, Anchor Jam & Happy Easter

Quite the weekend. It started with a pool tournament at Knutes, so they asked us to set up early. Wanting to help, I left Milwaukee about 8:00 am only to have my car overheat on the interstate. I had to be towed back home. Holly and I reloaded the other car and I made it to Milton, not in time to set up of course. When we arrived at Knutes, the tournament was still going on. We wound up starting about 10:15 but a good crowd to start with. To compensate, we played right up to 2:00 with a good crowd at the end. Thanks to Stacy, Laurie, and Earl for stopping out. Mark Saye, a long-time friend of the band, was also there and we chatted while waiting to set up. Steve Peck, former student and now guitar wizard, gave me a tip on setting my effects pedal which I tried and was very pleased with. Some of us are easily entertained. It was a late night but a good time all said and done. Before the drive home on Sunday, I stopped at Hammys to hear Kaj and his new country band “The Love Handles”. It was nice to hear another band and they sounded good. We’re off for a week now, but it’ll be back to the Anchor jam on Easter Sunday. I wasn’t sure they have it, but I checked and it’s on. Looks like we’re back at the Moose the Friday after next followed by the Owl’s club on Saturday. It’s been years since we’ve played the Moose  – should be an interesting weekend. Anyway, Happy Easter and we’ll see you next weekend.

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